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2018 FCA - Glenville Invitational Camp
2018 FCA - Glenville Invitational Camp
Glenville Fellowship Invitational Camp

Nobles Darby III (front center) with the Glenville football players

On July 23-25 Metro Cleveland Fellowship of Christian Athletes hosted a 
football camp for the Glenville High School Football Team. There 
were  62 athletes in attendance. 

Each day consisted of a morning devotional led by FCA Area Representative, Nobles Darby III.  The devotional was followed by practice on the field, "Huddle" time, lunch, practice and a speaker to end the day. 

The "Huddle" time was a highlight for all those in attendance. The "Huddles" were small groups of 8-10 that were led by FCA staff and volunteers that took the athletes through spiritual discussions to deepen their faith. On the last day, Nobles gave an invitation and led those who were ready through a prayer where they confessed their need for Jesus Christ in their life as Lord and Savior.

Nobles will continue to serve the Glenville team each Wednesday 
at practice  by leading a Bible study with the players.

Nobles Darby III leading the prayer to make a decision to follow Christ as Lord and Savior

Athletes in Attendance

Players-First time commitments/Recommitments to Jesus Christ

Tune in tonight or you can view the program online at
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By The Numbers | FCA Camps Impact Millions

FCA Camps began 62 years ago in Estes Park , CO. Six decades later, they're going full-speed ahead, with incredible growth, reach and impact increasing each year. We are hoping to match and exceed some of the incredible Camps numbers from last year:
  • 113,000 coaches and athletes participated in FCA Camps worldwide
  • 780 Camps were held in 45 states and 41 countries
  • 9,417 coaches and athletes made first-time commitments to Christ
  • 10,997 recommitted their lives to Christ
  • 300-plus Camps occurred internationally
  • 4,000-plus certified instructors, Huddle leaders, staff, coaches and counselors
  • 7,200 larger overall attendance than 2016
If you are a coach, athlete, leader, volunteer or donor, you are part of the success-along with God's amazing guidance! This summer, FCA is focusing on the theme of "Strong" and 2 Timothy 4:7-that we serve a strong God, and how His followers are called to be like Him in every area of their lives-including sports. Learn more about the exciting Camps season going on now!

"While it will never be about the numbers, we are extremely blessed that God has allowed this ministry to reach millions for Him over the years. When FCA founder Don McClanen organized the first FCA Camp 62 years ago, we know he would have thought it was all worth it if just one coach or one athlete came to Christ. And today, we praise God for every soul transformed by Him through this ministry-whether it is one or 100,000."

- Shane Williamson

FCA's Colorado State Director Andrew Powell was interviewed about FCA Camps and FCA's national and worldwide impact by the "Along the Way" radio show on KRKS in Denver.

The heart and soul in sports®