I am excited to announce the upcoming release of FCC Tacoma's first digital album, "Hymns of Hope 2020-2021."
As the Minister of Music, I want to dedicate this album's release on Easter Weekend 2021 to Senior Pastor Barbara Blaisdell. She is leaving behind a musical legacy of inclusion, creative vision, artistic excellence, and Christ-like love and care for both the congregation, which she has faithfully served, and the musicians and staff she has led. 
We will all miss her, me especially.
I will miss the weekly give and take of our musical discussions that bridged theology, culture, and a wide-ranging perspective and awareness of art in all of its forms. 
I will miss our weekly collaborations. Working together to craft a synthesis of theology and art into worship service, speaking to the hearts and minds of those we’ve served together.
When the pandemic hit, I was reassured by Barbara's extensive knowledge of the organization and her constant work to keep the staff safe and the entire congregation. I saw her work innumerable hours with committees and staff members to formulate a way to serve the needs of Tacoma FCC, the arrival of the Tiny House Village, and the emerging Center for Spirituality and the Arts.

She also began caring for her husband, being the only full-time family member to support him as he battled cancer during Covid-19. I could also speak of her generous nature, where she donated resources and time to staff and FCC members. 
She also held sacred space for many people, both active FCC attendees and past attendees who had family and friends pass away, get sick and go through financial hardship. 
With her vision of the future and while attending to the needs of the present, I cannot think of anyone who could have done all this and more, other than Senior Pastor Barbara Blaisdell.
So, I will miss her, her mentorship, her leadership, and most of all, her active present friendship. I wish her the very best as she devotes her energy to her family and her next adventure as she journeys to the east coast with her husband, Chuck. 

Minister of Music at FCC Tacoma

P.S. The music is free for all to listen to. All donations received on the website as well as other means will go to the Center for Spirituality and the Arts.