March 19, 2020

Dear Montecito Heights Members,

It is very lonely here without all of you and I miss you. Even the complaints , I meant concerns and problems. I miss it all and hope we can be back together soon. In the meantime here is a list of the most asked questions since we closed on Monday evening.


1)     How long will the club be closed? We don’t know but at least through April 8 when the county Shelter in Place is due to be reassessed.

2)     What happens to our dues? Members will not be charged dues during the time the club is closed. All dues paid in March for the period we were closed, March 17-31, will be credited back to member’s accounts. We will take care of these credits when we know exactly how long we will be closed. We will suspend processing dues for April until we know how long the club will remain closed. The April billing will only include incidentals that were charged to members accounts during March and any past due balances .

3)     Should I go on a leave of absence during this time? We advise members to stay active because all active members will NOT be charged dues during the time we are closed. Leave of absences should be used only if you are unable to use the club beyond the time the club will be closed.

4)     Are the Tennis courts closed? Yes, due to liability we can’t have members on property when the club is closed.

5)     If I need to get a hold of someone while the club is closed, what should I do? To protect our staff, we will at the club infrequently. However, emails sent to will be checked. Please limit these to emergencies only that can’t wait for our return to the office when the Shelter in Place is lifted.

6)     Is it safe to exercise outdoors? YES! YES! YES! As long as you give your training friends 6 ft’ clearance please continue to exercise outdoors so we can keep our sanity during this time of stress and unknowns. And if you need a little group interaction and encouragement, I have started the Shelter In Place Exercise Streak on Facebook. Look for it here and start streaking!

7) How do I stay updated on the club status? I will send a weekly email update as well as post on Instagram and Facebook.

Montecito Members, this is not a good time. However, we are a strong group and we will get through this one day at a time. Please take care of yourselves and your family I so look forward to seeing you all again.

Catherine DuBay-GM