Support Direct Federal COVID-19 
Funding Relief for All Cities
Congress Will Soon Be Considering a New COVID-19 Relief Bill
As of today, direct aid to state and local governments is included in American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 that Congressional Democrats are moving through the reconciliation process. The House is expected to vote on the relief package this week! Click here for a summary of state and local funding in the House relief package.

If you have not already communicated with your member(s) of Congress, please ask them to support direct aid to state and local governments because it is necessary for economic stabilization and recovery.

The relief package was negotiated in the House using the CDBG formula. There’s also transportation, housing, and FEMA recovery funding in this package that’s essential for communities dealing with the ongoing pandemic.

Florida’s cities, towns and villages are continuously working to respond to the needs of their residents and business owners as we work together to combat COVID-19 without any direct funding assistance from the federal or state government. While the state distributed some of their CARES Act funds to counties, there was no requirement that counties share their allocation with cities.
We Need Your Help!

Immediate Action Requested
Please contact Senators Marco Rubio and Rick Scott and your member(s) of Congress and urge them to pass direct funding relief for all municipal governments. 
Draft Letter to Congressional Members
Copy, paste and customize the letter below.
Be sure to include any local examples specific to your municipality (fiscal impacts, jobs lost, services impacted, etc.)

As Congress considers additional COVID -19 relief measures, the City of _______ requests your support for direct federal funding for all municipal governments to help mitigate the losses from COVID-19. 

COVID-19 has affected every Florida city, and has resulted in major public health and safety challenges requiring significant demand for the critical services our cities provide. Our cities not only help ensure the safety of our communities, but also employ thousands of essential workers. As cities face diminished revenues, any cuts to municipal staff impact both the ability to provide those services and contribute to our economic downturn. Absent direct federal assistance, some cities may have to make cuts to their workforce, exacerbating the economic and public health crisis we are facing.

The State of Florida has received more than $8.3 billion from the Coronavirus Relief Fund. While we appreciate efforts to try and address the financial impacts to the state and the 12 direct CARES Act recipients in the previous round of federal relief packages, due to the population thresholds in the CARES Act, only one Florida city qualified for direct federal support. 

We need Congress to pass dedicated and flexible funding for all cities in the next stimulus package. This is not a request for a handout, nor a call for a federal bailout. Direct emergency funding to municipalities focused on COVID-19 will help to support local jobs and small businesses, protect local first responders and residents, and maintain essential services and keep neighborhoods safe. 

Fiscally strong local governments are the key to ensuring a strong and successful recovery for the state of Florida. We not only want America to survive but also to thrive; and that begins at the local level.
Congressional Staff Contact Information
Click here for staff contact information for Florida’s congressional delegation.

Please provide a copy of your communications to Allison Payne at Contact Allison with any questions or if you need additional information.