April 14 2019
Wellness Tip of the Week:

It is normal to get caught up in a routine, or to really want to push through a project or activity. However, in order to make the most of an experience—to learn from it or to solve problems or to improve on something we are doing—it can help to take a break. Taking a break may mean that we are changing over to a different activity for a little while, like trying to get some movement after we have been sitting. It can also mean taking time for “not-doing.” It can help to stop for a moment to notice, to be aware of what is going on with our thoughts and our bodies. This does not mean that you just change over to watching TV or other ways of distracting yourself. It is not about avoiding or escaping, but about being more fully aware of what is going on. Sometimes that is not easy, because unwanted thoughts and feelings can come up during a pause. You should only do it when you feel ready to.

-Stephen Taylor, DNP,  PMHNP-BC

End of Year Events - Mark Your Calendars

Senior Showcase Date:  May 23, 2019 5:30-7:30pm - FALA
Senior Honors Ceremony: May 28, 2019 - 6-8pm - Coconino Center for the Arts
8th Grade Celebration: May 30, 2019 5:30-6:30 - Coconino Center for the Arts
FALA Graduation Ceremony: May 31st 4:00pm - Coconino Community College, Lonetree Campus
Re-Enrollment Time Is Here!

Parents are required, each year, to tell us if your student is returning to FALA for the next school year, and to confirm your address.

Please go to flagarts.com and click on the Re-Enrollment button on the Home Page .

Fill out all the required information and submit. This form is s uper important and serves a couple of purposes... First, it tells us to either hold your student's spot in the next grade, or if we can release the spot to a student on our waiting list. Second, the state requires us to verify your address each year, and if it's changed, to collect a new document that proves your address (like a utility bill or insurance document.)

While not a part of this form, it's also important that you make sure your Emergency Contact list is up to date each year! Please call or stop by the office and make sure that list is correct.
Spring Performances!
Tickets for Spring Shows
Spring show tickets are now being printed! These tickets are cash or check ONLY in the front office. We will not be selling tickets online for any performances, nor will we be able to hold tickets.
FALA Stickers!
We have FALA Llama stickers available now! They are $1 each and can be purchased in the front office!
NHS Empty Bowls
National Honors Society annual event Empty Bowls is coming up on May 10th, downtown in Heritage Square , and the auditions for student performers are on April 14th in the dance room, and are open to performers of all types!
CampFALA is a two week camp for kids ages 6-16 to experience the arts and sciences. Our workshops include dance, theatre, English, music, visual arts, as well as comics and science. CampFALA allows students to learn new skills and experiment with different mediums. All instructors are either FALA teachers or Flagstaff arts community members.

CampFALA dates this year are June 17th-21st and June 24-28th . Camp will be five days a week. This year there are half day (8:30-12:00) and full day (8:30-4:00) options Camp fees (not including $30 registration fee) are $120 half day, and $220 full day.

For more information please visit the CampFALA website.
Blues and Brews
It's time again to kick off our search for volunteers at the 2019 Blues and Brews Festival which FALA is once again their charity to benefit from a portion of the proceeds. We are so grateful for this partnership and how much it does for our school. And this year it's TWO days. That means more for us to benefit from. So here it goes . . . we need your help to put our best foot forward at the event and need volunteers. Click on the link below to sign up . We appreciate your contributions to the success of this event. And you get to enjoy the rest of the day before/after your shift. It's an incredibly fun festival! Any questions, contact Heather Pierce.

Link to sign up: http://signup.com/go/YNLscMv
Lunch Menu 4/15 - 4/19
* Please note: FALA is moving to an online ordering system for lunches. Students will need to choose on Fridays what they would like for lunch the following week . For an example of what the form looks like, click here (this particular form is closed):

Pasta Salad $3
Garden Salad $2
Mac and Cheese $3
Vegetarian Cheeseburger $4
Cheeseburger $4
Stir Fry Noodles $3.50

Turkey Sub $4
Garden Salad $2
Mac and Cheese $3
Fettuccine Alfredo $3
Chicken Quesadilla $3.50
Cheese and Green Chili Quesadilla $3
Bbq Chicken Sandwich $3

Mozzarella Sandwich $3.50
Garden Salad $2
Mac and Cheese $3
Fried Rice $3
Loaded Tots $3
Meatball Sub $4
Vegetarian Meatball Sub $4

Chicken Caesar Wrap $3.50
Garden Salad $2
Mac and Cheese $3
Been and Cheese Burrito $3
Spaghetti $3
Fried Chicken Sandwich $4
Vegetarian Fried Chicken Sandwich $4

Turkey Sub $4
Garden Salad $2
Mac and Cheese $3
Pesto Cheese Pizza $2
BBQ Chicken Sandwich $3

Various chips $.75
Chocolate Chip Cookies $.25
Rice Krispy Treats $.50
Brownies $.50

Various Soda $1
Water $1
Gatorade $2
AZ Tea $2