Bolted Together Sheet Metal is Better Than Reinforced Concrete

December 19, 2017 - Are you kidding me??  Look at this.  For filter underdrains, bolting together some triangular 304SS sheet metal together will result in better longevity than reinforced concrete?  Huh?  Why then is Nashville's Umohundro WTP with monolithic filters built in 1929 in the
National Register of Historic Places?

So, the triangular sheet metal folks are selling on the basis that when their product blows up, they can fix it easier than the next guy?  Just how long are they saying their gear will last, slightly better than their warranty?  Wow.  Please know that at ORTHOS, we've NEVER had an underdrain failure at our monolithic filter installations.

Obviously, the sheet metal folks are leveraging the same sham of when the block guys moved from long-lived clay to plastic block.  This was done in large part to create planned obsolescence
Gotta get that high-profit service department to work!

Further, have you ever calculated the velocities within the 304 (not 316!) SS triangular underdrain?   On a recent project, the cross-sectional velocity down the 30-foot triangular lateral was over 7 feet/second!  As an industry professional, I'm sure you know that velocities over 2 feet/second creates turbulent flow, which leads to maldistribution, poor media cleaning, media mounding, and likely, underdrain "uplift" (i.e., $$$ blow-up).  No wonder they promote "ease of repair"...

Instead, we at ORTHOS believe in delivering a system that will last 100 years, not 10-20 (if you can get that far with sheet metal).


Remember Orthos' HUGE life cycle cost benefits - At the end of the filter's life cycle (~25 years), in contrast to a complete plastic block or folded sheet metal underdrain overhaul, nozzles are simply replaced as the monolithic floor remains part of the civil structure.

"No need to replace the chandelier when all you must do is change out the light bulbs!"

The countdown has begun!  In mere months, ORTHOS will celebrate our upcoming 2018 platinum anniversary of ZERO monolithic filter underdrain failures.
Orthos never underdrain orange
Traditionally, the 20-year anniversary gift is breakable china , but that would be like the multitude of plastic block or folded sheet metal underdrain failures --not ORTHOS!  We're going platinum!
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