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Clever Container is the only direct sales company specializing in organizational products for the home, car & office.  Our mission is to help our hosts and customers find solutions to their organizing challenges which in turn helps them to create a peaceful environment. 

Even more importantly, we strive to empower women and men to create a business that perfectly compliments the needs of their lives and their families. 

Here, you will find all the information you need to decide if Clever Container is a good fit for you!
Why Clever Container?

As the only company specializing in home organization, we offer our consultants, hosts and customers a unique product line they will not find from other companies. More importantly, our parties give our customers the benefit of information! They get unique and affordable products and tips and ideas to help them create solutions for their organizing challenges. 

The Direct Sellers Association defines a ground floor opportunity as a company with less than 10,000 active consultants. With less than 1000 actively selling consultants nationwide, Clever Container truly is ground floor. This gives you the opportunity to grow your business as the company grows!
What are the benefits of a Clever Container Business?

  • Great Income
  • Ground Floor Opportunity
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Free Vacations
  • Training and Support
  • Fun & Friends
  • Tax Benefits
  • Home Based
  • Family First - Work Second
  • Personal Growth
  • Recognition
  • Great Products
  • Be Your Own Boss
  • Helping Others 
How much money can I make and how will I be paid?

This chart shows you what the average  consultant earns based on the number  of parties they do monthly. You can create your paycheck by scheduling the number of parties that corresponds to the income you would like to earn!

Are you are interested in growing a team and reaching income levels you never imagined? The good news is you will start earning income with your very first consultant! Your income continues to grow as your team grows!  Below is our full compensation program. 

Our consultants are paid WEEKLY via direct deposit on all sales. You will receive a direct deposit on Tuesday of each week for sales submitted through midnight eastern time the previous Sunday night. 

Monthly bonuses and team volume overrides will be paid once a month around the 10th of the month to cover bonuses earned in the previous month.   
Where will I find business to get off to a great start?

First you will plan your business launch 
(Shown in the center of your web in purple).

A business like this starts with your family  and friends. You can share our incredible products with them and help them become more organized 
in their  lives. 

By partnering with 2-6 family members or friends, you are also giving them the opportunity to get the products they need for their home for free or half price from our host program! 
(Those are the parties you see in red).

You will find that your business will quickly expand past family and friends as you book parties from your initial six  (shown in green). 

And when you get to the next wave of parties  (shown in blue) you will most likely already be beyond your circle of family and friends! 

So rest assured, your business will start with family and friends, but it won't depend on family and friends!
What kind of support and training will I receive?

With Clever Container, you are in business for yourself, but never by yourself. 
Here is some of the support and training you can expect:
  • A complete New Consultant Fast Start Guide
  • A step by step checklist of the tasks you need to complete to get off to a strong start. 
  • Audio training on the basics of direct sales; Bookings, Host Coaching, Party Demo, Team Building and Customer Care.
  • Weekly (optional) conference call training from the home office on various topics for your business.
  • Monthly Team Meetings either locally (where available) or via conference call.  
  • One-on-One coaching with your upline leader; specific tips and actions steps for growing your business. 
  • Access to team facebook groups to share ideas, tips and get questions answered immediately!
Here is our New Consultant Guide if you want a sampling of what your training includes!
Do I get a discount on products?

As a new consultant you will have the opportunity to earn additional products during your enrollment month (the month you ordered your kit) plus three additional months of business in  our Ready, Set Organize Program.

We have set incredibly reasonable 
sales goals in which you can earn the products. You can earn Level One by scheduling 1-2 parties monthly and Level Two by scheduling 3-4 parties. 

When you reach Level Two for all three months, you will have earned $446 in free products and business supplies!

As a consultant, you can order products at any time.  Although you will pay full price initially, you will receive your commission on those products, so in essence you are getting a discount equal to your commission  percentage. Here are the benefits of this system:
  • You can potentially write off the cost of the products as a business expense for tax purposes.
  • You can submit your order as a party (provided the products total over $150 - our minimum party order) which means you can take advantage of our host benefits for free and half priced items as well.
  • All personal sales submitted will count towards any sales goals for monthly bonuses.
  • Because we get paid weekly, you will get your commission on your personal orders quickly!
Are there monthly quotas or minimum order requirements?
  • To remain on the "enrolled consultant" list, you must be active once every six months. To be active you must submit $200 in one month.
  • There is no minimum order requirement. Customers can place orders of any amount at any time, although host bonuses begin at $150. 
** Note - Alaska and Hawaii have minimum order requirements of $350
Do I have to stock inventory?

No. Orders taken at parties are shipped directly to the host or customers. 
What comes in the kit and how much does it cost?

Clever Container has two kits available for you to choose from. Here they are:

The first option 
is our most popular.

The Clutter Cutter Kit

It has a value of
in products and business supplies and  costs only $149!

The second option 
is our

Special Opportunity Kit

It has a value of
in products and business supplies and  costs only

With either kit, your investment is less than half of the value of the kit you will receive. As a note, shipping charges of $25 and your local sales tax will be added to the amount. 
What if I join and then I decide it is not for me?

No worries! If you sign up and do a few parties only to find that it is not what you thought it would be, you can walk away. There is no penalty and you will likely have earned at least enough to cover the cost of your kit. In addition, you will have a house full of incredible products. You can at anytime go back to being a host or customer. 

The flip side is that you won't know until you give it a try! Clever Container could be exactly what you need it to be!

Don't you owe it to yourself to find out if Clever Container is a good fit for you?
How do I get started?

Starting is easy! 

Go to the website of the consultant who sent you this link and click on "Join Now". It will take just a few minutes and your kit will be on its way!  Shortly after that you will be contacted by you upline leader for training and support and you will quickly be on your way to your clever future!

Make the decision today to become CLEVER!