FALL 2020
Planting for Futures!

Ninety percent of Ugandans do some form of farming to earn or supplement their income, so teaching climate-wise, more effective farming techniques will make a lasting impact on lives. >> Click here to read more <<

Program Manager, Julius, planting coffee plants.

Gideon on Giving Back on the HEED Farm
Gideon on Giving Back on the HEED Farm

Coming Soon! The 2021 Projects Catalog

Just in time for your holiday giving, the 2021 HEED projects catalog will be arriving in your email inbox or by hard copy if you are on our mailing list. 
  • Say "I love you" to your favorite gardener with a donation to help build an irrigation system on the HEED coffee plantation.
  • Honor a front-line worker with a donation of medical supplies for our new clinic.
  • Provide a piglet or a goat to your favorite animal lover.
If you would like to receive or send a hard copy of the catalog, please email your address to: info@heeduganda.org
Bringing Health and Healing: Community Clinic to Open Soon

Imagine having a sick child and not having the $3 it would take to hire a motorcycle to carry you and your child 15 miles down a dirt road to the nearest qualified clinic.  
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New clinic opening here in November

They're back! (Partially)
Schools in Uganda have been closed since April as Uganda battled the novel Corona virus.
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Building for Futures

Our multipurpose dining hall at the primary school is taking shape and it is magnificent!
>> Click here to see more photos <<

Reunion Camp

During the shut-down our team welcomed the original sponsored children HEED formed to serve to the mission house in the village for a two-week "reunion camp."

A "girls' talk" counseling session.

Connecting Virtually

Along with so many others, COVID restrictions helped HEED to discover the benefits of video conferencing for virtual meetings and gatherings. Stay tuned for more chances to visit the village virtually! 

Many miles apart, but same shared heart for the work
God is doing through HEED Uganda.

New: Event & Project Update Blog

To keep you up-to-date on current HEED projects and events, we've launched a new website in the form of a blog. This website will house all project updates as they happen, including all the info from the quarterly newsletters. Save the following URL to your favorites and check back to see what is happening with your favorite projects!

All for them, so that...

"They may wear a garment of praise instead of spirit of despair..."

"...they will restore the ancient ruins
and places long devastated."

Isaiah 61:3-4
Join Us in Prayer
"...As you help us by your prayers. Then many will give thanks on our behalf for the gracious favor granted us in answer to the prayers of many."  (2 Corinthians 1:11)
  • We thank God that some of our children have returned to school and that church services of up to 75 people (with social distancing) are now allowed.
  • We would love to thank God for the provision and love from our supporters that has allowed us to continue paying our staff 75% during the school closures.
  • We would like to thank God for help with a potential BIG fine because some of our construction suppliers were not paying their taxes. 
  • We thank God for rain that is watering our crops well.
  • We thank God that the church has been allowed to reopen for smaller group gatherings.
  • We thank God for the dedication, spirit of teamwork and unity that is in our team.

Prayer requests:
  • For a well-qualified, experienced accountant who desires to serve the Lord with their career.
  • For our children to know God's love, grace, and guidance in their lives.
  • For God to protect the parents, students and staff during this season.
  • Prayers for the parents so that God can provide the school fees needed.
  • For students to have steady fast progress in their studies despite the difficulties with distance learning where there is no power.
  • For God to give us the grace to have all our learners SAFELY get back in school.
  • Provision for finishing the church building with its dirt floors and open windows.
  • For the clinic to create good systems for management, for provision to install solar power, for hiring of the right support staff, and for many to experience physical and spiritual healing through the clinic.
  • For God to be  rightly represented and glorified through the works of HEED.

If you'd like to join our prayer team, please e-mail heeduganda@gmail.com with the subject line "Add me to the prayer group". We would be delighted to have you on our team!

Thank you for equipping us to reach out in love to bring transformation
to children and their community.