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  • FCPS Distance Learning & Updates
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  • Virginia PTA Training for Virtual Meetings April 1
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  • Elections
  • Scholarships
  • FCCPTA Mtg May 6, Training June 6
Dear PTA Leaders,
What a year this past two weeks have been. :-) We've all had a sip from the fire hose of stress, uncertainty and ever-changing information. Here's a quick update to help your PTA navigate our strange new world through June 10!
Distance Learning Begins This Week
On Friday FCPS announced its distance learning plan and you should expect to see the first of a series of weekly learning packets in the mail this week. Please keep in mind that 16,000 classroom teachers and support staff are turning on a dime to reconnect with and instruct 189,000 students using formats that cannot replace the in-person classroom experience. Parents should review the Distance Learning Plan and remain in touch with classroom teachers and principals as we move forward. Please keep in mind that many teachers also have school-age children at home, and may themselves need to care for loved ones as the Coronavirus continues to spread. Please ask your parents to proceed with as much grace as possible. The full plan is here.
Supporting Our Schools
Many PTAs are searching for ways to support their schools. Some have promoted virtual spirit weeks and community-wide searches for shamrocks, teddy bears and letters of the alphabet. Some have been in touch with principals to provide food and financial assistance. And some are looking for ways to adapt Teacher/Staff Appreciation Weeks (current officers are invited to join the conversation on our Best Practices Facebook Group).
A high-impact, virtual and no-cost way to support teachers and staff is to send personal emails of thanks and appreciation – and cc each person’s supervisor. All parents can do this – and don’t forget to thank your principals and other school staff! You can also send thanks to your school board member – they’ve been incredibly busy listening to the community and sharing feedback with the FCPS leadership team! You can encourage your parents to do this now, throughout the spring, or during a certain week (given the stress of launching the new distance learning plan, sooner might be better!).
Virginia PTA Supports You
Thank you to Virginia PTA President Donna Columbo and her leadership team for granting allowance for our local PTAs to hold virtual general membership meetings, which allows us to vote and hold regularly scheduled elections. Last week Donna emailed a comprehensive message which you can read here . Please take advantage of Virtual Meeting Training with President-Elect Pam Croom on April 1. Please register for training at noon or 7 p.m.
The response to our offer for free GoToMeeting licenses was overwhelming and we are working on securing more licenses. You are not required to use this format. If you did not receive an email from LogMeIn or GoToMeeting to set up your license (which enables you to organize videoconferences), please email Jane Miscavage at .
If your Nominating Committee has presented a slate (or will be able to on your timeframe), your PTA may hold your previously scheduled elections using a virtual meeting. Your bylaws should stipulate that current officers remain in office until new candidates are elected, and we know some PTAs are considering whether to postpone their elections until school restarts. However, given that videoconferencing requires us to be intentional and organized when meeting, we think this format might give Executive Boards an advantage when it comes to transitioning new officers. The cancellation of school and other family activities is freeing up evening schedules, and we anticipate more people being available to connect and give full attention to issues concerning your PTA plans.
If you have questions about elections following Virginia PTA’s training, please contact Jane Miscavage, or Kara Jenkins, .
FCCPTA to Award Five $1,000 Scholarships
Graduating seniors! Can you use an extra $1,000 toward college tuition? Has your volunteer work helped shape who you are today? Share your experience with us for a chance for a $1,000 scholarship from FCCPTA! Submission deadline is April 15. Winners will be notified before, and awarded at, the May 6 FCCPTA meeting. For more information and to apply, visit:
May 6 Awards, Scholarships and Officer Election
We will hold a virtual General Membership Meeting on May 6 at 7 p.m. Details will be sent in late April.
Save the Date: June 6 Training
We are working on ways to provide virtual training to you and your new officers. Details to come. Questions? Please contact Michelle Leete, .
Please Promote the Census. April 1 is Census Day. For each resident who does not respond to the Census, Fairfax County could lost $12,000 in potential funding over the course of a decade. This funding supports education, health care, housing, roads and other public needs. Please encourage your communities to participate in the 100% confidential census. You can find information and videos in English and Spanish here .
Important Dates

Apr. 1 - Virginia PTA Meeting Training, noon and 7 p.m.
Apr. 15 - Scholarship Applications Due
May 6 - General Membership Meeting & Elections
June 6 - Local Officer Training, Luther Jackson MS

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