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Fullerton Building Systems, Inc. Newsletter
Summer/Fall 2016  


"Built for Speed"
(reprint of 2006 article )


church's chicken

Franchisees planning to construct a new building are using a familiar line:

Can I get that to go?

Buildings that are prefabricated before being shipped and assembled on-site can save both time and money, while still offering a high-quality structure.  


Looking for a quick and economical way to update the appearance of your building?  


from this.....


to this.......  

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Fullerton Building Systems, Inc sister company

Fullerton Finish Systems, Inc  is the answer to your company's exterior finish renovation projects.   Fullerton Finish Systems or FFS (by some) is located in Sand Springs, OK. FFS supplies a variety of exterior finish options such as; BrickWal, EnduraWal, StoneWal and Walstone. These products come in a variety of colors to match your company's updated style.  The pictures above include FFS EnduraWal for the main body and BrickWal for the wainscot. To learn more about FFS, please click on the link for the FFS website below.



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Renovation Details for the FFS EnduraWal and FFS BrickWal are attached.   Please check out the FFS exterior finishes and how they work on renovation projects.   Please click the link below:


FFS EnduraWal and BrickWal Renovation Details 



President Message:
With this issue of the FBS newsletter, we place our focus on the topic of prefabrication in the construction industry and how we believe it creates added value to each customer.  Reducing the overall time and cost of the project while increasing build quality and delivery certainty are driving factors in panelization and factory fabrication. 

The interview we have included with Industry Development Professional, David Fabian of Falcon Holdings validates the intrinsic value of working with a firm that integrates an element of factory fabrication into its "Project Delivery Process" .   Many times the best way to mitigate project risk and deliver a higher level of certainty is to break complex components of a building into prefabricated pieces.  A buildings structural and enclosure components for example are some of the more complex and critical elements that when not developed effectively can be a barrier to a projects ultimate success.

In a factory prefabricated approach, trade and design team partners work through intensive coordination upfront in lieu of during the construction implementation phase, thus creating a seamless transition from design-fabrication-installation that ensures that a higher level of quality is consistently delivered.

I hope you enjoy this article and feel free to give myself or one our sales associates a call to find out more about how we can help balance the challenging demands you may have on your project and assist with delivering a higher return on your investment through a factory prefabricated system of building delivery.

Very Best Regards, 

Dave Walock     


Prefab Construction is the Building Process of the Future:
from an interview with QSR Industry Leader David Fabian, 
of Falcon Holdings
David Fabian, Chief Development Officer for Falcon Holdings Management, Ltd., a Westlake Texas based multi-unit franchise owner, has partnered with Fullerton Building Systems for a long time-- so long in fact, he has observed the full arc of its growth from early innovator to its position today as the leading provider of prefab building packages for restaurants and other retail stores across the nation.

In the early 2000's, as then-head of development for Church's Chicken, Fabian was faced with the challenge of remodeling older units without interrupting their daily operations.  For a solution, he sought out Fullerton, working closely with its staff to develop a prebuilt panel system specifically for such remodels.

Fabian says he spent days in Fullerton's Worthington, Minnesota factory, learning first-hand all the pros and cons of panelization, but even more importantly, "how to take construction itself to the next level--finding a better way to streamline the process, taking out as much of the construction time and as many of the on-site trades as possible."

Taco Bell - San Antonio, TX

Client :      Falcon Holdings
T ype:         New Construction 
Project Summary:   This Taco Bell package is located at US 281 North at Evan's Road in San Antonio  TX.  FBS delivered this building package in March 2016.  Our scope included the exterior walls panels, interior wall panels, ceiling panels for bathroom and roof truss system. The color scheme was EIFS in Camelback, Rockwood Clay and Clematis.  The EIFS (Dryvit) carries a 10 year warranty.  The cultured stone used on the tower is Savannah Easy Fit in Vintage Wine .The building size is approximately 2,200 sq/ft.  FBS had the install option and the FBS installation crew assembled the package in 3 1/2 days.   (please click here to view the rest of the Taco Bell Project Profile)
Taco Bell - Rapid City, SD

   Client :      Fendler Patterson Construction
   T ype:         New Construction 
   Project Summary:   This project was completed in Rapid City, SD with Fendler Patterson Construction, Inc for franchisee, Border Foods.  Fullerton's scope for this Explorer Medium 40 Modified Building included the exterior wall panels, interior wall panels, wood awnigns for front and side along with metal roof deck.  The wood awnings at patio and roof system were also provided.  They utilized several different exterior finishes on this building; FFS BrickWal, Hardiplank Siding, Metal Siding and Nichiha products.  please click here to view more of the Taco Bell Project Profile
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