November 2019
Tomorrow is Giving Tuesday, which is always the first Tuesday in December. During a season of spending and buying gifts, this day is a reminder to spend some money on others who need it. Facebook will match the first 7 million dollars received. Click here to connect with our Facebook page to donate through our fundraiser. We compete with east coast donors because the fundraiser starts at 8:00 am EST, which is 5:00 am Pacific Time. Also, Facebook will match up to $250,000 per charity, so big charities can eat up the match pretty quickly. Although chances for the match are slim, if you happen to be up at that early hour, it wouldn't hurt to try to make a donation. Even if we don't get the match, the donation is still helpful because there is always a waiting list for the Reach4Life program AIDS prevention and youth development that we support in in schools, prisons, churches, etc. (See "Stretching the Budget" article below.) The more funds we raise, the more people we can include. Thanks for your faithful support of the program!

     WORLD AIDS DAY 2019

Last year, South Africa had 7.7 million people infected with HIV (20.4% of the population), 240,000 new infections, and 71,000 AIDS-related deaths. UNAIDS executive Director Winnie Byanyima spoke in Orkney in the North West province of South Africa yesterday on World AIDS Day 2019. She said progress has been made in some areas "but even here in South Africa, with all this progress, we cannot rest, and we are still on a journey. Almost 2.5 million people living with HIV are not yet on treatment. We have a job to do. There are more than 1400 new HIV infections among adolescent girls and young women every week. This is intolerable." (Quote and picture from

There is still no vaccine or cure, but HIV education and prevention is being addressed through the Reach4Life program in schools, prisons, and community groups. Over 225,000 kids were participating in the program as of July! Thank you to all of you who are supporting the program. Together, many people giving a little, are making a huge impact in the lives of thousands of kids!

On Sunday, January 12, we will hold an informational meeting for those who are interested in participating in next year's mission trip in September. We will talk about places we might visit and activities we will be doing. One thing is for sure - we will again be taking thousands of faith bead necklaces with us. Everyone loves them! (See picture above.) We usually buy air tickets during January or February when prices are lower so we will try to firm up who is interested by that time. The meeting will be at the home of John & Lorna Packard, 30020 2nd Ct. S., Federal Way, from 6:30-8:00 pm. For questions, email us or call 253-946-5953.


We have been working diligently on the proposed 2020 budget, looking for every possible opportunity to cut costs and stretch the budget. The program has been growing tremendously and even with all the thriftiness we can muster, we are still short of support for developing work in eight areas of South Africa, two areas in Botswana and one in Zimbabwe. (Botswana and Zimbabwe are new countries in the program.) These areas involve 59 workers and 70 schools. Schools start in January so last minute decisions need to be made soon.   If you would like to join our team of contributors, please go to our donate page and sign up now!   If you are already contributing, we thank you! 
The Rand exchange rate is very good at 14.68 Rand per dollar.
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