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          Happy March! With the coming of another month comes the excitement of spring, warmer weather, and the beginning of a new endurance season (at least for those of us up North). As the season gets closer, I hope that your training is going well, but more importantly that your year of disciple-making is off to a great start! As we continue to pursue our collective vision, "To see the endurance world impacted for Jesus Christ through the influence of athletes and coaches," I wanted to pass on a few opportunities and some encouragement.

          First the opportunities. As you consider our mission to make disciples within the endurance community (Mt. 28:19-20), we want to help you be successful. If you're unsure of how to share your faith or help others grow as disciples of Jesus Christ, it's time to get equipped! Here are some places to start:

  1. EMI Training Retreats:These are opportunities were EMI Instructors come to your area for the weekend and help train a group of people to more effectively make disciples through endurance sports. We are looking for 2-3 more cities/areas to host an EMI retreat this year, and we would love to explore this with you. Ple  ase contact Chris Anderson Load Link for more details.
  2. EMI Resource Page:
    We are continuing to load various resources that we believe will help you make disciples in 2013. Check them out here 
  3. Your Local Church: Everything FCA Endurance does is meant to be done in partnership with the local church, and we urge you to seek disciple-making training through your local congregation.

         As you consider the resources above, particularly your local church, it creates another opportunity for me to encourage each member of FCA Endurance to be a fully-committed member of a local congregation. As you faithfully respond to our calling to make disciples of all nations, sharing the Gospel and helping others mature in their faith, it's just as important that you be growing as a disciple yourself. This was never meant to be done outside of a church body though, and as a first order of business, I exhort each of you to commit to a local body of believers.

         Being a committed member of a church family not only unites you with other parts of the body for overall church effectiveness (1 Cor. 12), it provides you with sound teaching, accountability, fellowship, corporate worship, discipline, restoration, and so much more. As Pr. David Platt recently put it, "Biblically, followers of Christ are not church avoiders or attenders, hoppers and shoppers; biblically, followers of Christ are church members." We are NOT meant to walk alone, sit on the church side-lines, or try and accomplish our mission as a lone-ranger. And, while FCA Endurance provides a great opportunity for fellowship, outreach, and discipleship; this ministry was created to work alongside the local church (vs. in place of).  

           Instead of covering this topic at greater depth here, I'll save your eyes and pass on a great sermon instead. For your next long run or morning commute, please check out this sermon


          I also want to share some encouraging Huddle News from Steve.

       These are examples of Teammates coming together to accomplish our vision and mission together in their community. A few weeks ago, the Phoenix Huddle headed out to the 24hrs of Pueblo Mountain bike race in Oracle, AZ. While there, they once again came together to serve some good ole flap jacks to the other racers! It was a great opportunity for the Teammates to serve in Jesus's name. While serving one mountain biker, he asked, "Why are you feeding us for free?"  Teammate Michael Hast answered, "Jesus fed 5,000, we are trying to feed a couple hundred!" Thanks to Michael Hast, Glenn Jackson, Alex Larson, Jaclyn Smith, and John & Debbie Foster for being great ambassadors!

          As we continue to wait for spring up North, I'm also happy to report that training hasn't stopped just because of a little thing like snow and cold. And no Georgia folks, 50 degrees is NOT cold! :).   Check out our fellow teammates from the Great Falls Montana Huddle making the most of their days with a little Cross-Country skiing. Way to go guys! We'll have to work on getting some yellow ski gear :).

          Lastly, I wanted to pass on a few quick updates and reminders to better Unite & Equip us to impact our endurance world
for Jesus Christ:

  1. Are you racing the Boston Marathon? If so, please RSVP on the Body so we can keep you in the loop regarding ministry opportunities.
  2. An Ironman or 70.3 Opportunity? The WTC has recently announced a new Triclub Program that allows us an opportunity to bring greater awareness to our ministry and Jesus Christ.  As you register for these races in the coming year, please sign-up as a member of "FCA Endurance"  If you're already signed-up for a 2013 race, you can have this added to your profile by completing the following short survey.
    By registering together, our ministry will be given some special opportunities to reach out more effectively. Together we are impacting the world for Jesus Christ through endurance sports! 
  3. RSVP for Your 2013 Events! To help us connect you with other Teammates and keep you in the loop regarding ministry events and opportunities during the 2013 season, please RSVP to the events you'll be at via our team events calendar on
    The Body.
  4. Singlets are IN! After a major delay in getting singlets restocked (Brooks stopped making our yellow), we once again have them on hand (made by WSI). They'll be on Valley Bike and Ski's website shortly. Thanks again for your patience through this delay.


For God's Glory!

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FCA Endurance Mission:  To present to athletes and coaches, and all whom they influence, the challenge and adventure of receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, serving Him in their relationships and in the fellowship of the church.


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