Spring is here! In Flagstaff that can mean anything from rain, snow, sun and for sure wind. Layers, sun screen and an umbrella are excellent items to be prepared for spring; the umbrellas can double as sun protection and be a fun fashion statement.  

Seniors  -

Senior Show Case  - May 23rd, 5-7pm @ FALA - Friday Johanna Weiss volunteered to assist with Senior Showcase! She talked with most of the Seniors about their projects and what they needed for the showcase. If you have not spoken with Johanna please find a moment to share your project and what you will need for the Senior Show Case. Thank you so much Johanna! 

Graduation  - 

Letters and Photos  - Dean Crawley has received almost all the photos and letters for graduation. It is a monumental task to pick photos and summarize all you want to say in 200 words. Tip: For those of you struggling with the 200 words, the long version can be a wonderful gift to your senior. 

Graduation May 31st, 2019, Ceremony begins at 4:00PM 

Seniors you need to be at Coconino Community College at 3:00pm for graduation rehearsal.   

There are no tickets for graduation. Each Senior is allotted 12 guests.  If you need more than 12 seats please contact Dean Crawley,  dcrawley@flagarts.com

It's Re-Enrollment Time!

Parents are required, each year, to tell us if your student is returning to FALA for the next school year, and to confirm your address.

Please go to flagarts.com and click on the Re-Enrollment button on the Home Page. Fill out all the required information and submit. This form is super important and serves a couple of purposes... First, it tells us to either hold your student's spot in the next grade, or if we can release the spot to a student on our waiting list. Second, the state requires us to verify your address each year, and if it's changed, to collect a new document that proves your address (like a utility bill or insurance document.)

While not a part of this form, it's also important that you make sure your Emergency Contact list is up to date each year! Please call or stop by the office and make sure that list is correct.
Wellness Tip of the Week!

How much sleep does a teenager need? Most get about 7 hours a night but they need about 9 hours to function optimally! Getting enough sleep helps improve cognitive functioning and mood--which means better grades and even fighting less with you! But how do you get your teen to sleep more? Arguing about bedtime likely won't help anyone sleep better. Subtly suggest that your teen do a little research of their own to learn about sleep. Once they have that information, be open to listening and try to refrain from telling them what to do (which will only lead to another power struggle). Letting your teen figure out how to get enough shut eye can give them a sense of control over their own life... and that is ultimately what we want our children to develop. -Sarah Edmonds, Licensed Psychologist

For more wellness tips and community resources, please visit the FALA School Counseling website,  Wellbeing   page.
The Return of Halley's Comet

Report for testing at 8.00 am. Testing starts at 8:15 am sharp.

Most students will test at the Museum of Northern Arizona (report to the north entrance) . If you do not know your testing location, please ask Gessica Neilson at least one day before your test date.

Eat breakfast before the test, there is no eating or drinking during the test (except for short breaks).

Bring your lunch. You will miss the opportunity to buy lunch.

If testing occurs on a snow make up day, students are still required to take the AP test. There are no AP test makeup dates. 

Students are expected to return to school after AP testing (unless the testing occurs on a snow makeup day).

Students should be aware of the  calculator policy , and be prepared with their own calculator , or make arrangements with their teacher to borrow a calculator. 

Testing Dates:
Monday, May 6th: United States Government and Politics
Wednesday, May 8th: English Literature and Composition
Friday, May 10th: United States History
Monday, May 13th: Biology
Tuesday, May 14th: Calculus AB
Thursday, May 16th: World History


CampFALA is a two week camp for kids ages 6-16 to experience the arts and sciences. Our workshops include dance, theatre, English, music, visual arts, as well as comics and science. CampFALA allows students to learn new skills and experiment with different mediums. All instructors are either FALA teachers or Flagstaff arts community members.

CampFALA dates this year are June 17th-21st and June 24-28th. Camp will be five days a week. This year there are half day (8:30-12:00) and full day (8:30-4:00) options Camp fees (not including $30 registration fee) are $120 half day, and $220 full day.

For more information please visit the CampFALA website.
DE (Dual Enrollment) Information

Dual Enrollment  (DE) placement testing has started at FALA! This past Tuesday, students started doing testing for ENG 101 (the equivalent of AP English Language & Composition at FALA). Final opportunities to test at FALA are Monday, April 29th and Tuesday, April 30th from 3:15 PM - 5:00 PM. If students miss those opportunities, they'll have to  test over the summer  at CCC.  

Classes students need place into include ENG 101, MAT 187 (Precalculus), and MAT 220 (Calculus). Students get 3 attempts to test; the first 2 attempts are free and the 3rd attempt is $12. If a student tests over the summer at CCC, they should tell testing center staff they are a DE student at CCC.

DE/AP Myths solved : Many students believe they are doubling up with college credits by taking AP & DE, but that is not the case. Students will get the equivalent of a beginning level college course (typically 3.0 credits) if they get a high enough score on the AP test AND successfully complete a DE course. For example, getting a passing score for an AP English test and successfully completing DE ENG 101 will only get you 3.0 credits total, not 6.0.

Another myth is DE courses are harder than non-DE classes. That is not true. For example, students enrolled in Precalculus at FALA are sitting in the same class learning the same concepts than students who are enrolled in DE Precalculus. The only difference is they aren't getting college credit for it.

Last myth is AP is better than DE and vice versa. The best way to find out what option is best for you is contacting the admissions office of the university you plan on going to and asking what they prefer. I contacted 5 universities across the country, and none of them preferred one over the other; they merely said it was a personal choice for students and their families!

If you need clarification or want to sign up for DE, contact Janine Birchard, FALA's DE Coordinator. 
FALA Middle School T-Shirts Now Available!

The Middle Schoolers designed, created and are now selling a t-shirt in order to raise funds for Middle School Field Trips! All T-Shirts are $15 dollars and all proceeds go to fund scholarships for students that cannot afford to go on field trips such as Camp Colton or the 8th Grade Camping Trip! There are multiple sizes available but supplies are limited so come buy before they sell out! If you would like to buy a shirt please pop by Room 2 or find Mr. Beckett.
Spring Performance Calendar
Spring Dance Concert
Blues & Brews
It's time again to kick off our search for volunteers at the 2019 Blues and Brews Festival which FALA is once again their charity to benefit from a portion of the proceeds. We are so grateful for this partnership and how much it does for our school. And this year it's TWO days. That means more for us to benefit from. So here it goes . . . we need your help to put our best foot forward at the event and need volunteers.  Click on the link below to sign up . We appreciate your contributions to the success of this event. And you get to enjoy the rest of the day before/after your shift. It's an incredibly fun festival! 
Any questions, contact Heather Pierce.
Link to sign up:  http://signup.com/go/YNLscMv

Lunch Menu for April 28- May 3

Garden Salad $2
Mac and Cheese $3
Vegetarian Cheeseburger $4
Cheeseburger $4
Stir Fry Noodles $3.50
Cheese and Green Chili Quesadilla $3

Turkey Sub $4
Garden Salad $2
Mac and Cheese $3
Fettuccine Alfredo $3
Bbq Chicken Sandwich $3
Tortilla Soup $3

Mozzarella Sandwich $3.50
Garden Salad $2
Mac and Cheese $3
Fried Rice $3
Loaded Tots $3
Meatball Sub $4
Vegetarian Meatball Sub $4

Chicken Caesar Wrap $3.50
Garden Salad $2
Mac and Cheese $3
Been and Cheese Burrito $3
Spaghetti $3
Fried Chicken Sandwich $4
Vegetarian Fried Chicken Sandwich $4

Turkey Sub $4
Garden Salad $2
Mac and Cheese $3
Pesto Cheese Pizza $2
BBQ Chicken Sandwich $3

Various chips $.75
Chocolate Chip Cookies $.25
Rice Krispy Treats $.50
Brownies $.50

Various Soda $1
Water $1
Gatorade $2
AZ Tea $2