This week's devotional refers to Psalm 121:

I lift up my eyes to the mountains—
    where does my help come from?
My help comes from the Lord,
    the Maker of heaven and earth.
"Maker of Heaven and Earth"
by Ani Rose Whaleswan

In Colorado Springs, we can look to the mountain almost every day. There to the West, Pikes Peak reigns constant. But does this mountain indeed remind me that my help comes from the Lord?

It is October and she is still a great barren rock humbled by the sun, though seemingly strong and solid, majestic and hard and grand. But I look up at her and remember standing on that peak – on pebbles. She is not solid at all. At the pinnacle of this giant there is only rubble. Small rocks and sand, everything is broken and hard to walk on, and very little grows right there. Yet, this is my model for the Maker of heaven and earth, from whom my help comes?

Yes. Because even though she is made of upheaval and broken things she has birthed forests, and in those forests life thrives in abundance. How has she done this? Not of her own strength, not out of hardness, but in her brokenness. In her softness, in all the broken and vulnerable places, the strength of life has been called forward to rise. Between a rock and a hard place, beauty has been born. So truly, this mountain does remind me that she and I are alike, created equally by the Maker of heaven and earth. And I too, am made soft and vulnerable and broken. I am strong like the mountain is strong, humble before the One Light.

I must rely on the Maker of heaven and earth to show me that my true strength lies in that vulnerability. Beauty grows out of hard things endured, grieved, accepted. The mountain and I both depend upon the Lord to give life and strength and beauty for all to see and all to give thanks. 
Today's Prayer

Maker of heaven and earth, help us to be present to our vulnerable places, trusting in you alone to bring forward from there new life, new hope, new beauty.