Last month my sewing was curtailed. I bargained with myself, that I would forgo sewing for pleasure until my 2021 taxes were done. I mostly kept the deal, although I did slip in a quick sweater update shown in this pic. The sweater was a favorite of my husband’s. I could not give it away with all his other sweaters because I liked it too. So, I did a few minor modifications to remove bulk from the torso and sleeves and added side slits. I have worn the sweater twice now to the office and it feels so much better and easier to wear. Better yet, I’m happy to report I filed my taxes, so my creative stitch life can now continue. Let's sew!
Sew SCHMETZ & Grabbit® Too!
SCHMETZ Inspired to Sew

What does the future of sewing look like? To answer that question, we need to start with several other questions. Who is the sewing customer? Why do they sew? What do they sew? What is sewing anyway? Is it a life skill? Is it a hobby? . . .

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Our Next FBLive is March 2!

What AWESOME Products Will Rhonda Give Away? SCHMETZ, of Course, and Sew Much More!
Wednesday, March 2, 2022
Noon CST

The 2022 Ultimate National Quilting Month Giveaway (Over $4,500 in Prizes!)
Get Ready! National Quilt Month starts Tuesday, March 1st but you can enter now for over $4,500 in prizes. Celebrate quilting with 16 trusted industry partners of sewing goodies you know and love.  

Ultimate Illustrated Guide to Sewing Clothes
Joi Mahon

Designer Joi was featured in SCHMETZ Inspired to SEW #11. At that time, 2014, Joi’s first book, Create the Perfect Fit, was newly published. Joi has always been a fan of SCHMETZ. In her newly published book, Ultimate Illustrated Guide to Sewing Clothes, she dedicates a full page to the importance of the SCHMETZ needle. Joi’s book is a complete reference guide based on Joi’s 25+ years of professional sewing and fitting experience.

March 2-6, 2022
Register now for awesome sewing, quilting, and knitting classes from industry leaders. Rhonda is giving the always popular class, SCHMETZ, What Needle Do I Use? Look for class #1228 on Thursday and Friday.

February 28th is the fourth Monday of the month and that means it’s time for Sew tell me . . . 
Interviews with industry experts and sewing enthusiasts just like you! Special guest this month is Rhonda Pierce, Spokesperson, SCHMETZ needles North America & Vice President, Euro-notions.

Join in the fun on the Let’s Go Sew with Joanne Banko You Tube channel:

Live show starts at 7pm Eastern Standard time.
Sheri Cifaldi-Morrill is a huge fan of SCHMETZ Universal 80/12 and 90/14 for piecing and quilting AND is an avid user of IRIS Super Fine Steel Pins. Sheri is a graphic designer by training that influences her award-winning quilt designs. When I saw her Sew Speedy quilt pattern, I knew Sheri was a SCHMETZ fan. Check out Sheri’s patterns and gallery:

Sew Speedy Mini Quilt
Sheri’s pattern will be given away during the March SCHMETZ Snippet FBLive.
Sisterhood Quilt Along
Quilt designers Kate Colleran and Tammy Silvers have planned a Quilt Along titled Sisterhood. The fun begins in April. Up your skill level, enjoy new patterns and have some stitch fun. Get the details at this link:  

Ready for a sewing vacation? Mark April 24 – 27, 2022 for the Sew & Tell Sewcation in beautiful Boulder Colorado. Four days of expert sewing instructions, sewing yoga, Sip & Sew and more in beautiful Boulder CO. Meet the hosts of the Sew & Tell podcast during a live recording. Don’t delay. This retreat will sell out fast! 

While Supplies Last
Thanks for reading this far into the SCHMETZ newsletter. Here’s your reward IF you act quickly: A free SCHMETZ display with free UPS shipping. There are 10 displays available in two styles. Here’s how to get one: Select display model one or two. Email Rhonda at [email protected] with your selection and shipping address. These displays will go fast, so don’t delay. Sew SCHMETZ!
Display #1*
SCHMETZ Wall Hanging
28¼” x 24” x 5/8”
28 hooks
(*Needles not included.)
Display #2*
SCHMETZ Wall Hanging
18½” x 24½” x 5/8”
33 hooks
(*Needles not included.)
Needle Point:
How Long Does a Needle Last?
How Long Does a Needle Last? Who knows? Maybe three seconds? Twenty Hours? The general rule of thumb is to change the needle every six to eight hours, BUT who “times” their sewing time? No one! Better to rephrase the question and ask,

What are the clues to changing the needle?

Threads break or shred.
Stitches skip.
Fabrics pucker or become damaged.
Wiggly squiggly stitches.
Sewing machine makes clicking, popping or clunking sound.

Familiar with any of these clues? Hey, it’s time to change the needle!

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