May, 2019

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Frequently Asked Questions
By Pastors & Church Officers
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Since churches are not in the "loop" of most of the information that pertains to them in the normal course of church business, there is no urgent need to seek out information, UNLESS some external situation arises. At that point it may be too late. Some of the questions listed may seem basic while others may not. It really depends on your experience and exposure.

A Few FAQ's by Pastor's & Church Officers

1. What is the difference between an EIN number and a tax exempt number?

2.What do we do if we opened the church bank account with the social security number of one of the church officers?

3. How responsible are church officers for non-payment of church payroll taxes?

4. How far back to we have to go to report church payroll if we are just starting to file?

5. Do we really have to register a responsible party for the church with the IRS?

6. Should social security and Medicare be deducted from the pastor's pay?

7. Can(Should) the church CDC or daycare use the same bank account?

8. Should the business meeting of the church and the church owned CDC be combined?

9. Should the church have a conflict of interest policy in place for its main or dual status officers?

This is just a very partial list of the questions we are asked by pastors and church officers.
For the answers to these and other FAQ'S visit our website at:

For more information, call The Church Business Consultant, Janet V. Kennedy-Jacobs. The Word tells us that we perish due to a lack of knowledge. This is a day and time we must be diligent and proactive. Take the steps today to be good stewards of the faith that we have been entrusted with. For questions, comment or service, do not hesitate to call J. V. Kennedy-Jacobs, The Church Business Consultant. 856-310-2977 or Toll Free: 877-389-7937 or email to:
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The  objective of these blogs is to bring current information to churches and clergy that may otherwise not hear it and to encourage further study . Please be advised that we are not affiliated with any government agency. This is an independent ministry. The information is not presented as legal advice., but rather a nugget of information to encourage further research. Seek professional guidance for application in your particular situation.
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