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Dear All,

1) FCC Responds to Our Lawsuit - Legal Brief - Warning: Difficult to Read Without Becoming Enraged
2) SURVEY Re-Thinking Our Legal Strategy Based On Unprecedented Covid 19 Disruption
3) Local LA RICS update
4) 5G Global Protest
5) 5G Industry Backlash from Wireless Industry Workers!
6) Some Humorous Musical Genius

1) FCC Responds to Our Lawsuit - Legal Brief - Warning: Difficult to Read Without Becoming Enraged
The FCC has responded to our legal briefs I recommend taking a tranquilizer, meditating or petting a dog while you read it, as it is totally infuriating.  Here is a sample quote from their brief re: the National Toxicology Program which found "clear evidence of statistically significant carcinogenic effects"  

"...the Program is an interagency program that has no regulatory authority related to radiofrequency exposure."

The entire brief is filled with this sort of rhetoric.,,there are no words.  Moving on...

SURVEY Re-Thinking Our Legal Strategy Based On Unprecedented Covid 19 Disruption
According to the research we paid for by one of the law firms we engaged, we had winning strategies against the wireless industry and municipalities turning a blind eye to the health and safety of their constituents, under the ADA, Fair Housing Act, US Constitution and Telecom Act and in record time were we to file within the "30 day shot clock".  However, what we were not expecting was the unprecedented Covid 19 lockdown, which adversely effected our original strategy of obtaining a plaintiff from the Northern CA District court (this is by far the most favorable court in CA) and per Telecom Act law, would have had an expedited trial had we been able to obtain a plaintiff within the 30 shot clock, or 30 days of approval of an antenna/tower and then join the other suits to that courts jurisdiction.  But because the powers that be implemented the 5G roll out during this Covid 19 lock down (incredibly calculated, sneaky and effective), it was able to be installed all over the country, nearly unfettered by residents objections, simply because they either did not know about it or there were no employees in the City and County offices to respond in a timely manner to peoples PRA (public records act) requests (ours has taken more than 6 months to get a proper response).  This threw a gigantic wrench in our plan to utilize the 30 day shot clock from the Northern CA district and force an expedited trial...usually this kind of suit would take 3-5 years, per Telecom Act 30 day shot clock law, the expedited trial would have taken approx. 9 months give or take.  We realize this covert 5G roll out was all planned to deter backlash against 5G and it has effectively slowed our filing date down to a crawl, while 5G is rapidly being rolled out nationwide.  We really don't know when this Corona madness will end, thus we are forced to at the very least, re-think our strategy...this is where you come in.  We are nowhere and nothing without your donations and your possible cases against the industry.  So we have a quick, 2 question survey we would like to get you opinion on re: our next legal move. 
Please also keep in mind we have promised to do our best return funds to people who donated $500 and up (with legal disclaimers).  We have had some extremely generous donors and I really want them to get their money back and more than anything, we want to actually WIN this lawsuit.  Nonetheless the powers that be are manipulating things to our detriment.  Please take the survey and give us your opinion on this situation. 


Your participation in the above survey will help guide our decision making process regarding moving forward with a lawsuit either in our court of choice or not, whether to wait for a plaintiff within their 30 day shot clock or not.  Please also know that despite survey results we reserve the right to do what we, our attorneys and Plaintiffs feel is best.  But we really would like your input on this situation.  Thank you for participating in our quick 2 question survey.

4) 5G Global Protest
Once again there will be a

First Net, the national arm of our local LA RICS (Los Angeles Regional Interoperable Communications Service is also being deployed nationally during this Covid 19 lock down.  These towers which I refer to as "weaponized surveillance towers" are "built for distance".  Once they go in, electrosensitive/microwave poisoned people from all over report feeling them from MILES away.  This scares me.  We recently had a joint hearing with Topanga and Malibu, the details of which I emailed out to our local list.  Although we had a good public turn out for the online meeting, the results were not so good.  The Planning Dept. felt they had to allow for the towers despite clear evidence of cancer and other health effects (incredible to me) and so they did.  We are now appealing this decision and have until Sept. 30th to do so.

5) 5G Industry Backlash from Wireless Industry Workers!
This incredible event of French Telecom workers dissent against 5G shows just how deep the backlash is penetrating.  We are making headway! 
6) Some Humorous Musical Genius 
This is pure comic GENIUS!!  You gotta just have a laugh sometimes! It might start halfway through...rewind to beginning! 

With love, hope and action,