Teammates and Friends,

For many, October marks the approaching conclusion of the 2014 endurance season. As we enter the final stretch, I know that many of you want to finish the season well, celebrating a year's worth of training efforts. Whether at the Ironman World Championships in Kona this weekend or a local 10K later this month, I too desire for you to finish well. With this in mind, I wanted to remind you of what that may or may not look like.


As you prepare for your upcoming season finale or reflect on your season's victories and trials, I invite you to consider, "What will matter one hundred years from now?" This is an important, possibly sobering question to ponder. Likely, in one hundred years (or even fifty), who wins Kona this weekend will be forgotten. The 2014 Ironman World Championship will be a small non-memorable blip in history, logged in some triathlon archives someplace. How about your age group podium finish, a sub-4:00 hour marathon, your PR in the half, or your amazing defeat of your rival competitor in that 5K back in June? Will anyone remember that in twenty years? How about five? Where will your trophies and medals be in 2114?


I ask these questions not to be a downer or to rob anyone of the joys and celebrations that can come from hard work and accomplishing endurance-related goals. I also don't want to steer anyone away from training hard or doing their very best on race day. On the contrary, it is my desire for each Teammate to give their very best as they worship our Lord through sport and to experience great blessings as they train and compete. I also want to share your victories with you and join you in thanking God for His favor. However, as you consider what it means to finish your season well, I want to focus your attention on what will matter 100 years from now, let alone eternally.


What will matter in 100 years? The same things that truly matter now... God, His Word, and people. As you consider your season, how are you doing in regards to prioritizing your relationship with God and your relationships with people? Are your spiritual disciplines as important as your physical training, or have those taken a back-seat to a temporary physical goal? How are you doing as a spouse and parent? Have your co-competitors or training partners seen more of you than your kids or congregational family? Are the people you are discipling growing in the Lord?


As you finish your season, finish well, but not just physically. Consider the opportunities and relationships that have been developed over the past few months and prayerfully engage in disciple-making activities. Honor your covenant relationship with your spouse and invest in your children. Sacrificially serve through your church and passionately worship the Lord daily. In 100 years, you'll be glad you did. And, the people you impact for eternity will not 100 years or forevermore. That is finishing your season well!





Huddle & Event Celebrations & Highlights:  


Iron Prayer Wisconsin 

Rich Dixon shared his testimony at Iron Prayer Wisconsin. His message is one of hope, and what is possible with God. Rich is a paraplegic who has hand cycled parts of the country. To learn more about his story, visit Participants at the event broke into two groups to fellowship and ended with each person praying specifically for another person in the group.  It was a moving experience for all involved.  Thank you to Greg Eberhardt for your service and planning of the event! 



Iron Prayer Bolton, United Kingdom

The Iron Prayer at Bolton was a great success with over 50 individuals in attendance for the service.  Several individuals who participated in the Iron Prayer shared how much the testimony inspired them and helped them during their race.  Thank you to Pat Cooke-Rogers for organizing and your faithful service to the ministry! 



Great Falls, MT Huddle

The Great Falls huddle is a fun one to celebrate!  Their story is one marked with patience, prayer, and perseverance.  The huddle is led by Huddle Leader, Joel Auers. The Great Falls Huddle struggled with gaining membership, and now is gaining momentum.  We celebrate Joel and his leadership, and for not giving up on his calling to the FCA Endurance Ministry.  We will continue to pray for God to lift this huddle up for His Glory!





Augusta, GA Huddle 

The Augusta, GA Huddle served at the Ironman 70.3. The group had a display at the expo where God opened doors for discussions and created awareness about FCA Endurance.  A pre-race prayer was provided the morning of the race to encourage racers and spectators.  To bless race participants, the group also served at a bike aid station along the race.  A big thank you to the Augusta Huddle, and Huddle Leader Chase Lord for your service! 




Huntsville, AL Huddle

The Huntsville Huddle hosted a worship service just prior to the race start of the Rocketman Triathlon, in Huntsville, AL.  Jon Noles led participants, (about 50 triathletes, spectators, and staff) to worship songs a Capella style.  Huddle Leader Tom Gale gave a devotion on worshipping God during the solitude and pain of training and racing. A big thank you to the Huntsville, AL Huddle for your service and to Huddle Leader Tom Gale for your leadership!











Welcome to the following new Huddle Leaders:


  • Kris Kennedy has been called to lead the Auburn/Newcastle, CA huddle.  Kris will be filling Desiree Swift's place.  We would like to thank Desiree for her faithful service over the years, and wish her the best in her next endeavors.


  • Jose Giro is joining Ricky Ufret to co-lead the San Juan, Puerto Rico huddle.


  • Lori Robbins is joining Thomas Pear to co-lead the Southwest Florida, FL huddle.


Please join with us in lifting these huddles and huddle leaders up in prayer before the Lord.  May their ministries be blessed and God be glorified through their service.


As we close, here a few additional items to highlight:


EMI San Antonio: Time to Register! We are now 2.5 weeks away from EMI San Antonio.  It is time to commit to this amazing opportunity for endurance ministry equipping, and we want you there!  You will be blessed by this investment in your disciple-making ministry, and more importantly, someone else's eternity may be radically changed as a result of this time. Sign-up today! 


Chicago Marathon:  The Chicago Marathon is this weekend!  A Pre-Race Worship Service has been scheduled on Saturday, October 11th from 3:30-4:30 pm at 2nd Presbyterian Church: 1936 S. Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60616.  Please RSVP through "The Body", and contact Carissa Dahik to get plugged in.  All are welcome, bring your friends!

Ironman World Championships: The Ironman World Championships in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii is this Saturday, October 11th.  The FCA Endurance Iron Prayer has been scheduled for Thursday, October 9th at 4:00 pm.  The service will take place at Mokuaikaua Church, located at 75-5713 Alii Drive, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii 96740.  We hope to see you there!




Jakroo Store Open through October 11th (Saturday): Our first round of Jakroo training and racing gear has been delivered, and it looks great! Initial feedback on its performance has also been extremely positive. If you missed the first order but want some gear for fall/winter, order by Saturday in order to receive the gear by November 1st. Shop the Jakroo Store 







Valley Bike and Ski Blow-Out Prices: All of our stock is now on clearance, and some of the pricing is fantastic! Check it out to take advantage of this opportunity: Shop Valley Bike And Ski Store 



2015 FCA Endurance Triathlon Camp:  Save the date!  The 2015 Triathlon Camp is scheduled for February 6-8, 2015, once again down in beautiful Tucson, AZ.  We are currently putting together the details, and registration will be open  in the coming week(s).  We'll keep you all posted but wanted to make sure you had these dates reserved. 



God bless you as you finish this season strong!


For God's Glory,


~Team FCA Endurance~


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FCA Endurance Mission:  To present to athletes and coaches, and all whom they influence, the challenge and adventure of receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, serving Him in their relationships and in the fellowship of the church.


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