This is definitely very good news for LPTV and TV translators. Let me go through a quick list of the positives:

1) LPTV and TV translators spectrum usage rights are 100% intact, and all rules we currently operate under will continue. This effectively means we are part of the broadcast service for another decade at least.

2) Channel sharing between LPTV and LPTV is allowed. But more importantly, primary stations will be allowed to channel share with LPTV. While the final rules on this are still in process, it opens the door for a lot of potential channel carriage deals.

3) The new digital transition date, for the 1500 or so LPTV and translator remaining analog stations, is effectively 5 years from today. While the channel 6 rulemaking does not seem to be in this R&O, this would mean the radio 6's can continue for quite a while.

4) For the first time ever, the Media Bureau will assist displaced licensees find new channels using the FCC's own software.

5) The full power digital replacement translators, while having a priority over LPTV and regular translators, will be tightly regulated, and will need to make an engineering showing that they need the channel. DRT's will not be need after 3.0 comes out.

6) When displaced by a winning bidder, you will get a 120 day notice of when they need the spectrum. There is a lot of details here folks, which are not in this proceeding, but which are in place to get us off the spectrum as soon as a "market" is cleared, so do not count on the full 39 months of the repack in many cases. More on this when we see the final rules.

The devil is in the details, so when the full R&O comes out, and Commissioner commentary, we will get back to you.

Mike Gravino
LPTV Spectrum Rights Coalition
(202) 604-0747