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"Group photo after the Wildflower Friday Prayer Service
                   Happy May!  I just returned home from Wildflower Triathlon and am overjoyed, thankful, and excited about what the Lord has, is, and will do through FCA Endurance this season!  This past weekend was another wonderful glimpse of our vision being lived out, and I am so inspired and encouraged.  I hope this brief report encourages you as well.

                  At Wildflower, we had over twenty Teammates from at least six states on the ground, all united by a common mission and love for our Lord and each other.  While the Lord gave us favor as we worked the expo, held a prayer service, placed ministry signs along the course, attended the on-site church service, and raced (among other things); what inspired me the most was our ministry team's unity in prayer.  This started as we broke into small groups of prayer during the Friday afternoon prayer service and continued through the weekend.  We had a sign 'advertising' our desire to pray for people at our expo booth, and many stopped by for immediate prayer or to leave a prayer request.  We then joined together as a ministry in the evenings to lift up the requests, as well as to pray over other needs.  This spirit of prayer continued onto the race course, and I wanted to pass along one such 

Part of our ministry team at the Wildflower Expo


                 Clyde Floyd is a long-time Teammate, faithful servant at many of our Tri California ministry opportunities, and Huddle Leader for the San Jose area.  He was racing the long course (a BRUTAL half-iron distance race) and was about a mile into the run after a very challenging bike.  As he ran by someone who was struggling on the course, he heard a voice yell out, "Pray for me brother."  Clyde responded that he would, but after a few steps realized that prayer on the go was not his faithful response to this request for help.  He stopped and turned around.  As the gentleman caught him, he could not believe that Clyde would stop his race to pray over and for him and his race.  Clyde placed his arm over the man and prayed for him.  As he did this, another racer ran by and commented on the demonstrated teamwork.  After the prayer, Clyde encouraged him and invited him to stop by the booth the following day during Clyde's shift to share how the rest of his race went.

                  Later that afternoon, this man's wife stopped by the booth, extremely touched by Clyde's demonstrated love.  She wanted to thank us and this stranger who would love her husband while he struggled out on the course.  Later, the gentleman also stopped by to thank us for our presence at the event.  He also shared that he had the opportunity to pass on what Clyde started, praying for four or five others along the course as he battled to finish.  That my friends is the FCA vision lived out and accomplished: To see the endurance world impacted for Jesus Christ through the influence of athletes and coaches!  


Teammates post New Orleans 70.3
                   As we celebrate what the Lord did among us at Wildflower, we also recognize other great opportunities from the past month at the St. George 70.3 (praise report coming soon via the Body) and New Orleans 70.3 (among others!).  Our ministry in New Orleans started when the Huddle served through helping stuff race packets.  In addition to serving and loving the race organizers and other volunteers, this provided access to the athlete goodie bags where we were able to insert a flier sharing about the New Orleans Iron Prayer and our ministry.  We also thank the Lord for great favor with the race director of this event.  He allowed us to host our Iron Prayer in the pre-race meeting room, and it was excellent.  Local worship leader Curtis Gray led songs, Pastor Michael Green shared the Word, and Christian pro triathlete Derek Garcia gave his testimony of how God healed him from cancer last year, allowing him to return as a pro triathlete in 2013.  He went on to finish 13th overall with a personal best of 4:01 (a wonderful praise!).  The RD also gave our New Orleans Huddle Leader, Barry Edwards, the opportunity to open the race with a prayer over the PA system.  Many Teammates competed in the event, and it was a wonderful weekend of impact!


Auburn Huddle Members at a weekly track workout
                  In addition to event ministry, we want to highlight the fruit of Huddle ministry consistency.  Our Auburn Huddle (California) was started by Desiree Swift (who was also a wonderful partner of the WF ministry mentioned above!) back in October, and they have been steadily growing in size and impact.  One of the keys to their growth has been the consistency of their regular meetings and workouts.  One of the weekly workouts is a track run every Tuesday night.  Desiree shared, "This is an incredible time of physical training and fellowship, organized by Troy and Robin Soares. We meet rain or shine, light or dark, hot or cold. Children are welcome to play around the field while we run."  In addition to the Huddle members, there have been up to fifteen others from the community who have joined them for the workout.  Great job Desiree, Troy, Robin, and Auburn Huddle members!


NYC Huddle Members gather for a run

                  The New York City also continues to capitalize on consistency.  Each week they meet on both Saturdays and Mondays to run various distance as a team.  Huddle Leader Gerrit Kamp also does a great job of sending out a weekly update, keeping the Huddle members in the know and reminding them of one of the Bible's imperatives.  Great job NYC!







Lastly, I wanted to pass on a few quick ministry updates:

  1. Summer EMI's:  SAVE the Dates!  We are excited to announce that we have two Endurance Ministry Institute Retreats in the planning stages for this summer and one in discussion for the fall.  Details will be coming in the next week, but for now, protect these dates!  It's time to get equipped for ministry!

    • Weatherford, TX:  August 16-18   
    • Savannah, GA:  August 23-25  

  2. Boston Marathon 2013 & 2014:  We wanted to invite/urge everyone to continue praying for those impacted by the recent Boston Marathon bombings.  As the days pass from recent tragedy, there are still many who are battling fear, grief, confusion, and pain.  Please continue to bring them before our Father.  

    I also wanted to share that our ministry's resolve to have a significant presence and impact at the 2014 Boston Marathon has never been higher.  We'll keep you posted as plans are made, but if you've been considering what your role might be for that race in future years, please just know that your ministry team is pushing forward, and we would love to have you partner with us there!      

  3. Wanted: Prayer Warrior: Are you a Prayer Warrior?  Do you long for and engage in regular times of prolonged prayer?  Do you find great joy through your personal, intimate times with our Father?  Would you like to help FCA Endurance engage others in a deeper prayer life?  If so, please contact Chris Anderson

For God's Glory!


Chris Anderson


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FCA Endurance Mission:  To present to athletes and coaches, and all whom they influence, the challenge and adventure of receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, serving Him in their relationships and in the fellowship of the church.


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