Teammates and Friends

              As we continue to wind down our

seasons and enter the month of Thanksgiving,

now is the perfect time to reflect on our purpose, both as individuals and as a ministry. How are you doing at loving God (Mt. 22:37), loving people (Mt. 22:39), and making disciples (Mt. 28:1-20)?  Are there some victories to celebrate from this past season?  Have there been some opportunities lost that have helped equip you for the future?  Would you appreciate some extra encouragement and equipping?                 
               If so, I've got some great news!  I'm inviting each of you to join me and a number of other Teammates and Huddles in participating in the Multiply Gathering live webcast this
Friday night, November 8.  This will be a blessed time of encouragement, prayer, exhortation, and focus on the Great Commission.  It's free to register and participate in, and all you need is a decent internet connection.  As a Teammate, I can't encourage you enough to prioritize this event. 
               As I encourage your participation in this event, I'll also pass along a little background.  The Multiply Movement was launched by Pastors Francis Chan and David Platt a little over a year ago with the intent of mobilizing Christ-followers to grow as mature, faithful, and multiplying disciples (who make other disciples who will make other disciples...).  The heart of Multiply is to invite, equip, and encourage followers of Jesus to respond to Jesus's charge in the Great Commission (Mt. 28:19-20).  As a part of this mission, they have created a number of free resources (to equip and encourage individuals for this task), as well as hosted a free webcast, a "Gathering" (held last November).  I, and a number of other Teammates, participated in last year's Gathering, and it was powerful!  As such, I look forward with great anticipation for the Nov 8th event.

               Photo  Speaking of events, we've got another event that we're excited about... our 2nd FCA Endurance Triathlon Camp!  This camp, formerly hosted by the ICTN, will once again be returning to Tucson under the faithful leadership of Barry Edwards.  For logistical reasons we had to modify the date and venue, but both are now locked in.  This year's camp will be February 21-23 at the Ramada Hotel Foothills in Tucson.  We're still confirming our camp staff and schedule, but you can count on this being a wonderful time of fellowship, coaching, and training.  Registration is now open, and we'll keep updating the details as they become available via the Pulse and our camp page

               We also continue to give thanks to God for our faithful Huddle Leaders around the country, those who serve our Lord through organizing our efforts where they live.  We're continually grateful for your hearts to impact your communities for Jesus Christ as you train, race, and serve boldly in Jesus' name!  Included in this group is Brian Orndorff, leading our Hagerstown, MD Huddle.  This winter they will be hosting a monthly "Bring a Friend" Spin Session and Bible Study.  They are also planning a cheer station at a local race and team party in December or January.  All of this has sharing the Gospel as a goal, with Jesus at the forefront of their ministry.  Thank Brian and MD FCA Endurance!

               We also thank Gerrit Kamp and the New York City Huddle for their faithfulness!  They are training together weekly, racing, and also putting their new ministry tools to good use (new tent and flag at a local race).  God bless your growing influence in New York!


We celebrate the Centreville Huddle under the faithful leadership of Mike Suchadolski! They have been meeting weekly for 37 weeks, getting in a training run and devotional.  In October they also gathered for their first race, the Reston Perfect 10.  They've got a Christmas party on the agenda and are exploring their 2014 plans.  Thanks for your faithfulness Mike and Huddle!

            The Chicago Huddle recently led our largest outreach yet at the Chicago Marathon, a race with 45,000 athletes!  From October 11-13, we had a booth at the expo, held a worship service, and had athletes racing.  Under the leadership of Carissa Dahik, we partnered with KLOVE, Bible League International, Josh Caterer Band, 2nd Presbyterian Church, PSAV, and others!  At the expo we handed out Bibles and FCA Endurance resources and had some great conversations.  The worship service was amazing, held in a beautiful historic church, led by a blessed worship band.  Thanks to Carissa, John-John, Zach, Trent, David, Dan, Steve, and everyone else who played a significant role in that weekend!  May the Lord continue to grow what was planted and watered that weekend!

                  Lastly, we celebrate some wonderful Iron Prayer opportunities in Kona and Florida!  Thanks to Robert Palmer, the Tallahassee Huddle, Gulf Beach Baptist Church, Barry Edwards, Derek Garcia, Mark Anderson and others for their faithfulness at Ironman Florida!  The day before the race, they spent the morning serving free pancakes to athletes, followed-up by a worship opportunity through Iron Prayer.  In Kona, we went international, welcoming a Teammate from Germany to bless our Ironman World Championship Iron Prayer attendees through sharing a message - thanks Daniel!  Our Littleton Huddle Leader, Brad Cooper, also served through that Iron Prayer, and we're grateful for his heart to minister where the Lord leads him!

                  Wow, that's a lot to celebrate, and rest-assured, we didn't hit it all!  As we close this newsletter, I wanted to pass on a few quick ministry updates:

  • Gear Special Order:  As we consider the gear needs and desires of our ministry, we realize that we cannot feasibly stock every item that might be requested.  It's with that in mind that we are offering a special order opportunity for certain pieces of gear.  Here are the details:
    • Gear is available to order through Valley Bike and Ski via this page 
    • This gear will only be available to add to your cart through November 17!
    • On November 18, the gear will be ordered and put into production, with a likely delivery date to you the week
      before Christmas (perfect timing!
    • Because this gear is not stocked, there will be zero availability for returns or exchanges.
    • In addition to the special order opportunity, Valley Bike and Ski is offering free shipping to anyone who orders a special order item, as long as the order is over $100.  Non-special order items (anything we stock) will also ship free, as long as it's all shipped together (arriving in Dec.).
    • Contact Valley Bike and Ski with any questions: 
  • Other Gear News:
    • All stocked Borah gear has been resupplied.  If you've been waiting for something with our new logo, now is the time to order.
    • New Tech Gear!  New WSI gear just arrived, including a women's tech shirt, a sweet long-sleeved � zip, women's singlets, and a cool new hoodie (in addition to the Special Order Borah Hoodie)!  We've got items at the photographer and hope to have photos up shortly.  Until then, the gear, along with descriptions, is on the site and ready to ship.
    • Other casual items:  We have a few additional items that are in progress, including some nice casual jackets/coats, a men's polo, a women's casual tee, and cotton t's that are around 2-3 weeks out.  We'll keep you posted as these arrive.
    • We've got a few sizes of some original logo'd gear left on clearance.  Scoop it up before it's gone 
  • Highlighted Event Opportunities:
    • Ironman Arizona: John and Debbie Foster have a history of leading our charge there - one that includes an expo presence, an Iron Prayer, service and racing!  If you're heading to Phoenix later this month, you definitely want to be a part of our ministry there!  Contact John and Debbie to get plugged-in.  
    • Wildflower 2014!  It's hard to believe that we're already talking about 2014, but WF registration is now open.  We're still exploring what our 2014 options will look like but believe we'll continue to have a HUGE presence at this race.  That said, before you sign-up, please contact Sierra SnyderShe'll help coordinate any special opportunities that we have and keep you in the loop.
  • November Prayer Calendar:  Nothing of eternal benefit with happen through our ministry without the Holy Spirit moving.  To that end, would you please consider praying for FCA Endurance daily with your family and friends?  To help with this, we load a monthly prayer calendar on our site (thank you Suzanne for serving our ministry by creating this!).  It can be downloaded from our Prayer Team page 
  For God's Glory!

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FCA Endurance Mission:  To present to athletes and coaches, and all whom they influence, the challenge and adventure of receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, serving Him in their relationships and in the fellowship of the church.


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