5 Money-Saving Strategies for Students
Headed to college this month?  Concerned about money? You’re not alone. Here are five strategies for saving big as you head off to school:

1. Don't buy new textbooks.

A common regret among post-grads is having spent too much money on books. Check out these five ways to save on textbooks so you don't end up feeling the same way!

    2. Leave your car at home.

    One of the biggest hidden expenses for many students is transportation and parking. Cars on campus can be expensive – parking permits, unexpected car repairs, insurance, and even parking tickets all add up. If you are living on campus, get a bike and leave your car at home. If you are living off campus, research public transportation and rideshare options.

      3. Take advantage of student discounts.

      With the start of school right around the corner, many students and families are scrambling to cover last minute purchases and expenses. Student discounts are plentiful; ask about discounts for your car insurance, travel, food and entertainment—even clothing and apparel. Be sure to research free sporting events and entertainment on campus as well.

        4. Discover "found" money.

        Take some time to do a checkup of all of your fixed monthly expenses to make sure you are getting the best deals. Nearly everything is negotiable, especially if you pay your bills on time. Bills for cable, internet, cell phone, car insurance, and even credit card interest rates can be adjusted. Do your research and pick up the phone—you could save hundreds of dollars.

          5. Watch out for excessive food and beverage expenses.

          College students often report that their biggest spending leaks are meals out and coffee purchases. Spending leaks are small individual purchases that add up over time and become big expenses. Remember, if you have a meal plan, use it. Every time you eat at a restaurant or stop for fast food, it’s like paying for your meal twice.

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