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October 28, 2021
Have you checked out the church website recently? You may want to take a look -- It's in the process of getting a "MAKE-OVER".

That's right. The current site was created back in 2015 and revised in 2019. Its time for a change. Look for a compact, contemporary layout plus new new fonts and colors [sorry, that may be too GEEKY it just means it will look nice] also, expect a move from pictures to videos. Best of all, we have retained Julie Sorcek to do the redesign. You may remember, she and a few helpers did the original work back in 2015. This will be great.
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Save The Date:

Pot Roast Dinner
Dec 4, 2021
Take-Out Service, same as last year

"Letters to Santa"
Children's Festival
Dec 11, 2021
Santa may actually show-up,
much more info to follow