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     Happy New Year's! I pray your 2013 is off to a great start, and we've got much to share. First, I wanted to invite each of you one last time to our upcoming Triathlon Camp in Tucson, AZ! Our pros are confirmed, the schedule is done, and now we're just counting the days until our camp adventure begins! Come and join 5x Ironman Champion Heather Gollnick, XTERRA Hall of Famer Jamie Whitmore, pro triathlete Brad Seng and Teammates from around the country in Tucson Jan 25-27 for a fantastic time of training, coaching, and fellowship! There are now only 24 Days until Tri Camp, and registration is still open to register. However, rooms are filling fast, and I highly recommend you book today to be guaranteed a room.


 I also wanted to invite you all to our next EMI retreat, penciled in for February 15-17 near Savannah, GA. Details will be coming quickly, but protect this date for a great opportunity to get equipped for endurance ministry in 2013!


     With 2013 now upon us, I also wanted to take a moment and write about this coming year. I know that many of you are intentionally thinking about what you would like to accomplish in the coming year. Whether you set resolutions or establish new goals, now seems like a perfect time to dream, focus, and set a course for better things in the coming twelve month. As you think about such things, I invite you to answer this question. For me, winning in 2013 looks like ___________. Answering this question is important because frankly, if you can't define your win, you'll never know if you are actually winning.


     Within FCA Endurance, we also pray and think about such things and have answered this question as a ministry. While our win comes from the mission and vision of FCA, two statements that I hope you know and celebrate, I wanted to take a minute here and boil it down, making it as simple as possible. Simple enough for everyone on our ministry team to remember. For us winning equals making disciples in the endurance community! Even simpler, a win equals a mature disciple.

     And so, how does our win affect or involve you?

  • If you hate God: winning = making you a bit less hostile to His love
  • If you doubt God exists: winning = giving you a reason to doubt your doubts
  • If you are exploring things of eternity: winning = inviting you to trust in Jesus
  • If you are a new Christian: winning = helping you grow into a
    mature disciple
  • If you are a stagnant in your walk with God: winning = igniting your passion to follow Christ
  • If you are a mature disciple: winning = helping you produce more mature disciples
  • If you're somewhere in the middle: winning = helping you know, trust, and love God more completely in the coming year and beyond

     That's what we're all about. That's what drives Huddles, EMI, the Body, Iron Prayers, and all of the other numerous parts of FCA Endurance. That's also what we invite you to be a part of. Exciting huh?! And now, as you consider your win for 2013, we certainly invite you to share ours. We would be blessed and honored! Winning = Making Disciples. Thanks for your partnership in this over the coming year.


Savannah huddle Christmas party.

I also wanted to pass on some Huddle News from Steve. December was a slow training and race time for most Teammates across the country. It was time for us to focus on family and to celebrate the birth of Christ! During this time, several huddles around the county come together as families and teammates for Huddle Christmas parties. At the suggestion of Chris Anderson, the Savannah huddle took on the "White elephant" style, tech sock gift exchange. There were a lot of strange looking socks which accounted for the room full of laughter! As with many Huddles across the country, we are grateful for the "Off season" and time to spend with family and loved ones!


Lastly, I wanted to pass on three quick updates:

  1. Wildflower Ministry Opportunities: Wildflower triathlon is an epic event and just might be the best ministry opportunity within triathlon.  We are currently putting together our 2013 Ministry Team, and would love to get you involved!  Contact Robin Soares to get plugged in.
  2. An Ironman or 70.3 Opportunity?  The WTC has recently announced a new Triclub Program that allows us an opportunity to bring greater awareness to our ministry and Jesus Christ.  As you register for these races in the coming year, please sign-up as a member of "FCA Endurance"  If you're already signed-up for a 2013 race, you can have this added to your profile by completing the following short survey. By registering together, our ministry will be given some special opportunities to reach out more effectively. Together we are impacting the world for Jesus Christ through endurance sports! Also, to help us keep you in the loop regarding ministry events and opportunities at the races you'll be at, please RSVP to the events you'll be at via our team events calendar on The Body.
  3. We have a new Corporate Ministry Partner!  FCA Endurance is blessed to announce that Prism Communications has recently come on as a National Corporate Ministry Partner, investing in our mission to impact the endurance world for Jesus Christ! Prism was founded by Samuel P.N. Cook, who grew up as the son of a minister.  Sam recently came into the Triathlon world and a renewed sense of purpose around his faith (at the same time) and feels called to give back to the endurance sports Christian community. We are indeed blessed to have them join us in our mission! Prism Communications is a Full Service Internet Marketing Company that focuses on launching businesses and new products. For more information, please visit


Thanks for your partnership in ministry, and God bless you in 2013! 

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FCA Endurance Mission:  To present to athletes and coaches, and all whom they influence, the challenge and adventure of receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, serving Him in their relationships and in the fellowship of the church.


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