Local Newspaper Deceives Readers to Push for Higher Minimum Wage

Aloha Republicans:
Nobody is more sensitive to the liberal and Democrat biases of the 'mainstream' news media than Republicans and conservatives.  It's increasingly hard to finish reading the newspaper (in print or online) or sit through a TV news broadcast or even those brief radiocasts of local news without getting irritated or even outraged at the willingness of these journalism school graduates employed by news organizations to mislead readers and viewers with their shameless "advocacy journalism" which barely pretends to be objective.
Fake news
, as it's now called, is all around us.  And it's right here in Hawaii.  In fact, fake news has been on our local TV sets, our newspapers, our radio stations, and online for years.
Just today, Oahu's daily newspaper -- which HIRA calls the Honolulu Star-BirdCageLiner -- printed a barely-disguised press release from partisan Democrats at the state legislature.  And this one-sided propaganda developed in cahoots with Democrat politicians was presented as hard news in the local news section of the paper.
In this puff piece entitled Proposals seek to boost Hawaiians' health -- which appeared in the newspapers' print edition, web edition, and mobile edition -- reporter Kristen Consillio (photo) told Star-Advertiser readers that Democrats want to increase Hawaii's minimum wage because Hawaii's minimum is "currently set at $8.50 an hour."
Whoa, stop right there.  The same pathetic Star-Advertiser
reported less than three weeks ago that Hawaii's minimum wage is currently $9.25 per hour; nearly a dollar more.
Yes, right here is the article which the same editors published in their newspaper late last month which even had the new, higher minimum wage amount right in the headline!!!
HIRA Action
reached out this morning simultaneously to Ms. Consillio (pictured here) the reporter in question, to vice president and editor Frank Bridgewater, to managing editor Ed Lynch, city editor Marsha McFadden, and Capitol Bureau chief Kevin Dayton.  HIRA let them know right away that their (pick one:  mistake -or- lie) had been caught.

Four hours later , the liberal editors at the newspaper had decided to continue misleading and lying to their readers; even though the reporter assured HIRA hours earlier that the disinformation would be fixed:  "Thank you for your note about the minimum wage going up Jan. 1 to $9.25. We are correcting that immediately online and will publish a correction in tomorrow's print edition," wrote Kristen Consillio.

Uhm,  no,  the correction has not been made .  You are still lying.  As Donald Trump told CNN:   "You are fake news."
As of 4:00pm , editors at the Star-BirdCageLiner had still refused to make the correction, as if to disinform as many readers as possible while the 2017 session of the Hawaii State Legislature gets underway today.  Nice strategy to trade their 'journalistic integrity' for a full 16 powerful hours of disinformation on a big issue.
THIS WAS NO TYPO:  Let's break this down.  In an obvious attempt to sway the public, this fake news liberal advocacy puff piece (masquerading as hard news) actually claimed that the minimum wage is nearly a dollar less - $8.50 per hour . . . even though they knew better.  For dramatic effect, the reporter and her editors were obviously doing a favor for Democrats pushing a false emotional narrative to help ensure passage of a massive increase in the minimum wage.
Unless you've taken a break from following the news for the past 48 months, you already know that Democrats across the nation (and right here in Hawaii) have been pushing for higher and higher government mandated minimum wages.  While playing to their liberal base of supporters and donors, Democrats with zero education in basic economics seems to be daring companies to replace more people with automation -- such as the ordertaking kiosks at McDonald's and the self-checkout lines at grocery stores and robots on assembly lines.  [Also, never forget, higher minimum wage rates brings our greedy state government higher payroll taxes.  It's a great way to pay for those pay raises for state workers.]
If you read our e-mail to the reporter and her higher ups at the Star-Advertiser (shown above), you'll see that HIRA chastised the newspaper for 'copying and pasting' the Democrat group's press release as if real journalism was taking place.  You see, it's not possible that this was a 'mistake'.  The reporter and her numerous editors couldn't possibly have missed the most important statistic cited in the article, which appeared right up front in the 2nd paragraph.

***** Then, this same cabal of liberal 'journalists' refused to make the correction.  Why?  Because it goes against their 'narrative' that yet another series of increases to the minimum wage are needed IN ADDITION TO the series of increases which are currently being rolled out by the State of Hawaii each year.
As happens all to often, this was a complete fake news lie.  You don't have to go on Facebook to find fake news.  And you don't have to watch the alphabet channels of NBC, ABC or CBS.  The Honolulu Star-BirdCageLiner hires reporters and editors who deliver fake news to you each and every day in their unspoken role as cheerleaders for the liberal Democrat agenda.
Let's check the front page of Thursday morning's newspaper to see how this fake news outlet actually addresses being caught in the act of duping its readers.  When you consider how this same cabal of liberal journalists had the nerve to tell Oahu readers in 2008, on the eve of the big rail vote, that voting 'yes' for the rail project would dramatically reduce traffic congestion (an outright lie), it's pretty unlikely that they will come clean until after winning the political battle which unites liberals in the media with Democrats at the legislature.
  Maybe again, this time they'll do the right thing.
Among the many crucial voids that HIRA fills in the local political scene is keeping a watchful eye on our local news media which seems to specializing in fake news stories loaded with fake facts to manipulate the public.  Speaking truth to power DOES NOT get done by the Hawaii GOP.  But it does get done very regularly by HIRA and our SuperPAC HIRA Action.
Folks, what we need more than anything is a political party which is under completely new management.  So, if you also want a Hawaii GOP which challenges Democrats, challenges the liberal media, challenges failed policies, and works 24/7/365 to help make the Republican Party the majority party in Hawaii, then please join The Phoenix Project -- a coalition of conservatives and 'real Republicans' united to bring positive changes to our party in 2017 so we can start to fix the many problems in Hawaii.

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