February 2021 Issue
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In this Issue

  1. President's Message
  2. FCPS Community Use
  3. February General Membership Meeting Recording
  4. Special Education PTA (SEPTA) Update
  5. What to Expect When You're Returning to School
  6. Financial Fitness
  7. Congratulations Student Technology Mini-Grants Winners
  8. FCCPTA is Looking for YOU
  9. VAPTA Deeper D.I.V.E. Webinar Series
  10. VAPTA 100th Anniversary Celebration and Annual Meeting
President's Message
The PTA village lifts communities, nourishes the food insecure, expresses gratitude to educators, provides enrichment opportunities to our students, and helps turn children's potentials into realities. For the better part of the past year, the PTA village has accomplished these feats in a remote, physically distanced, and socially removed world. It has been challenging, but I believe we are turning the corner

The announcement of a plan to have students start to return to physical classrooms is a welcome relief for many families and students because it signals a start to a return of normalcy. Well, at least maybe a new normal? At the same time, we also understand that not every student nor every educator is able to return physically just yet and we support, honor, and validate them as well because Virginia PTA prioritizes the health and welfare of students, staff and families and supports reopening plans that provide high quality education, are community centered, practical, feasible and meet the risk tolerance level of individual communities.
Change is all around us, and I ask that you keep your PTA villages strong. You have all accomplished so much these past 12 months, and I am confident PTA will continue to adapt and provide value as we continue to navigate these unchartered waters. Thank you for being the hearts of your villages. Keep dreaming big and as Mahatma Gandhi said, “Let the villages of the future live in our imagination, so that we might one day come to live in them!”
Take care, stay safe & be well,

Community Use
Beginning February 8, 2021, FCPS Leadership will open scheduling for Community Use Phase 2-Group 4. Group 4 represents Support Organizations (PTA, PTO, PTSA, Boosters) management of after-school programs that are offered by Program Operators (volunteers, FCPS off-contract employees, and/or 3rd party Independent Contractors). Regardless of what type of after-school Support Organization program, FCPS’s process remains the same for Group 4.

Click HERE for the FCPS Community Use Phase 2-Group 4 Support Organization After-School Programming Process.

Check out the February General Membership Meeting recording (below) to learn more about the Community Use process.

Questions? Contact, Vicki Garner at vjgarner@fcps.edu
February General Membership Meeting
We had a great February General membership Meeting. Thanks to all who were able to attend. We heard great updates regarding FCPS Return to School, Community Use and News and Information.

Missed the meeting? Not to worry! Check out the recording HERE.

Our next and last meeting of the school year is is May 5 @ 6:30 PM. Please REGISTER in advance. We hope to see you there.
Special Education PTA Update
Check out the latest from Fairfax County SEPTA

What to Expect When You're Returning to School
What to Expect When You're Returning to School:
How to Support Your Students

Whether your child is returning to on site learning or remaining virtual, big changes are scheduled in the upcoming months.

Learn how we can prepare as families and provide help to students, using the latest brain science on resiliency.

Presented by Jenna White,
FCCPTA Representative to the Fairfax County Trauma Informed Community Network
Co-sponsored by NOVA District PTA and FCCPTA

Financial Fitness
Financial Fitness from the Treasurer
Dues were due to the FCCPTA on December 1. You can still pay them. To pay online through MemberHub.
You can also download our Dues Remittance Form and mail it to FCCPTA (our mailing address is on the form). Additional information on dues submission is located on our FCCPTA Website.
Please remember, Treasurers, we want to hear from you. If you have questions or need assistance on financial matters, contact Jaime Yarussi, FCCPTA Treasurer at treasurer@fccpta.org
Student Mini-Grant Winners
Fairfax County Council PTA (FCCPTA) is pleased to announce the winners of our 2020-21 Student Technology Mini-Grant Program. First, we want to thank all who applied. There were over 65 well-written applications. Each awardee will receive $500 to purchase a computer or technology-related device or equipment.

  1. Lesly B.
  2. Salah A.
  3. Ja Miyah B.
  4. Alejandro B.
  5. Enrique H.
  6. Christian F.
  7. Eliza H.
  8. Samaan K.
  9. James M.
  10. Sean M.
  11. Saina S.
  12. Suleman W.
Justice High School
Brookfield Elementary School
Thoreau Middle School
Mosby Woods Elementary School
Deer Park Elementary School
Oakton Elementary School
Copper Middle School
Gunston Elementary School
Walt Whitman Middle School
Mark Twain Middle School
Thomas Jefferson High School
Chantilly High School
FCCPTA is Looking for YOU
FCCPTA is looking for a few great people to take on the following roles/positions:

  • CAAB (Community Advisory Action Board) Representative
  • Diversity Chair
  • Membership Chair
  • Vice President of Training

Click HERE to learn more and complete a brief interest form.

Questions? Contact Kara at president@fccpta.org
A Deeper D.I.V.E. Webinar Series
Join us as we continue to learn, share and implement solutions to diversity, equity and inclusion challenges in our PTAs and schools.

For more information, visit us at vapta.org/diversity or contact us at vp@vapta.org

VAPTA 100th Anniversary
We invite you to join us VIRTUALLY for our 100th Anniversary Celebration and Annual Meeting 2021. We are excited to recognize you, our local leaders. This year’s Annual Meeting will take place over 4 days with consecutive business occurring including elections for the 2021-2023 term, Resolutions, and Bylaws. Our time to celebrate the past 100 years as well as prepare for the next 100 years will be an event to remember. We hope you will join us for this momentous occasion. 

Registration is FREE and is open now!

Schedule of Virtual Events

Monday, 3/15
7pm-9pm – Annual Meeting Opening Session
          Business Session: Candidate Town Hall

Tuesday, 3/16
7pm-9pm – Business Session: Resolutions

Wednesday, 3/17
7pm-9pm - Business Session: Bylaws

Saturday, 3/20
9am-10am – 100 year Anniversary Celebration & Keynote Speaker, National PTA President Leslie Boggs

10:30am -1pm – Annual Meeting

For questions and more information please contact:
Sara Case
VA PTA 100th Anniversary Celebration & Annual Meeting 2021 Chair
#CelebratingTheStars #VAPTA100 
Need anything? We’re here to help!

Kara Jenkins, president@fccpta.org
Shawna Garrett, vp.outreach@fccpta.org
La Guardia Myers, vp.advocacy@fccpta.org
Larry Mills, vp.programs@fccpta.org
Hamid Munir, vp.training@fccpta.org
Brett Fox, secretary@fccpta.org
Jaime Yarussi, treasurer@fccpta.org

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