April 2021 Issue
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In this Issue

  1. President's Message
  2. And the Spelling Bee Winners Are...
  3. May General Membership Meeting | May 5
  4. Financial Fitness
  5. Congratulations FCCPTA Board Members
  6. FCPS Transition to 4 Days of In-Person Learning
  7. Connect with Our Ambassadors
  8. NOVA District PTA Annual Meeting and Awards Recognition | May 16
  9. VAPTA is Recruiting
  10. National PTA Virtual Convention | June 17-26
President's Message
Spring has sprung! And yes, it’s true our winter “season” has truly lasted all this past year. Yet with the recent arrival of more sunlight, nature in bloom, and warmer temperatures juxtaposed with kids back in school buildings and adults receiving vaccinations, it truly feels like a new beginning.

Leading during challenging periods is not easy, even more so when you are volunteering to serve your community. You definitely aren’t receiving a salary and sometimes you won’t even hear a “thank you”. But please know that your hard work has allowed your villages to survive and in some cases thrive through our long winter, and this most definitely is a call to celebrate! (cautiously and socially-distanced with masks, of course).

We are now in the homestretch, officially in the 4th quarter! Thank you for everything you’ve done to make the world a better place for our children. Enjoy this spring of hopeful change and know that our season to rest and recover is arriving soon.

Stay safe and be well
And the Spelling Bee Winners Are...
Akshita Balaji (Carson MS)
Alan Zhu (Longfellow MS)
Erdem Dulguun (Westbriar ES)
Himani Daanya Saraff (Navy ES)
The results of the Round 2 - The Oral Finals of the Fairfax County Spelling Bee are in...

Please Congratulate our winners!

  • Champion:  #06 Akshita Balaji (Carson MS)
  • winning word: neurility 
  • "the special properties and functions of the nerves"

  • 1st Runners-Up: (tie)
  • #03 Erdem Dulguun (Westbriar ES)
  • #10 Alan Zhu (Longfellow MS)

  • 2nd Runner-Up:  #02 Himani Daanya Saraff (Navy ES)

Congratulations as well to our other Finalists:
  • #01 Henok Hailye (Maury ES)
  • #04 Suraj Desaram (Franconia ES)
  • #05 Aniket Nair-Das (Frost MS)
  • #07 Ahmed Mohamed (Pinnacle Academy)
  • #08 Aisha Khan (Al Fatih Academy) 
  • #09 Anshul Yarlagadda (Rocky Run MS)

As the winner of the County Bee, Akshita Balaji has earned the right to compete in the Scripps National Spelling Bee representing Fairfax County!  

We would also like to express our grateful thanks and tremendous appreciation to financial sponsors, whose generous support made this year's Fairfax County Spelling Bee Program possible.  

CHAMPION Sponsor: Pat Stack, Esq., Realtor www.patstackhomes.com

ADVOCATE Sponsors:  

FRIEND Sponsors:

IN-KIND Sponsors:

Thanks to the County Bee's all-volunteer officials:

  • Blake Giddens (Pronouncer)
  • Sarah Lundquist (Judge)
  • Nathan Moldavsky (Judge)
  • Jane Miscavage (Judge)
  • Larry Mills (Zoom Platform Manager)

Many thanks to all of the teachers and volunteers who coordinate the Spelling Bee programs at our participating schools! The Fairfax County Spelling Bee Program exists because your energy and dedication make it come alive in each one of your schools.

Last but certainly not least, a special thank you to FCCPTA Spelling Bee Chair Eliza Morss for her continued leadership and dedication to making this event happen, especially under these challenging circumstances.

May General Membership Meeting

Our next and last meeting of the school year is May 5 @ 6:30 PM. We will elect our Nominating Committee for the 2021-22 school year.

Please REGISTER in advance.

We hope to see you there!
Financial Fitness
Financial Fitness from the Treasurer
June will mark the final month of financial deliverables for local PTAs. We wanted to remind everyone of the following deadlines: 
  1. Dues for the Virginia PTA are due on June 1, 2021. You can pay your dues through MemberHub or via mail. If paying by mail you can find the dues remittance form at www.vapta.org/pta-basics/pta-resources/frequently-used-docs
  2. Please make sure your Financial Reviews and 990s are sent to the Virginia PTA state office at liaison@vapta.org
  3. Dues are due to the FCCPTA on June 1 for any members your PTA added since December, or if you did not pay dues in December, or all of your members. You can pay online through MemberHub or you can download our dues remittance form and mail it to the FCCPTA mailing address is on the form. Additional information on dues submission is located on the FCCPTA website

Finally, to be a PTA in good standing you must do the following: 

  1. Update your officers with VAPTA. You can do this on MemberHub or at www.vapta.org/officer-contact-information
  2. Pay your membership dues (VAPTA and FCCPTA)
  3. Have current Bylaws (revised and adopted every 5 years)
  4. Complete a yearly Financial Review, have it approved by your membership, and sent to VAPTA
  5. File taxes and send your IRS 990 confirmation to VAPTA
  6. Have insurance and send your proof of insurance to VAPTA 
Please remember, Treasurers, we want to hear from you. If you have questions or need assistance on financial matters, contact Jaime Yarussi, FCCPTA Treasurer at treasurer@fccpta.org

Congratulations FCCPTA Board Members
FCCPTA would like to congratulate the following leaders on their new roles:

  • Larry Mills is the new Vice President of Outreach. Larry was formerly the Vice President of Programs.
  • Jenna White is the new Vice President of Programs. Jenna also serves FCCPTA's Trauma Informed Care Network (TICN) Representative.
  • Hari Kurup is our newly appointed Community Action Advisory Board (CAAB) Representative.

Congratulations and thank you for heeding the call to serve!
FCPS Transitions to 4 Days of In-person Learning
FCPS will be expanding opportunities for four days of in-person learning for identified students during the month of April based on updated Centers for Disease Control guidance, which allows schools the opportunity to transition from 6’ to 3’ social distancing in some circumstances. This transition will depend on space and staffing at each school as well as community transmission rates. 

April 6 - students who are experiencing the greatest learning challenges, as identified by school personnel. This includes transportation. 

April 13 - students who are currently attending two-days in-person (PreK-12) and are eligible to return will be contacted during the week of April 13. This expanded capacity is dependent on space and staffing at each school.

April 20 - Eligible students identified above begin four days of in-person learning including bus transportation.

Connect with Our Ambassadors
The FCCPTA Ambassadors serve their pyramid PTAs by providing support (and guidance if needed), exchanging information, communicating Virginia and National PTA opportunities and news, and keeping local PTAs up-to-date on issues affecting FCPS. They also help to share information about local school challenges and opportunities.

**This is a new program so we have yet to fill ambassadors for all pyramids. We hope to recruit an ambassador for every pyramid for the next school year! If you are interested in serving, please contact Ambassadors Chair, Caren Lee at ambassadorschair@fccpta.org

FCCPTA Ambassadors:

NOVA District PTA Annual Meeting and Awards Recognition
Nominations are now open for the 2021 NOVA District PTA Annual Awards. We look forward to recognizing the hard work of our volunteers and local PTAs. Local PTA/PTSAs must be in Good Standing with Virginia PTA in order to participate and individual nominees must be PTA/PTSA members. The submission deadline is April 21, 2021. All participants and award finalists will be recognized and honored at the 2021 NOVA District PTA Annual Meeting/Awards Celebration virtually on May 16, 2021.

To submit a nomination, please visit HERE

We also welcome PTA members to register for the 2021 NOVA District PTA Annual Meeting/Awards Celebration by visiting HERE. Register by Friday, May 14 to be entered into an opportunity prize drawing! The guest speaker for the event is Anna King, National PTA President-Elect 2019-2021. 

Virginia PTA is Recruiting
Join a VAPTA committee and help advance the work of PTA.
National PTA Virtual Convention
Where: Your house!
When: June 17 – 26, 2021
Need anything? We’re here to help!

Kara Jenkins, president@fccpta.org
Larry Mills, vp.outreach@fccpta.org
La Guardia Myers, vp.advocacy@fccpta.org
Jenna White, vp.programs@fccpta.org
Hamid Munir, vp.training@fccpta.org
Brett Fox, secretary@fccpta.org
Jaime Yarussi, treasurer@fccpta.org

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