Teammates and Friends,

Before we get to a number of celebrations and updates, I'll be covering two topics. First I'll cover the fantastic gear opportunity taking place through tomorrow, Wednesday, September 10th. Secondly, after a few months break, I'm going to resume our Endurance Disciplines discussion, passing along a few prayer ideas that have been valuable to myself over the past few years. I pray that both of these topics help equip you as an endurance disciple-maker!


I hope that by now you have all received multiple updates and reminders regarding all of the gear changes currently taking place, including the news of the special pricing available through our new endurance-specific gear vendor, Jakroo. If you missed any of this, you can gain more information through our gear announcement or new gear page.


While I hesitate to direct so much attention to gear and do not want to irritate anyone by the volume of communication that has been generated, I also do not want anyone to miss this special opportunity. I appreciate that gear is expensive and desire for everyone to steward their financial resources well! Thus, my hope is not to distract anyone from the other aspects of our ministry, but simply to equip as many as possible with the valuable ministry tool of good looking, engaging, and high quality training and racing gear.


With my motives shared, I'll pass along this news and inviation one last time - our special pricing on Jakroo gear ENDS TOMORROW! On Thursday, prices will go up, and they are not coming back down for likely another year. Get equipped and be ready for the doors the Lord may open when you train and race boldly for Him! Click here for more information, or click here to order. As a reminder, "Yellow Ain't Camo!" 


The second topic I wanted to briefly discuss brings us back to our March-May Aid Station discussions involving prayer (click here for access to previous Aid Stations). Through these articles, I've explored what prayer is, and I've tried to pass along a few suggestions that might help you in your prayer life. Today, I'll pass along a few other practical suggestions that have helped me focus my prayers.


 As I pray, I must admit that too often I am distracted. This problem only increases if I'm tired, mentally pre-occupied, or in a distracting setting (among other scenarios). Have you ever been there? You're in the middle of what you hoped would be a time of focused, quiet prayer and all of sudden you realize that you were thinking about your daily task list, day dreaming, or perhaps even sleeping?! I certainly have, and it frustrates, discourages, and saddens me. While I have not mastered the discipline of pro-longed, disciplined prayer, I have learned a few things that have helped. I pray that they also help you.

  • Prepare Your Mind: Before you begin to pray, picture yourself before God's throne. Imagine what it would be like to be physically before the LORD. How would you behave? Where would your focus be? What would you do? What would you say? Let the awesomeness of that scenario fill your mind. Then pray. I also encourage revisiting this if you feel your focus drifting.

  • Bring Some Paper: As you pray, I suggest you consider having as many as 3 different pieces of paper, tables, notebooks, etc. available:

    • A Prayer List: A list can help you remember prayer requests that you might otherwise forget. It can also help you focus through keeping you on track. This could contain flow reminders, such as A.C.T.S., personal requests, the requests of others that you have committed to, or anything else that will help serve as a reference for you.

    • A Prayer Journal: I admit that I usually do not enjoy writing. Thus, I resist it in most scenarios. However, I believe you'll find that by writing out your prayers, you will focus so much better. There is something about writing that engages your mind and focus. If I'm writing my prayers, my mind rarely wanders. Give it a try.

    • A Scratch List: What do you do when you suddenly remember something important during a time of prayer, such as an idea or task you need to complete? Rather than being distracted through attempting to remember it while you also try to focus on your time with the Lord, write it down. Once it's written down, you can let it go, refocusing your attention on your meeting with the Lord.

  • Pray Out Loud: This is self-explanatory. Simply speak (or cry-out) your prayers. While this may seem strange at first, using your voice to speak your prayers will focus your mind as you talk with God. Again, place yourself before the throne of the Lord and speak.

  • Take a Walk: This suggestion has been helpful for me, especially when I'm tired. Taking a walk doesn't necessary have to be outside or in some inspiring place. Simply walk around the room you're in. This will get you moving, circulate some blood, and engage you physically. For me, this can add focus, prevent sleep, and make certain times of prayer more engaging.


Okay, no rocket science here, but I pray that some of these simple tips will be helpful to you as you spend time with our Lord daily. Also, if you have other suggestions, I definitely want to hear them. Please share them via email, or by commenting on my blog. Lastly, as we wrap up this section on prayer, I invite all of you to join our Prayer Team. Here prayer requests are posted almost daily, and we would be blessed by your partnership in bringing our ministry and these requests before the Lord. 


Huddle & Event Celebrations & Highlights:  


Louisville Iron Prayer
Thank you to Huddle Leader Larry Gough and the Louisville Huddle for your service in organizing the Iron Prayer.  Chris Morgan, Chaplain for the University of Louisville Athletics and Duhsten Freeman Ironman Coach and Nutritionist spoke.  We are thankful for those that attended and pray that lives will be changed by your service.
Waukesha, WI & Chicago, IL Huddles

The Waukesha, WI and Chicago, IL Huddles teamed up to serve at the USA Triathlon Nationals in Milwaukee, WI.  It's always fun to see huddles working together at events. We would like to celebrate that the event was well attended from teammates across the country.  We were not able just to connect with believers but also with non-believers through providing free bike chain lube and recruiting race volunteers. The Huddles provided a prayer service both mornings of the event.  A big thank you to everyone who served! 


Puerto Rico Huddle

We would like to celebrate how God is opening doors for the Puerto Rico ministry.  The huddle served a recent Triathlon by having an expo booth, Iron Prayer service, pre-race prayer, and volunteering at numerous race day stations.  Following their service that day, they were asked by additional race directors to serve at additional upcoming events.  The group is excited about what God is doing, and so are we!  Thank you to all members in the Puerto Rico Huddle for outwardly demonstrating God's love, and to Huddle Leader Ricky Ufret for leadership and enthusiasm to share the gospel. 


As we close, here a few additional items to highlight:



Ironman Augusta 70.3: Will you be attending or racing in the Augusta 70.3? If so, we want to tie you in to our ministry on the ground out there. Please RSVP via the Body so we can keep you in the loop!



FCA Endurance Multisport Weekend: Join us for a large-scale FCA Endurance event that will impact thousands for Christ! This event will offer running, cycling, triathlon, paddling, mountain biking, swimming, and more. It will be held April 23-26 near Peachtree City, GA. Activities launch in September that only registered participants may experience!  You don't want to miss out...for more information and to register please click here. 


EMI San Antonio Early-Bird Discount Extended: We would love to have you join us October 24-26, 2014 in San Antonio, TX for EMI! The early-bird discount pricing has been extended through September 25th. This a great time for growth, and know the opportunity would bless you!  For more information and to register, please click here.


God bless you as you finish this season strong!


For God's Glory,


~Team FCA Endurance~


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