The Pilates Center
New Classes Begin Sept. 4th!
Summer has flown by, and although the sunshine and vacations are something we all look forward to, it also feels good to get back to a routine.  Those who were able to do Pilates an extra session or 2 during each week this summer commented they could really feel the difference it made!  I encourage you to up the ante, whether that means joining us for the first time, attending an extra class, working out with a partner on the Apparatus, or adding a home mat workout into your new routine.  Whatever it is, we are happy to help you enjoy a new level of fitness and see how good you can feel!
Remember, Pilates is not just for the body, it is good for stress reduction, your breathing, mental clarity and focus!  Are you in?

LAST Summer Workshops:
Triad Ball tomorrow! Monday @ 6:30pm
($ available)
Springs & Stretch Wednesday@ 6:30pm
 ($30. 4-6 only. Email for availability)

The Springs Workshops were so popular this summer that we've added them to the Fall Schedule!

Mondays @ 7:30pm: Reformer & Springs w/ Kerri
Wednesdays @ 7:30pm:  Springs & Stretch w/ Grissell


Also, book your Lunch date with us! NEW!
REFORMER TRIO:  Thursdays @ 11:30!

NEW!  TRIAD Ball Class:   SATURDAYS @ 9am!

For more detailed descriptions & fees:

or print out: Fall Schedule Flyer

Looking forward to seeing you next week!!!!
Please remember we will be CLOSED on LABOR DAY!

AS ALWAYS, thank you so very much for your referrals and support! 
As I drive around Leesburg and notice yet another space for rent, and another business gone, I am grateful The Pilates Center has weathered the storms for 10 years! 
Yes, there is definitely a party coming later this year! 




Sincere Thanks,

Kerri Gonen