Teammates and Friends,

I pray that you have all finished your seasons well , both physically and spiritually. I also pray that the investments you've made this past season reap eternal fruit and will truly matter one hundred million years from now. As you transition into this off-season, I wanted to enthusiastically encourage you to get some much needed rest from endurance sports. However, I also wanted to remind you that when it comes to making disciples, there is no off-season.



If you're a stereotypical endurance athlete, you don't approach your season haphazardly. No, you plan out exactly which races you'll do and how you'll prepare to accomplish desired goals throughout the year. You value a result, plot out the journey, and exercise great discipline to accomplish your season's goals. This month, I'm inviting you to make this off-season just as important as you make your regular season, including the planning stage.


As you approach your off-season, I urge you to take a little time - maybe an hour, maybe a day or two or longer - to intentionally and prayerfully plan and prepare for how the Lord would have you use the coming months to grow as a disciple personally and to make disciples within your community. To help with this, I've included a few questions below that may guide you as you process this opportunity. So, create some margin in your schedule, grab your Bible and a notebook, and ask the Lord for his guidance on the following:


  • How is the Lord inviting me to grow closer to Him this off-season?

    • What does He desire of me regarding spiritual disciplines?

    • Are there any sins I need to confess and/or make restitution for?

    • Am I fully committed to a group of local disciples?

    • How should I sacrificially invest my time, talent, and treasure in God's mission?


  • If my time were the Lord's, how would He have me use it?

    • What do I need to start?

    • What do I need to stop?

    • What do I need to continue on with?


  • Who has the Lord invited me to help grow in their relationship with God?

    • Which relationships need to transition from friendship to discipleship?

    • Who needs to hear about God's gift of eternal life (Rom 6:23)?

    • How should I invest in a specific individual's spiritual growth?

      • Where, when, and how often should we meet?

      • What will guide our discussion?

      • Is there a resource we should go through together?


There is nothing special about these specific questions, and there are certainly many others that could be asked. Perhaps starting with these will lead you to explore others as the Lord guides your time. My hope is simply that you intentionally reflect on your current opportunities and what the Lord desires for you in the coming months. Then, just as you execute your physical training plan during the season, faithfully obey what the Lord has revealed to you. God bless you as you go and make disciples in the coming months! 



Huddle & Event Celebrations:  


Iron Prayer Kona, HI

The one hour IronPrayer chapel service was held the Thursday before the race. It was held at the oldest church in Hawaii, on the main street of Ali'i Drive. Ministry volunteers put a banner up Sunday before the race with flyers on the fence, hundreds passed during the week.  The worship, speakers, small group prayer and pastor ending in prayer for athletes were all excellent.  Superstar Christian pro triathlete Chris Lieto made a special appearance at the event and did an outstanding job encouraging the crowd telling his story of winning 2nd place overall in the 2009 Kona race, which was very inspiring.  Thank you to Barry Edwards and all the volunteers for organizing such an awesome event.


New York City, NY Huddle

The New York City Huddle recently formed a team and participated in the Terry Fox Run.  Terry Fox was an active teen diagnosed with bone cancer and had to have his leg amputated.  To encourage others in their fight, he attempted to run across Canada in the 1980's to raise money for cancer research. He called his journey the Marathon of Hope  His journey fell short as he developed Lung Cancer during his trek and was forced to stop.  He lost his fight, but the foundation was created in his memory.  Thank you to huddle leader Gerritt Kamp for your leadership of the New York huddle.  Thank you New York huddle for participating in a race with such a great cause!


Chicago Marathon

For the second year in a row, FCA Endurance had a significant presence at the Chicago Marathon.  With 45,000 runners, this is the largest event that we are officially a part of, and it was a blessed opportunity.  We participated in the expo, where we distributed FCA resources and had a number of great discussions.  We also used the expo to invite people to a FCA Endurance chapel/worship service the afternoon before the event.  We partnered with K-LOVE to host the event, and it was a blessed time of worship through song, teaching, and prayer.  Lastly, we had a cheer station on the course near mile 12, where we were able to encourage the athletes, including a number of Teammates who were racing.  It was a wonderful weekend, and we are grateful for the opportunity to encourage so many with our presence and the Gospel.  Thanks to Carissa, Zach, and the entire Chicago-area Huddle for their investment in pursuing this opportunity! 


Fresno & Silicon Valley, CA Huddles 

The Fresno and Silicon Valley huddles teamed up in ministry for the Scott Tinley Adventures. The weekend was a big success both on and off the competition course. Ten FCA teammates competed in eleven events and had eight podium finishes. Many individuals camped at Lake Lopez and individuals from the Fresno and Silicon Valley Huddles were able to spend some time together around the campsite. Apart from the success on the course, the huddles had a great time sharing God's love and ministering to others. The group had numerous opportunities to talk and encourage people as they came by the FCA booth during the weekend.  Thank you to Huddle Leaders David Kurtze and Clyde Floyd for your leadership.  Awesome work Fresno & Silicon Valley huddles!


EMI Celebration!

The Disciple-Makers EMI Retreat held near San Antonio a couple weeks ago was nothing less than amazing! Eleven endurance athletes spent two days together focused on growing as disciples who make disciples. Through a combination of classroom learning, demonstrated and experienced application, and shared retreat experiences; each participant was united and equipped in ways that we've only seen done through EMI retreats. The camp venue was also fantastic, creating an ideal atmosphere to focus on ministry equipping while inviting deepening relationships among participants. It was indeed a blessed weekend! Thank you again to John and Claudia Ruibal for their significant investment in making this retreat possible.  


As we close, here a few additional items to highlight:

Online Community Logos

FCA Endurance is always looking at ways to serve you better.  We are currently looking at our online community/social media communication methods and have created a survey we are asking all teammates to complete. Any and all feedback is welcome. 

 Online Community Survey  (Please take the survey only once)




Ironman Arizona: This event is coming up on November 16th.  Several ministry opportunities are available for you to serve. Please contact John and Debbie Foster to get plugged-in.






Blow-Out Prices! Valley Bike and Ski has all of our stock on clearance.  From a $28 hoodie to $39 cycling bib shorts, the pricing is fantastic!  Check it out their online store to take advantage of this opportunity: Shop Valley Bike and Ski Store 







2015 FCA Endurance Triathlon Camp: Professional triathletes Derek Garcia and 5x Ironman Champion Heather Gollnick have been confirmed as part of our 2015 Triathlon Camp staff. You will be blessed by spending the weekend with them! The 2015 Triathlon Camp is scheduled for February 6-8, 2015, once again down in beautiful Tucson, AZ. Additional details will be coming shortly, and we expect registration to open by the end of the week. Protect these dates, and we'll see you in February!





If you are interested in hosting an EMI Retreat, please contact Chris Anderson and review the Host Guide posted here. 





For God's Glory,


~Team FCA Endurance~


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FCA Endurance Mission:  To present to athletes and coaches, and all whom they influence, the challenge and adventure of receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, serving Him in their relationships and in the fellowship of the church.


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