October is National Down syndrome awareness month! In celebration of these amazing kiddos, and to open the door for more of them to find their forever families, we are happy to be able to offer an extra grant during October for eligible families who commit to adopting a waiting child with Down syndrome. While there are so many children with Down syndrome waiting for a family, we can only fit a few in this email. Meet Coco, Bria, and Maura. 
Coco, 5 years old
Bria, 7 years old
Maura, 3 years old
To meet more of the waiting children, please visit the Waiting Child tab on our website .
Thank you for sharing your back-to-school photos with us! What beautiful children! We hope they are off to a great start this school year!
Diana Bramble, Executive Director of Operations, and Sarah Hansen, International Programs Director, attended the Department of State Adoption Symposium from September 16 – September 18, 2019. The Symposium was held in Washington DC, at the Department of State, with many attendees such as other adoption service providers, adult adoptees, adoptive families, members of the US government, birth parents, and many other stakeholders in international adoption. Diana and Sarah spent their days there collaborating with colleagues, and communicating the importance of international adoption to the Department of State, in light of the decline in recent years. The Department of State assured the attendees that they realize international adoption must remain a viable option for children in need, and shared they and the US government are in full support of adoption service providers, and will do what they can to ensure that international adoptions continue well into the future!  
See who came home in September!