2021 Veterans on Guard

Combat Challenge

On Sunday, November 14th, we hosted the 5th Annual Veterans on Guard Team Fencing and Fundraising Challenge. Each year, the event teams up senior epee fencers with our Veteran members and Military Veterans from the Veterans on Guard program and this year was no exception. Fundraising pages are still active and we are so close to reaching our fundraising goal!

We would like to congratulate our winning team of Sean White, Oreste Schiavone and Paul Choi!

If you would like to learn more about the program or make a donation to the Veterans on Guard Program, please click here.

Fencers Club Sabre Winter Camp

January 1-2, 2022

Start 2022 with the 2022 Sabre Winter Camp at Fencers Club! Camp will feature Olympians Daryl Homer and Khalil Thompson and will be run by Fencers Club Coaches! Registration is open on AskFRED!

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Holiday Schedule Updates

Fencers Club will be closed on Thursday, 11/25, in observance of Thanksgiving. We hope everybody has a nice holiday and stays safe.

We will reopen on Friday, 11/26, at noon. As always, please confirm all lessons directly with your coach around the holidays.

Fencers Club Guest Policy

Fencers Club is bringing back its guest policy! For more details on our updated guest policy, please click here.


Competitions are back at

Fencers Club!

Fencers Club is excited to host a record number of tournaments this season for all weapons and ages. Here are some of the upcoming tournaments:

All tournament champions will receive a prize from the Pro Shop!

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Pro Shop Updates

Now is the perfect time to buy new equipment and the Pro Shop is stocked for whatever you need to compete! Our members continue to get exactly what they need at the online price from our vendors.

All net proceeds go to the Fencers Club Scholarship Fund, which supports athletes as they train, travel and compete.

About Us

Fencers Club is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization dedicated to the pursuit of excellence through the sport of fencing. Fencers Club is a place where people of all ages, backgrounds and beliefs can fence, learn, share resources, and make life-long friends.


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