FAWL has been busy in the past few months since its 2020-2021 term began. We kicked off the Grow Your Village, Help a Sister Out, and FAWL into Office programs. If you aren’t familiar with those programs, you can find more information on our website at www.fawl.org. FAWL also partnered with the Florida Bar on a video to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment, which gave women the right to vote. A link to the video is below. I also had the pleasure of being interviewed by Florida Bar President Dori Foster-Morales, which is also linked below. 

This month, I am making a special request of our members. Because many of the amazing volunteers who normally work as poll workers in Florida fall into an age group that are more at risk for adverse impacts due to Covid-19, we have a shortage of poll workers in Florida for this current election cycle. Poll workers do not work on behalf of any political party. They are at polling stations to ensure that each of us has a smooth experience voting and that our votes get counted. So if you are able, I encourage you to contact your local Supervisor of Elections office to find out if poll worker volunteers are needed for early voting or on election day in your area. A link to the contact information for the Supervisor of Elections office for every county in Florida can be found HERE. As lawyers, we have a special interest in and duty to support free and fair elections. So I hope you will join me in volunteering to help during this election cycle!

Next month, FAWL will be hosting a webinar on diversifying income streams. Almost everyone has learned through a family member or friend during COVID how fragile one’s traditional position of employment can be. So wouldn’t it be nice to add another income stream to your repertoire that lends itself to someone with a law degree? Join us on November 13, 2020 from 9am to 1pm to learn about other ways outside of a law firm that you can put your law degree to work while still keeping your day job. Mark your calendars now and watch upcoming e-blasts and FAWL social media for registration information. 

Journal Editor Jessica Thomas and Journal Committee Chair Gretchen Ortiz, along with the committee members and other FAWL-member authors, have been hard at work on the Fall Journal “Together We Rise” that will be published in November. Watch for it in your mailbox then! You can check the mailing address FAWL has listed for you by logging into your profile at www.fawl.org.

Please let me know if you have any ideas for more that FAWL can do for its members this year. I always love hearing from our FAWL community.

President Kimberly E. Hosley
Associate Justice 1993-2020
On August 10, 1993, at her Investiture to the United States Supreme Court, Justice Ginsberg spoke of the importance of diversity in our system of justice and the legal profession. "I have no doubt that women, like persons of different racial groups and ethnic origins, contribute . . . 'a distinctive medley of views influenced by differences in biology, cultural impact, and life experience.' A system of justice will be the richer for diversity of background and experiences. It will be poorer, in terms of appreciating what is at stake and the impact of its judgment, if all of its members are cast from the same mold."

The legacy of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg lives on in all of us. For more than a decade, until her first judicial appointment in 1980, Justice Ginsberg led the fight in the courts for gender equality. When she began her legal crusade, women were disparately treated by law. Hundreds of state and federal laws restricted what women could do, barring them from jobs, rights and even from jury service. Justice Ginsberg paved the way for women’s equality before the law, and for women’s rights to be taken seriously by the courts and by society.

To learn more about Justice Ginsberg’s life and legacy considering watching one of these movies on Amazon Prime:
  • The documentary “RBG” chronicles Justice Ginsburg’s upbringing, her time as a law student at Harvard, where she was one of nine women in her class, her marriage to Martin Ginsburg and her rise to the Supreme Court. It was nominated for a best documentary Oscar in 2019.

  • “On the Basis of Sex,” a 2018 biopic starring Felicity Jones, depicts Justice Ginsburg’s time at Harvard Law and the suit she argued with her husband that would become one of the building blocks of the laws that prohibited gender discrimination.
FAWL Celebrates the 100th Anniversary
of the 19th Amendment
FAWL President Kimberly Hosley Goes
"On The Docket" with
Florida Bar President Dori Foster-Morales
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