"Tai Chi makes the weak person strong, the strong person gentle; the old person youthful, and the young person wise."

Happy Fall! As BTC begins its 31st year, we're excited to be offering an array of 15 great courses, ranging from Stance and Posture Training, Spiritual Qigong, and Tai Chi For Healthy Aging and Better Balance, to Yang and Wu Style Forms, Yiquan, and much more. Check out our website--www. BrooklineTaiChi.org, register for classes, and get some good Qi going. All courses are currently held in Zoom format. See you in class!


STAFF, SWORD, KNIFE, STONE: Tai Chi Weapons and Equipment
In ancient times, practicioners of Tai Chi used rocks, stone balls, iron weights, as well as staves, swords, and other weapons to enhance structure and alignment, increase root and mobility, and expand energy flow and extension.  In this course, we will explore traditional weapons and equipment to strengthen all aspects of our Tai Chi, including internal power, rooting, balance, intention, and Qi flow.  Almost-immediate upgrades are guaranteed!

"The 'Sticks and Stones" class was a delight, a challenge, and a necessity to Tai Chi practice and development."--Antonina P,

Open to all levels beyond TC101/102.

Yi Quan is a unique internal system that combines many internal martial arts and qigong methods--Xingyi, Tai Chi, Bagua, Shaolin, and others. Not forms based, Yiquan seeks to develop vitality, strength and mobility through an array of practices, including:

Zhan Zhuang (standing mediation/qigong, in a variety of postures);  Shi Li  (slow, intensified movements, maintaining integrity through changes);  Moca Bu (“friction stepping” to develop moving root, balance, and moblility); and Fa Li (release/discharge of power.)
Expect a new level of mind-body integration and internal energy.

Open to all levels beyond Tai Chi 101/102. 

DAN LIAN (Single Move Training)
Deep exploration of single movements is one of the key practices in the original Tai Chi. "100 repetitions of a single movement is worth far more than 100 different moves done one time each."

Each week's class will focus on a different single Tai Chi move (e.g. White Crane Spreading Wings). Each move will be practiced as Standing Meditation; Moving Qigong; Interactive Maneuver; and Energy Pattern.  Variations in Frame, Speed, Footwork, Intention, and use of Equipment will also be explored. 

Improvements in chi flow and understanding occur through this method that are unattainable in any other way.

Prerequisite: Tai Chi 101/102 OR knowledge of any Tai Chi Form.

The original "Old Yang" system included an array of variations of the same movements and sequences, with regard to the size of the movements ("frame"); the height/depth; the speed; the footwork; and qualities of energy (jings), and intention (yi).
The Large Frame, for example, confers openness, expansion, and externalization of energy and awareness; the Small Frame develops internal awareness, rooting, relaxation; while the Medium Frame develops energetic balance, body intelligence, and naturalness.
In this class, we will explore the 3 Frames in the First Section of the Yang Form. We will also look at the 3 Levels, 5 Speeds, 5 Jings, and 5 Bu (footwork methods). Expect major upgrades to your Tai Chi!

Prerequisite: TaiChi 101/102 OR any Yang Style Tai Chi Form.  

While learning the primary stances (Wu Chi, Bow Stance, Empty Stance, etc) is part of the basic training in Tai Chi (and other arts) the potential benefits of stance/posture work go far beyond the basics. More complex postures--such as Dragon, Tame the Tiger, Golden Rooster--and more extended sessions become powerful qigong practices that develop internal energies as well as leg strength, balance, and mind-body integration. Advanced stance/ posture training was the secret of the great masters of old!

Open to all levels past 101.

Yang style Tai Chi emphasizes rooted, flowing movements, and the integration of mind, body and energy. This class will cover the First Section of the Yang style form, a 3-5 minute sequence that becomes both a moving meditation and a whole-body exercise routine.

Open to students who have completed at least TC101/102 .

 The Wu Style utilizes small circular movements and relatively high stances, making it easy physically but with a great deal of internal energy. The Long Form consists of over 100 moves, and takes about 25 minutes to perform. Learning Long Form provides access to deeper twisting, pulsing, and internal energy flows, as well as the "meditation in motion" that is the hallmark of all advanced Tai Chi practice.

Prerequisite: Knowledge of Wu Short Form.

The 3 Dantiens--in Western terms, the belly/physical body; the heart; and the mind--are a core component of many Qigong practices. In this class, we will approach them as centers of knowing, enhancing our experience of a fully embodied spirituality. Classes will will include familiar Qigongs as well as some specally designed to amplify awareness of, and from, our Three Centers. 

Prerequisite: TC101 or permission of the instructor.



Always wondered about Tai Chi, but don’t know where to start? This is a perfect introductory short program that gives individuals a chance to experience the joys and benefits of Tai Chi, without having to commit to a full 12-week course. ATOTC introduces the essential Tai Chi processes of Quiet Standing, Rooting, Pulsing, and Mindful Movement, and is appropriate for students of all ages and levels of physical ability.

Sample your first ATOTC class for free. After that, you can purchase a special Introductory 3-Class Card for only $29. 


With the current uncertainty about new variants and possible resurgences, we are not planning to resume in-person, indoor classes in the immediate future. But we will continue in Zoom format, which has proven successful in providing both safe instruction AND a surprising amount of interactive capacity. We welcome your thoughts and suggestions on how to proceed through these challenging and demanding times. Stay healthy!

(Send comments and suggestions: don.miller@brooklinetaichi.net)

The teacher however, can only lead the student to the correct gate, he cannot compel him to go further. Somewhere inside the gates, masses of gold and diamonds lie hidden. It is up to the student to go beyond the door, into the inner rooms to search for the treasure. If one relies entirely on the teacher one will never find the treasure.


Tai Chi is truly like a Swiss Army Knife of exercises: part centering, part physics, part stretch, part strengthen, part balance, part focus, part relax, part martial concepts and principles, part philosophy, part meditation, part healing. Each day, pick a part and work on it.

Panjiayuan (the Dirt Market)

my last day in Beijing
walking from stall to stall in a December wind, 
nothing, nothing, disappointment 
until at last, in the back of a tiny shop:
two small dark figurines, nothing special
--just so I don’t go home empty-handed

and back in Massachusetts, as snow falls, 
I start to polish them, a pair of bronze lions slowly emerging,                                                                      gleaming and fierce, from beneath layers of tarnish

I don’t know which I love more, the gold revealed 
or the ancient darkness that hid and held them
--Don Miller
Tai Chi Sword Master Ken Van Sickle, at 80.
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dedicated to movement, balance and wellness.