5 of Our Favorites:
FAME's CAFE Team share top picks from our Wednesday Webinar series

Have you missed a few of our webinars? Did you know that all FAME Wednesday Webinars are recorded and available for viewing? Want to catch up but not sure where to begin? In this 5 on the 5th, we’ve compiled a list of our favorites to help you get started.

Manager of College Access Mila Tappan believes that FAME's May 2016 webinar offers important information about saving for college. Mila shared, “Saving is one of the best way to reduce student loan debt and provide students with a variety of educational opportunities. However, you’ve probably heard people say that saving for college will negatively impact financial aid eligibility. In reality, this belief is a myth that continues to persist. This webinar debunks this myth and provides the information needed so that families can save with confidence.”

Education Programs Officer Jennifer Lanphear shared the following about FAME's October 2016 webinar: “It was a tremendous resource during the 2017-2018 FAFSA filing season. During several customer calls, I referred to the FAFSA on the Web screen shots within the PowerPoint to help students and families complete the FAFSA. I heard from several professionals that they too found the screen shots helpful because they provided a visual that they could use to guide the caller through the process. In addition, they referred to the FSA ID tips and special circumstances examples on a number of different occasions.”

    College Access Counselor Nikki Vachon chose FAME's April 2017 webinar because, “it's a great resource for educators and counselors who have limited time to research free, high quality, Maine-based financial education programs that they can use. The webinar delivers program materials such as curriculum, activities and assessment templates that were created by financial experts and encourage lifelong financial wellness.”

      College Access Counselor Jessica Whittier picked FAME's November 2015 webinar, saying, “I have found this webinar very informative and often share it with borrowers. The webinar provides tons of information about federal student loans, how they work and how to find the best repayment solution for your situation. It’s a great resource for students and graduates who hold federal student loan debt, as well as professionals who provide counseling and support to borrowers.”

        Financial Education Officer Mary Dyer recommends FAME's May 2017 webinar as a timely resource that offers invaluable information for students who are heading off to college. Mary shared, “Students, families, and the professionals that serve them, work hard to make education after high school a reality. However, far too many students are unable to navigate the transition from high school to college. This webinar provides an overview of the steps that must be completed before students attend that first class. The webinar was developed to help mitigate the likelihood of summer melt, a term that refers to students who are admitted to college but never enroll. This webinar is a must-watch for school counselors and college access professionals.”

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          FAME's College Access and Financial Education Team:

          Mila Tappan , College Access and Outreach Manager
          Jessica Whittier , College Access Counselor 
          Nikki Vachon , College Access Counselor
          Maria MacDougal, College Access Counselor
          Floreka Malual , College Planning Advisor
          Mary Dyer , Financial Education Officer
          Jennifer Lanphear , Education Programs Officer
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