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                 We are now seventeen days away from our ninth annual Triathlon Camp down in sunny Arizona, and we want YOU to join us.  This will be a fantastic weekend of training and fellowship, and you will not be disappointed.  We've got a number of expert pros, coaches, and pastors who will equip us for competition and ministry, and did I mention it will be in Arizona (i.e. WARM).  Get registered today, and we'll see you in a few weeks!  Please visit our camp page for the details, and email our Camp Director Barry Edwards with any questions.

                  As you may recall, we've spent the past few months talking about spiritual disciplines, and specifically time spent reading and studying God's Word.  We've done this not only because it has been modeled and taught throughout God's Word, but because our own Teammates have identified it as the number one thing that has led to their greatest past spiritual growth (Teammate Survey April 2013).  We pray for the ongoing growth of our team and are committed to help you all grow as fully-mature disciples of Jesus.  As a part of this, we also pray that each of you will help others do the same, and thus we want to help equip you for our common mission.             

                   Previously we've discussed reading, studying, and reflecting (meditating) on God's Word.  This month I want to press and encourage you all to take the next step by memorizing God's Word.  Before any of you start throwing up road blocks, backing away from the table, or making excuses (at least in your mind), I urge you to at least consider it.  Why you may ask?  Because by memorizing God's Word, you are equipping yourself for growth and ministry in ways that you'll never experience without having His living and active Word alive in your heart and mind, even or especially when you do not have a physical Bible with you.

                  Memorization hides God's Word in your heart (Ps. 119:9), equips you to mediate on God's Word day and night (Jos. 1:8), renews your mind (Rom 12:2), and equips you to share and teach others what God has commanded (Mt. 28:19-20), even when a physical Bible is not readily available or convenient.  By knowing God's Word, you will be better equipped to make Godly choices, resist temptation, and serve and teach others.  As you consider taking up the full armor of God daily (Eph. 6:10-29), few things will make you more useful in the Kingdom than always having the sword of the Spirit (Eph. 6:17) at your disposal!                                     As you consider memorizing God's Word, there are a number of great tools out there, both online and in book form.  While I'm not familiar with all of them, I have gone through the Navigator's Scripture Memory System a couple of times with other men, and I highly recommend it.  The system provides a number of helpful tools, and if you're serious about growing as swordsman(woman), then I encourage you to find another disciple and commit to going through this together. 

                  Lastly, I'll share that I too struggle with memorizing things (other than lyrics from 80's rock band songs - what a waste of mental space - ugh!).  It's hard for me and requires significant discipline.  Trust me, I get it.  But, it is worth it!  As endurance athletes, you appreciate the value and reward of doing hard things.  I ask you to trust me when I say that this is worth it!  Find some loving, but non-compromising accountability, and prepare to grow!

                  As we continue to press on into 2014, I also wanted to pass along a few Huddle highlights.  The first comes from Wisconsin, where the Racine-area and Waukesha Huddles partnered to once again represent at the RACC Multisport Expo!  They distributed resources all weekend through our ministry booth and put in a good showing through the indoor Team Time Trial event.  Thanks to Gregg, Danny, and the entire team for their ministry last weekend!

                  Next we move out west to Fresno, CA.  The Fresno Huddle meets weekly on Sunday nights, and like many Huddles around the country, they have been blessed by going through R12 Coach together!  They also gather often to ride together and with other local groups.  Attached is a photo from one of their recent "unofficial" rides with Teammates Kelly Irwin and Kerry Sue Brown representing the colors.  Thanks to our faithful leaders Dave and Cheryl Kutze for their service and ministry to this community!


Lastly, I wanted to celebrate the formation of our Newest Huddle:

  • Peoria-Area (Illinois), organized by Teammate Sean Conard and staff member Cole Espenschied.  The Lord has already provided an enthusiastic core for this new Huddle, and they are in the process of developing their ministry plan.  This is our 3rd IL Huddle, and we're excited about what the Lord has in store for our ministry in that state in 2014! 

Other Quick Ministry Updates:

  • Calendar:  Are you racing in 2014?  Would you like to connect with other Teammates and coordinate fellowship and ministry opportunities in the coming year?  Then it is time to add your events to our Ministry CalendarAdding events is easy, and once they are added, people can RSVP and connect with one another through the event.  Events added to the calendar are also included on the prayer calendar for additional support!
  • Gear Special Order Round Two:   As we consider the gear needs and desires of our ministry, we realize that we cannot feasibly stock every item that might be requested.  It's with that in mind that we are offering a special order opportunity for certain pieces of gear.  Here are the details:
    • Gear is available to order through Valley Bike and Ski via
      this page 
    • This gear will only be available to add to your cart through February 15!
    • On February 16, the gear will be ordered and put into production, with a likely delivery date to you on/before April 1.
    • Because this gear is not stocked, there will be zero availability for returns or exchanges.
    • In addition to the special order opportunity, Valley Bike and Ski is offering free shipping to anyone who orders a special order item, as long as the order is over $100.  Non-special order items (anything we stock) will also ship free, as long as it's all shipped together (arriving in March).
    • Contact Valley Bike and Ski with any questions: 
  • Boston Marathon:  Will you be in Boston for the marathon this year?  If so, please RSVP to our Boston page on the team calendar.  We're working on a number of ministry opportunities, including an official presence at the expo, and we would love to get you in the loop and connected!


God bless you as you make disciples in 2014!


For God's Glory!


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