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Multi-Sports Olympian, World Record Holder - Gea Johnson Gets Optimized on Her Track Bike as She Prepares for WorldsGea Johnson

Pictured above, Gea Johnson gets ready for another test in the FASTER Wind Tunnel. Gea Johnson is a phenomenal world class athlete (and local Phoenix resident), having placed 2nd to Jackie Joyner Kersee in the heptathlon, was inducted to the ASU sports hall of fame, Olympic Bobsleigh team, Olympic Weightlifter, and now the World Record holder in track cycling for both the flying 200M Women (age 45-49) and 500M TT Women (age 45-49). She is one explosive sprinter!! 
Be sure to follow Gea's progress this year!!  www.geajohnson.com.


By Aaron Ross

When it comes to fitting an athlete for an aerodynamic position, there are many myths out there on what makes a person more aero. One of the myths is that a person loses power to the pedal when they become more aero. Allowing an athlete to produce high power and be very slippery in the wind is achievable - that is one thing we focus on when we optimize athletes in the FASTER Wind Tunnel. To achieve the balance between being aero and having optimized power, biomechanics, biometrics, and comfort we have to start with a solid foundation.

1. Solid foundation-comfortable connection points between rider and machine. 
Let's start with the feet and sit bones... A rider that has a weak foundation for their sit bones and feet will be limited by how aero they can get. When we are looking at a rider's foundation, we are mainly trying to keep the body in a neutral position. If a rider has a high arch, varus, or valgus feet, or if there is a leg length discrepancy, appropriate steps need to be taken so a rider can sit naturally on a bike. We want a rider to fall easily into an aero position. Along with the feet, we also do this by looking at their saddle and choosing a saddle that supports their body. By providing a solid foundation for the rider, their comfort on the bike will also improve. 

LADIES NIGHT!!   May 1st - 6pm-8pm
"Success in Triathlon"  
Presented by Tricia Davis, PT, Peaks Elite Coach

Tricia Davis
Put your best dress on and head on over to FASTER in Scottsdale for special night just for the ladies! Tricia Davis, both a PT and Elite Triathlon Coach will show you what it takes to have success in triathlon. Drinks will be provided - so what are you waiting for?! Grab your girlfriends and head over to FASTER for ladies night!

Here's what you will learn:
  • 5 step plan to have your best season ever http://events.r20.constantcontact.com/register/event?oeidk=a07e6u3n7y9dfca01fe&llr=5olvwohab
  • Completing your first triathlon
  • Making the best use of limited time
  • Building a training plan
  • Tools for training (Heart Rate, power, GPS)
Choosing the right equipment 
MORE Victories for UHC!
UHC Presbyterian win
 This spring UHC has been tearing it up in the USA CRIT Series - bringing away a victory at every USA Crit!  

Hilton Clarke (1st) along with Luke Keough (2nd)  - took over the podium last weekend at the Presbyterium Classic in Charlotte, NC.

Tonight, the team will debut at the Sunny King Criterium.  You can watch the event LIVE HERE: bit.ly/17LIGCE #NCC
Also, follow them at the Tour of Turkey: http://www.cyclingfans.com/node/7474
FASTER is proud to have partnered with the UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycing Team as their comprehensive performance center, optimizing them in their biomechanics, aerodynamics, and efficiency on the bike!
Follow us on Twitter Follow UHC on twitter: @uhcprocycling #uhcbluetrain
New Bikes!!
Eric Foster new 29er
Eric Foster takes home his new custom titanium GURU 29'er.  He is now racing the Arizona Trail (from Mexico to Utah).  You can track him via GPS at :http://www.topofusion.com/azt/race.php

Jen Hanson New Bike

Jen Hanson (oops, caught her blinking!) is very happy after her first ride on her new Cervelo S5 Team (she had upgraded to Ultegra Di2).  "I LOVE IT!" she exclaimed after the FASTER group ride today!!



We still have a few 2012 Cervelo bikes left on the floor - if you are in the market for a new bike, be sure to ask us about their special pricing!  Or, if you prefer the 2013 models, we also have several options in stock!


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Cycling's Most Comprehensive Performance Center
Cycling's Most Comprehensive Performance Center

LADIES NIGHT!!!  May 1st, 2013

"How to Train for a Triathlon"
presented by Tricia Davis, PT
Peaks Elite Coach


Join FASTER on Saturday mornings from 7:00am-9:30am for 40-70miles. Saturday Group Rides include 3 groups with a ride leader.  

Are you new to cycling? - We offer 1-on-1 skills clinics and flat tire change lessons during the weekend.  Email Melissa for details: mross@ride-faster.com

group ride
Tuesday nights at 6:30pm.  
Read more at: www.undergroundcrit.com.  You can also find on the website a detailed list of upcoming events in the Valley so be sure to check it out!

Robert Shypitka  
3D Speed Lab Fitting: FAQ's:

How long does a fit take?How long does the 3D Speed Lab Fitting take? 
About 4-5 hours - so plan for a full day!

What does the 3D Speed Lab Fitting process involve?

The fit starts out with and interview process. We gather information on your goals, riding style, history of injuries/medical background. Then we do an assessment on your feet (shoes/cleats/insoles), flexibility, leg length discrepancy, and core strength to determine your strengths and limitations in how you can sit on the bike. Then you would get on the bike as our biomechanic and aerodynamic fitting specialist, Aaron Ross would place 3D markers on your body, while using our proprietary 2D/3D cameras and software system (designed by our wind tunnel engineer, Jay White). It is the same type of software that is used for building avatars for animations and film. The fit would involve looking a knee tracking, pedal stroke, pelvis rotation on the saddle and help determine the proper saddle, and bike set-up.

After dialing in your position in the FASTER Fit Lab, we move to the wind tunnel. This is where we can quantify your position in terms of aerodynamic drag. The first step would be watching the athlete pedal and monitor saddle, feet, knees and hips. The wind tunnel fan would be turned on as a baseline data would be collected to determine the current aerodynamic drag. After a baseline is established, we would look at:body position changes (over 70% of aerodynamic drag comes from your body!), Helmet choices, Wheel choices, and Clothing options.
Find out more by visiting our website:
This past Wednesday, Brooke Schohl, MS, RD, presented on "Fueling for Triathlon: From Sprint to Ironman".  If you missed the presentation, here's a clip below! 
Brooke Schohl on Fueling for a Triathlon From Sprint to Ironman
Brooke Schohl on Fueling for a Triathlon From Sprint to Ironman


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