What’s the bonus to artic weather? Guilt free sewing time! During the last few weeks, I enjoyed finishing a splashy Nancy Zieman Productions tunic (seen at the right) and went a bit crazy embellishing bath towels by “sewing recklessly.” If you are curious, go over to my personal blog: Sew More Stitches.

Like many friends, I too am happy to say so long to 2021, but before I do, I want to say thank you to everyone who attended my virtual classes. Last year I gave 97 SCHMETZ virtual classes. As much as I miss traveling to events, I never could have connected with so many sewing buddies as virtual has made possible. I know you were attentive in my classes too because your responses were simply astonishing. Thank you! 

Needles are not romantic, nor glamourous, so I am very appreciative to everyone for taking the time to learn about SCHMETZ. I consider the SCHMETZ needle the hardest working and most often overlooked, 2” piece of steel in the sewing machine. If you don’t understand sewing machine needles, I get it. Don’t feel bad. It’s easy to be distracted by beautiful fabrics, threads, designers, books, and patterns, but it is the needle that creates the actual stitches. I like to think you need to take my class only once to elevate your needle knowledge and improve your stitches. Yes, I remove some of your perceived mystery about sewing machine needles. You also learn that with SCHMETZ you have options. My 2022 schedule is below. If your store, guild, retreat, or museum needs SCHMETZ needle facts in a fun class, let’s get it scheduled. Send me an email.
Sew SCHMETZ & Grabbit® Too!
SCHMETZ Inspired to Sew

In 1988, Rita Farro was a greenhorn Viking sewing machine dealer attending her first national convention. In her mind, Sue Hausmann was an icon because everybody was buzzing about her innovative approach to sewing machine sales. Her classes were packed with dealers eager to learn from her. Rita waited for two days to get a chair in the room where Sue was explaining her approach to sewing machine demonstrations. Meeting Sue Hausmann and adopting her form of Edutainment was the single best thing Rita learned in any class or national convention she ever attended. Every dealer wanted to take a little piece of Sue Hausmann back to their store. But here’s the shocker, as Rita was writing this story, 30+ years later, she realized that when she met her at that first convention, Sue was almost as new to the company as Rita was. 

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Our Next FBLive is February 2!

What AWESOME Products Will Rhonda Give Away? SCHMETZ, of Course, and Sew Much More!

Wednesday, February 2, 2022
Noon CST

Fit and Sew Custom Jeans, Classic and Creative Sewing Techniques for Modern Patterns
by Helen Bartley, A Palmer/Pletsch Publication 

Leggings, jeggings, joggers come and go, but jeans are forever classic. Make your own jeans with Helen’s expert guidance. Helen’s tulip hem is just one of many clever tips to adding whimsy to a wardrobe staple.

The Quilter on Fire Podcast . . .
An Interview with Our Own Rhonda Pierce
Brandy Maslowski is the Quilter on Fire. From firefighter to fiber artist, Brandy’s creative adventure includes igniting your passion for quilting through 50+ podcasts. A recent interview is with our own Rhonda:

Needle Point:
How Long Does a Needle Last?
How Long Does a Needle Last? Who knows? Maybe three seconds? Twenty Hours? The general rule of thumb is to change the needle every six to eight hours, BUT who “times” their sewing time? No one! Better to rephrase the question and ask,

What are the clues to changing the needle?

Threads break or shred.
Stitches skip.
Fabrics pucker or become damaged.
Wiggly squiggly stitches.
Sewing machine makes clicking, popping or clunking sound.

Familiar with any of these clues? Hey, it’s time to change the needle!

Need inspiration? Meet 25 talented Island Batik ambassadors who deliver inspiration, tutorials, and humor. 

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5 SCHMETZneedles FBLive

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