April 2021
Five Fun Financial Wellness Tools and Games-All Online!

Learning about money management can be fun. In honor of April as Youth Financial Literacy Month, we are excited to share some of our favorite digital financial wellness tools and games that were created to support students and adults on a path toward lifelong financial wellness.  
Created by FAME, Claim Your Future is a free digital game that encourages students to explore career pathways, financial decision making, and the future return on investment of post-secondary education and training. Available for both middle and high school students, Claim Your Future encourages students to begin exploring careers and future goals, and helps link today’s choices to future financial stability. Claim Your Future is also available as a classroom game. Visit ClaimYourFuture.org to learn more! 
Our trusted partner, NGPF, has created a series of free online games to engage students on a variety of financial topics, including paying for college, budgeting, investing, insurance, and more. These award-winning games are played by over 5 million students each year. To support educators, each game also comes with a lesson plan, including reflection questions designed to spark lively classroom discussion. 
In partnership with iGrad®, FAME offers free digital financial wellness tools to help students and adults sharpen their knowledge about borrowing and repaying student loans, budgeting, investing, and more. Through the site, users will find a variety of tools and resources, including financial wellness courses and a Your Money Personality tool that will help you understand the “why” behind your money decisions. In addition to iGrad, FAME also offers Enrich®, an employee financial wellness tool designed to help Mainers manage their finances and achieve their future goals. 
The CFPB has created free resources to support the development of financial skills and knowledge for youth and adults. Through the site, you’ll find a variety of activities and games, including a series of free Money Monsters Stories. In addition to the tools for youth and adults, there are classroom activities for educators, and resources for parents/caregivers. 
FAME has created a series of tools and calculators to support students and families as they pursue education after high school. Topics include student loan repayment, higher education financing, and financial wellness. These tools offer an engaging way to introduce financial topics. FAME has also created a series of informational videos to introduce concepts such as saving for college, the financial aid process, and much, much more! 
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Wednesday, April 14, 2021
1:00–2:00 p.m.

In this current educational environment, it is more important than ever to explore new and expanded ways to effectively engage students and young adults. During this webinar, Mary Dyer, FAME’s Financial Education Officer will be joined by Yanely Espinal, Director of Educational Outreach, Next Gen Personal Finance (NGPF) to discuss the use of games as a way to empower students to explore key financial concepts. We’ll offer an overview of Claim Your Future® and NGPF’s popular Arcade Game.
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FAME's College Access and Financial Education Team:

Mary Dyer, Financial Education Officer
Maria MacDougal, College Access Counselor
Floreka Malual, College Planning Advisor
Nikki Vachon, College Access Counselor
Jessica Whittier, College Access Counselor
Mila Tappan, College Access and Outreach Manager
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