March 10 2019
Just a friendly reminder that winter is still upon us. If FUSD makes the call, FALA will also have delays and closures. Also, make sure to allow lots of extra time to get to FALA while Snowbowl is open - and drive safely!

Spring Break is March 18 - 22nd.

There are no Senior Updates in this week's Buzz, but please do continue to check the Buzz for future Senior Updates.

Progress 5 Grading Period ends on Tuesday March 12, 2019.  
Doug Lyerly: Teacher of the Week!
Big congrats to middle school teacher, Doug Lyerly, on being named Teacher of the Week. Check out this video of Mr. Lyerly in action!
Rich Krueger in the News!
Click here to read an article about last week's Viola Awards. Mr. Krueger was the winner for Excellence in Science Education.
Tax Credit Donations
Good news for those who’d still like to take a chunk out of their 2018 state taxes: You now have until April 15 to make a fully deductible donation via the Public School Tax Credit Program.

More good news: Doing so would help fill a variety of classroom needs at the Flagstaff Academy of Leadership and Arts.
As you may already know, a cash donation to a public or charter school in Arizona means you get a dollar-for-dollar reduction in your tax liability. Each credit is worth up to $400 for married couples filing jointly and $200 for others.

By donating this way you have a say in how your tax money is spent in Arizona. At, you can choose from a variety of extracurricular and educational programs.

Keep in mind that if you contribute more than the total credit amount allowed for this year, the credits can be carried forward five years. Contact your tax preparer for more information about the program.

Visit for a Tax Credit Program form and further details about the donation process.
STEM City Volunteer Sign Up
STEM City is in need of more volunteers!

If you have students/staff that want to be a part of this great event and/or need hours, here is a link for students to sign up:

Blues and Brews
It's time again to kick off our search for volunteers at the 2019 Blues and Brews Festival which FALA is once again their charity to benefit from a portion of the proceeds. We are so grateful for this partnership and how much it does for our school. And this year it's TWO days. That means more for us to benefit from. So here it goes . . . we need your help to put our best foot forward at the event and need volunteers. Click on the link below to sign up . We appreciate your contributions to the success of this event. And you get to enjoy the rest of the day before/after your shift. It's an incredibly fun festival! Any questions, contact Heather Pierce.

Link to sign up:
FALA Yearbook!
Lunch Menu 3/04 - 3/08
Garden Salad $2
Mac and Cheese $3
Vegetarian Cheeseburger $4
Cheeseburger $4
Stir Fry Noodles $3.50
Creamy Tomato Basil Pasta $3
Cheese and Green Chili Quesadilla $3

Mozzarella Sandwich $3.50
Garden Salad $2
Mac and Cheese $3
Fettuccine Alfredo $3
Tortilla Soup $3.50
Bbq Chicken Sandwich $3

Turkey Sub $4
Garden Salad $2
Mac and Cheese $3
Fried Rice $3
Loaded Tots $3
Hot Ham And Cheese $3.50

Mozzarella Sandwich $3.50
Garden Salad $2
Mac and Cheese $3
Been and Cheese Burrito $3
Pesto pasta $3
Fried Chicken Sandwich $4
Vegetarian Fried Chicken Sandwich $4

Turkey Sub $4
Garden Salad $2
Mac and Cheese $3
Pesto Cheese Pizza $2
BBQ Chicken Sandwich $3

Various chips $.75
Chocolate Chip Cookies $.25
Rice Krispy Treats $.50
Brownies $.50

Various Soda $1
Water $1
Gatorade $2
AZ Tea $2