Notice of Change in Membership Dues and Fees

Over the past few months the FC’s Executive Committee, the Executive Director, and a number of our Board of Directors met to discuss our club’s finances.

Unfortunately, because the FC’s expenses and obligations continue to rise and are outpacing current incoming dues, fees and donations, there has been a unanimous vote in favor of raising membership dues and locker fees beginning March 30, 2023. This is the first increase in membership dues and fees since 2019.

We are hoping this does not greatly affect our membership and that everyone will continue to be part of the FC Community. We have simplified and modified our membership categories as follows; 

Member: $1,600

Junior Member (20 years of age or under): $1,300

Senior Member (65+): $1,000

Locker: $600

A 10% family discount is available to three or more FC members related to one another and living together.

Thanks to the generosity of our members and their ongoing financial support, the FC will strive to continue to offer our needs and merits based scholarships, as well as the travel reimbursement fund.  

If there are any questions, or concerns regarding this increase, please let David or one of the Board members know.

(212) 807-6947 | info@fencersclub.org | www.fencersclub.org

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