Hello Liz,

I hope all is well. It has been a while since I've written a newsletter. I took the summer off and then things got busy between my parents visit, working a booth at the MOPS National Conference in Chicago, speaking, celebrating a big birthday with my sister, and hosting the 10th Anniversary Ministry Celebration.

Click HERE & HERE if you missed the celebration pictures. I posted details in the captions.

(Pictured: Mandy Miller (R) and Ministry Partner Stephanie Liles (L)

I decided to go to a seasonal newsletter for now. It will still include a God Moving Story, Song I'm Loving, Journaling or Quiet Time Tip, and any ministry events or special promotions.

For the annual Spiritual Circle Journal Black Friday Special, watch your email. You'll enjoy the savings, especially if you want to gift a unique present that keeps giving all year long.

One summer I desperately wanted to attend a speakers’ conference in Michigan. I LOVE conferences. The growth. The connection. The energy. I am like a kid in a candy store. Plus, God uses them to encourage me in hopes that I can encourage others. 

All the learning, adventure, and connecting leaves me on a high as those three core values are touched on simultaneously.

It had been more than ten years since I attended a full speaking conference. My boys were teens, and my youngest child was now eight, so my husband could easily handle things at home.

But there was ONE problem.

I didn’t have extra funds in my ministry budget to cover the conference costs.

I started praying God would provide the money through journal sales at an upcoming retreat.

Whenever an author, or journal creator in my case, presents a talk, they must determine how many books to bring or ship. Historically, fifty percent of retreat attendees buy a journal if one is not included in the retreat registration. So, if 50 women register, I have to bring at least 25 journals.


I said to God, "If you make a way for me to go to the conference by providing the funds, I would be so grateful. If I sell 100 percent I will take it as a sign to attend.”

Something happened that weekend that had never happened before. There were 55 women at the retreat, and I sold a little over 55 journals. Not to each woman, but some women bought multiples for their small group or Bible Study. The total came out to 100 percent.

That was my answer, and God orchestrated the rest.

My husband was free to watch the kids and two of my friends were going to the conference. We drove together and split the cost of gas and hotel. It was a wonderful time of refreshment, encouragement, and deep learning.

Coincidence or God Moving? You decide.

Journaling Prompts: What is something that you have wanted that would be good for you and for others? Is there a chance God would help make a way?

Liz’s Lesson Learned: It does not hurt to ask. God might just make a way. 

I love hearing your "God Moving" stories that clearly illustrate God's guidance, provision, and care. If you have any, please hit reply and share them. If I choose your story for a future newsletter, you get a free journal!

If you want to know your unique core values my dear friend and Life Coach Karyn Humphries has a free and simple online values assessment.

It's a powerful thing to know your top ten core values and incorporate them into your life. Choose from more than fifty core values at this LINK.

Karyn also has a great and affordable online training (only $35) called Connect-the-Dots on her website that helps with life direction. I highly recommend it.

"Tear off the Roof" by Brandon Lake is a great song with a moving video. It starts with friends carrying a paralyzed man on a mat and lowering him through the roof, right down in front of Jesus (Mark chapter 2). Then they show the woman who touches the hem of His garment and is healed.

I loved this line about the power of Jesus: "He has more in the hem of his garment, than the camp of the enemy."

Brandon Lake just won artist of the year, songwriter of the year - artist, worship recorded song of the year, and rap/hip hop recorded song of the year at the 2023 Dove Awards. What a year!

To listen to his song click on the "Free Resources" page and scroll till you see the "Songs I'm Loving" graphic.

Keep Your Journal Open Next to You While Doing Your Bible Study

I know this seems simple, but it makes quiet time so much more meaningful and personal. Whenever you are reading your Bible, devotional, or doing your Bible Study reading and questions, have your journal open and within arms reach.

If a thought or prayer comes to mind, jot it in a prayer circle as a bullet point. If you sense the Holy Spirit "divinely highlighting" a few key words or putting something on your heart, put it in the corresponding circle.

This especially helps with the listening circles because we are most receptive to the Holy Spirit when we are engaging with scripture.

There is no need to have a full journaling session. Just capture those important things that come to mind. You can connect dots and notice how the Holy Spirit might be guiding the next time you sit down to journal.


If you post a picture of your journal, mention it makes a great gift, and use the hashtag #spiritualcirclejournal you will be entered to win an "on-the-go" Spiritual Circle Journal. I will draw three winners between now and Dec 10th.

If you are only on Facebook or your Instagram feed is private, send your post screenshot to [email protected] with your name and email, and I will enter you. Best of luck.



Holiday Step-Back Plan Printable

I hope you enjoyed this newsletter and that you found the Holiday Step-Back Plan helpful. I am grateful for you, this ministry, for my mom's good cancer numbers, and God's many blessings that are more than I will ever deserve.

I pray you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends.

Many Blessings,

Liz Lassa

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