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                   As October begins, I must start with an enthusiastic invitation to join us for a great time of uniting and equipping via our EMI Central Illinois RetreatJoin us this October 25-27 at YMCA Camp Benson near Mount Carroll, IL.  I'll say it again... 


EMI Retreats are by far the most powerful thing FCA Endurance does to help individuals grow as disciples and move our mission forward!  Investing in this retreat will bless you, challenge you, equip you, and help you faithfully steward your participation in endurance sports.  It will also be fun and a great opportunity to come together with other Teammates!  As a bonus, families are invited to this retreat.  Child care and some fun activities will be scheduled, allowing this to be a family experience as well.  Registration is open, and it's time to commit!  Register Today!


                  While we're discussing equipping, I also wanted to revisit our topics from the July and August Aid Stationsstudying God's Word and being disciplined where it really matters.  How is that coming?  Are you putting spending time in God's Word ahead of running or biking, working or time on the internet?  Are you spending as much time reflecting on Scripture as you do looking at your phone or browsing Facebook?  If not, here is your humble, friendly reminder and invitation.  Be disciplined where it truly matters!

                   I also wanted to introduce you to one more Bible study tool.  In August, I introduced you to the "Four R's of Bible Reading":  Read, Reflect, Respond, and Record. I pray this tool is blessing many of you as you dig in and let God's Word penetrate your heart and mind.  At the risk of creating too many options, I also wanted to equip you with another tool: The PRESS Method. 

  • Pray:  Ask God to quiet your mind from distractions, while inviting Him to speak to you through His Word and your time together.
  • Read:  Read a passage through without stopping.  Then re-read it slowly, verse by verse, to notice the details, looking to better understand what is being said.
  • Examine:  Reflect on what the passage is saying.  What is the main point?  What is its context, and what did it mean to the original writer and recipient?  How does that apply to your life specifically?  What does the passage tell you about God, yourself, His Church, and our mission?  This can be a combination of research, using other Bible study tools, and prayer.
  • Summarize:  What is the main point?  What is the key verse?  How does it apply to you and how are you to respond?  Prayerfully write down what God is communicating to you.
  • Share:  Share with the Lord through prayer what you learned and what your response will be.  Also, as applicable, share this with others, both to bless them with what you learned and for needed support and accountability.

                    It's my prayer that by PRESS'ing in, you will grow closer to the Lord while becoming more like Him.  Remember, just like training for a race, nothing of value comes without a cost.  The question you must ask and answer is: what do you value and what will you give to pursue it?  Spending time with the Lord daily may not be easy, and it will not save you (this is done only by Jesus' sacrifice for our sins - Eph. 2:8-9).  However, it is beautiful and fruitful!   


                    As we do each month, I also wanted to highlight some Huddle ministry.  On September 6th, the Madison and Waukesha Huddles got together to host an Iron Prayer for the athletes, friends, and families who were in town for Ironman Wisconsin.  It was a blessed time of celebrating God's goodness through testimonies and prayer.  Thanks to Huddle Leaders Kellie Collins and Gregg Eberhardt for their faithful service!  Also, thanks to FCA staff members Steve Collins and Mike Wilkerson for their faithful partnership!


                    A couple weeks later, we had a number of Teammates and Huddle Leaders converge on Lake Tahoe for some fantastic ministry!  Reno Huddle Leader Marci Zavala partnered with Iron Prayer Coordinator Robin Soares to put together an Iron Prayer where faithful Teammates and multiple Ironman finishers Troy Soares and Jason Ford blessed those who attended... in the rain!  During the race, Marci also headed-up the volunteer team, serving at a bike aid station while Phoenix Huddle Leaders John and Debbie Foster led the volunteer teams in the men's and women's changing tents.  John and Debbie also provided some great ministry support for the Iron Prayer.  This combined with MANY Teammates on the tough course provided a full weekend of ministry to praise the Lord for!


                    We also want to celebrate our New Huddles and Huddle Leaders!  Will you join us in praying for these new Huddle Leaders and their Huddles?

  • Lincoln, NE:  Our Omaha Huddle now has a Nebraska partner!  Welcome and thanks to Adrian Brandt for responding to this calling!
  • Buckeye, AZ:  Adding to our Arizona faithful is Julie Strom.  Thank you, and God bless you Julie!
  • Dothan, AL:  Our second Alabama Huddle is rolling.  Thanks to Maggie Worsley for her faithfulness!
  • Ridgefield, WA:  Thanks to Kacee Dougherty for joining MaryJane as a co-leader!  Serving together is more fruitful and fun! 

As we close this newsletter, I wanted to pass on a few quick ministry updates:

  • Highlighted Event Opportunities:
    • Chicago Marathon:  Thanks to the faithful diligence of Chicago Huddle Leader Carissa Dahik, as well as a number of Huddle members, we will have a significant presence at this year's event, October 11-13.  We'll be present at the expo (11th-12th) and we're hosting a runner's worship service on Saturday afternoon from 3:30-4:30.  Visit our event page on The Body for the details and to RSVP.      
    • Ironman World Championships in Kona, HI:  Have you qualified for the big dance?  If so, we want to hear from you.  We're preparing for our ministry out there and want to be sure everyone gets tied in. 
    • Wildflower 2014!  It's hard to believe that we're already talking about 2014, but WF registration is now open.  We're still exploring what our 2014 options will look like but believe we'll continue to have a HUGE presence at this race.  That said, before you sign-up, please contact Sierra Snyder.  She'll help coordinate any special opportunities that we have and keep you in the loop.    
  • FCA Endurance Triathlon Camp:  Details are still being worked out, but we urge you to keep January 24-26 open for our 2nd Annual FCA Endurance Tri Camp (formerly ICTN Tri Camp).  We'll keep you posted as details are released and registration opens up (watch the Pulse and our camp site:, but get it on your calendar and start preparing your invitee list.    
  • October Prayer Calendar:  Nothing of eternal benefit with happen through our ministry without the Holy Spirit moving.  To that end, would you please consider praying for FCA Endurance daily with your family and friends?  To help with this, we load a monthly prayer calendar on our site (thank you Suzanne for serving our ministry by creating this!).  It can be downloaded from our Prayer Team page     
  • New Cycling Jersey:  Have you seen our sweet new cycling jerseys?  They are sweet and in stock!  Check them out:
    • Men's  
    • Women's 
    • Men's Pro 
    • Other New Gear:  Other new gear is in stock and more is arriving shortly so please keep visiting Valley Bike and Ski's page for the newest items and best selection.  Also, the classic gear is discounted, and once it's gone, it's gone.  Thus, if you like it, order now


For God's Glory!


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FCA Endurance Mission:  To present to athletes and coaches, and all whom they influence, the challenge and adventure of receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, serving Him in their relationships and in the fellowship of the church.


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