January 27 2019


Snowbowl has been getting great snow which has increased Fort Valley Rd. traffic even more than usual.

We have been very lenient with excusing traffic related tardies so far, but we need to have FALA families plan for even MORE time to get to school on time particularly on Fridays. 

Heavy traffic will persist through the ski season, and we still expect students to be on time .

FALA provided tardy forgiveness for the first two weeks this semester. The grace period has ended and students must be on time.
CAVIAT Info Night
Wednesday, February 20th, 5:30pm – 6:30pm,  FALA Room 16
Students and/or parents are invited to come hear from CAVIAT about their Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs.  CAVIAT  programs are for students in grades 10-12. 
2019 Graduation FALA Seniors
It is that time when our FALA Seniors are preparing to graduate!  Each week, The BUZZ will provide updates and information about the graduation process.

Friday the Seniors met during advisory.  Info and action taken:

1.  Measurements for graduation gowns were taken.

2.   Send Dean Crawley an email with their full legal name.  This includes first, middle (if they have one) and last name.  FALA only has middle initials in our system. Student diplomas are required to have their full legal name.  During the ceremony if they have preferred name announced, please share this information as well.

3.   Students need to check with their Academic Coach to see if there are any final requirements that are needed for graduation.  Academic Coaches have met with seniors and sent reminders to students about service hour completion and other graduation requirement.

4. If Seniors have not done so already they need to send their yearbook Senior Portrait and Quote to Mr. Borham.

5.   Senior Projects are in progress.  Dean Crawley has been impressed with some of the projects that are being planned and in some cases have already been completed!

6. Senior Ditch Day is not a FALA excused absence.  Seniors who participate in Senior Ditch Day need to be in good standing with attendance and in their classes in order to participate.  This day cannot conflict with performances or finals.

7.   Graduation Ceremony - At the beginning of February Seniors will be given the Graduation Ceremony Letter.  This letter includes the directions and components of the Ceremony. Each Senior will have a letter read and five pictures displayed while the letter is read during the ceremony.  This is a lovely FALA tradition that makes our graduation ceremony unique and touching.

8. The Graduation Ceremony will be on May 31st.  FALA Seniors help to plan the ceremony. They will discuss the specific time and other elements that include speeches and performances.  Details will be coming soon.

Brandy's Art Show
Lost and Found Purge
“Somebody stole it!”  Maybe, but maybe not... It is time to purge the overflowing lost and found boxes.  Please have your young person check the lost and found for their missing item. Friday, February 1st , 2019 at 3:30pm any items left in the lost and found will be donated. Thank you!

Chairs for Change - Furniture Needed
Good News! Our senior class FAFSA completion rate is currently 76%, which means we have the 11th highest completion rate in the state! Federal Student Aid is responsible for managing the student financial assistance programs authorized under Title IV of the Higher Education Act of 1965 . These programs provide grants, loans, and work-study funds to students attending college or career school.

The FAFSA is the number one critical step in applying for financial aid. Additionally, 78% of our seniors have applied to and been admitted to a 4 year university, and 11% have applied to and been admitted to a 2 year college. So far, our seniors have been offered $233, 500 in scholarship money, most of which is renewable. For more information about preparing for college and career, please visit our FALA School Counseling Website .
Lunch Menu 1/28 - 2/01
Chicken Caesar Wrap $3.50
Garden Salad $2
Mac and Cheese $3
Pasta with Meat Sauce $3
Stir Fry Noodles $3.50
Fried Chicken Sandwich $4
Vegetarian Fried Chicken Sandwich $4

Mozzarella Sandwich $4
Garden Salad $2
Mac and Cheese $3
Fettuccine Alfredo $3
Chicken Quesadilla $3.50
Cheeseburger $4
Vegetarian cheeseburger $4

Turkey Sub $4
Garden Salad $2
Mac and Cheese $3
Fried Rice $3
Loaded Tots $3
BBQ Chicken Sandwich $3

Mozzarella Sandwich $3.50
Garden Salad $2
Mac and Cheese $3
Been and Cheese Burrito $3
Spaghetti $3
Chicken Strips $4

Turkey Sub $4
Garden Salad $2
Mac and Cheese $3
Pesto Cheese Pizza $2
BBQ Chicken Sandwich $3

Various chips $.75
Chocolate Chip Cookies $.25
Rice Krispy Treats $.50
Brownies $.50

Various Soda $1
Water $1
Gatorade $2
AZ Tea $2