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January 13, 2022
Our Cabinet Meeting is January 17th at 6:45 PM

We will have a guest speaker -- Karen Ziel from the SNEUCC Conference at 7:00 PM


Our Special Congregational Meeting is February 20
After Sunday Worship -- ~ 11:00 AM

This will be an important meeting, addressing the future of the Church.
Please plan on attending either in person or on zoom.

Snow Or Inclement Weather Update!

During the winter months, not only heavy snow, but also icy conditions or a power failure can cause a cancellation. If the weather is at all doubtful, please check your Sunday Morning 8am prEview prior to traveling. Thanks!

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Karen Ziel

Karen Ziel is the Assistant Director of the Center for Transformational Leadership (CTL) at the Southern New England Conference. She can help congregations and their leaders with tools and resources for assessment and discernment. As a member of the CTL team, she can assist with resources for all aspects of leadership development. Karen coordinates Clergy Communities of Practice through the Center for Transformational Leadership. See the Staff Teams page for more information about how Karen can assist you.

Karen brings training and experience in adult formation and leadership development to her role at the CTL. Prior to the Southern New England Conference, Karen served in 4 local congregations and served for 12 years in the historic CT Conference UCC.  Karen is a Commissioned Minister in the United Church of Christ. She is the recipient of the 2021 Association of United Church Educators (AUCE) Founders Award and has participated in wider church teams, boards, and ministry in many ways including as a Dean for Silver Lake Conference Center for over 20 years.

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