COVID-19 has brought our everyday life to a halt and left us with many unanswered questions. Below are common FAQs our team has been receiving as it relates to the ongoing pandemic. As we navigate through the COVID-19 disruption, we will keep you informed through our COVID-19 Resource Center and continue to update you with relevant developments.
Will the Government be providing salary reimbursements for our employees that are being mandated to stay home?
If I need to lay off employees due to business closure, will employees be able to stay on their employer sponsored health plan?
If an employer needs an extension on paying their insurance premiums, will their insurance carrier allow this?  
If we have to close our doors, will our employees be able to continue coverage (i.e. COBRA) if there is no longer an employee sponsored plan that exists?
I am concerned about the losses in my 401(k). What should I do? Is there a conservative option that will not lose money?
Losses in a 401(k) or 403(b) are not realized until you actually take the money out of your plan. The best thing to do in volatile times is to re-evaluate your asset allocation and make sure that your investment strategy is still appropriate. Now more than ever is it a good time to reach out to your Advisor to reassess your goals and objectives.

Every plan should have a money market, stable value or guaranteed interest Type of account. Contact your plan provider to see what this option is.
What happens to our benefit package if we need to lay off, furlough or reduce hours of our staff?
Under a furlough or layoff a employer could continue to offer benefits for a period of maybe 2 months and continue the cost share between employee and Employer. Carriers will honor as long as premiums are paid. Ancillary benefits can be handled the same way. If a employer doesn’t want to contribute to the cost of benefits then COBRA should be offered to those affected employees. Where there is reduction in hours a employer can handle the same option as Layoff and Furloughed employees. 
Do we have liability coverage if someone claims they were infected at our business?
In most cases, no. For certain industries, like healthcare, there may be some available coverage triggers and only if you have proprietary endorsements, it is not an off the shelf coverage. That said, it is questionable as to whether the liability for this is very high because of the difficulty in proving causation.
Do my employees have coverage if they are infected at work?
Potentially, please see below Coronavirus Guide for Businesses (reference page 5). As the pandemic continues, expect the work comp system to be under stress. It will be important to have a strategy with your work comp claims administrator to navigate this for your workforce.
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