Summer is coming, so have fun learning with your family! No matter who is doing the teaching, the whole family can get involved and not only learn new skills but make memories as well. Whether it is character training and health, manners, math, or simply a fun project for kids and dads to do together, these companies are committed to making learning fun.
Cooper & Kid
The Ideal Father’s Day Gift for Homeschooling Families:

If you love education, family time and fully-involved fathering, you’ll love Cooper & Kid. Cooper & Kid is a parenting brand for men with kids.

They create award-winning tools for men to be the great dads that they want to be. Every 3 months, they send him and his family a box artfully filled with educational projects to do together. 
A Great Character Building Tool

Besides being fun, the projects are designed as a tool to teach character building, with a theme-aligned virtue, value, or emotional or life skill. For example, their Machines in Motion kit includes 4 simple machine projects that combine to create an ingenious Rube Goldberg machine and explores how to use simplicity and complexity in life, design and relationships.

Winners of a silver Parents Choice award, Creative Child’s Product of the Year award and more, Cooper & Kid launches a new, wonderful kit each season. Each kit includes 5 themed projects focusing on science, play, creative expression, and construction. Plus, kits include a storybook, a fun dinner menu and a fabulous commemorative medallion! For ages 5-11.
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Golly Gee-pers!


Five weeks of super easy, engaging lesson plans, 15 minutes each.

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Brought to you by the company that developed the multi-award winning “Table Manners Cards”, Golly Gee-pers’ Fun Manners Curriculum uses music, games, story, art, puzzles and more to introduce children to those oh-so-important manners and social skills.

10 Topics Covered!

- Saying Please and Thank you
- Table Manners
- Lending a Helping Hand
- Coughing/Sneezing Politely
- Being on Time
- Being Quiet
- Making Kind Choices
- Consideration for Elderly
- Waiting One's Turn
- Saying Excuse Me

Award Winning Products!

- Musical Manners CD
- Progress Charts
- Table Manners Cards
- Stickers
- Storybook
- Activity Book
- Instructions for Structured or
Relaxed Curriculum

and… lots of freebies on our website!

10% off using promo code: OLD SCHOOLHOUSE

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Phone Contact: (925)-324-4418
T-Shirt Kids Toys
T-Shirt Kids Home Club
T-Shirt Kids are active, healthy, happy kids designed as plush toy companions. As part of the interaction between children and the T-Shirt Kids, there is an activity club encouraging children to be active, eat healthy, learn and have fun like the T-Shirt Kids.
Life's foundation is shaped at home during the early years of a child's life. The Toy T-Shirt Kids and T-Shirt Kids Book Series can positively help strengthen and build a good foundation in a child's life.
T-Shirt Kids books are written with catchy words and rhythms focused on encouraging good character and attitude. The books inspire children to be physically active, eat healthy, learn and grow like the T-Shirt Kids.
Be Physically Fit by Being Active

Be Learning by Being Involved

Be Growing by Being
T-Shirt Kids believe in a balanced lifestyle.
Child's Play Math

Help Your Child Succeed

Math is not something usually associated with fun. It is often the subject kids and adults hate with a passion. There’s even a term for it – "math anxiety". With math, how you start invariably determines how you finish. The sad fact is math should be an exciting journey of discovery for children, but so often it is the opposite.

Child’s Play Math is a program that introduces children to math concepts through play, games, open ended tasks and challenges. Learning math becomes a natural and fun process. Children master concepts generally regarded too "advanced" for their years. Although designed to introduce children to math at the preschool/kindergarten level, it has proved effective with older children and adults who struggled with math the first time around.

Parents and teachers have welcomed its unique, innovative approach. Many have been shocked to discover the links between math, art and language.  Child’s Play Math embraces all the learning styles.

But don’t take my word for it! Why not enroll in our Free Introductory Course and find out for yourself:

It’s time to put the fun back into learning math!
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