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  1. President's Message
  2. PTA Pandemic Pods
  3. Return with Resilience Workshop
  4. Reflections Training
  5. PTA Roundtable
  6. Protecting Children During COVID
  7. Virginia PTA FAQs
  8. Update Your PTA Officer List
  9. National PTA Convention 2020 Highlights
  10. Resources for Parents
President's Message
Hello fellow PTA leaders,

It’s been a long road since March and it looks like we have a ways to go yet. Thank you for being the “heart” of your villages. Thank you for keeping our mission alive. Thank you for your commitment to positive and lasting change. Thank you for your dedication to the education and well-being of our most precious treasures - our children. You are shaping their future in a positive way. You are rock-steady for this shared storm we all find ourselves in. It’s been difficult to create a new roadmap of PTA in this virtual and socially-distanced world. Take comfort that you are not alone and that together we begin a new chapter in our PTA legacy.

Great things are happening in the world of Fairfax County PTA. Just last week, over 40 local leaders from across the county participated in a virtual discussion and shared the amazing work their PTAs are planning. We heard a variety of ideas, from PTAs planning a monthly virtual series of “Minding Your Mind” mental health workshops, to weekly community walking routes in school neighborhoods, to partnering with a local bakery for DIY cookie making kits with school logo and colors, to planning virtual Paint and Bingo Nights, and finally to partnering with a school PE teacher to create grade-level physical challenges to offset the increased screen time. Many other ideas were exchanged, including how we as school PTAs can reach out, connect, and collaborate with other school PTAs in Fairfax County.

Are you connected to FCCPTA on social media? In addition to our outward FCCPTA Facebook page, we also share information on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. Please consider joining our Facebook FCCPTA Best Practices Group to share ideas, brainstorm together, and even problem-solve as needed. We’d love to see and hear what exciting things YOUR PTA is doing.

In addition to our Facebook group, FCCPTA is also hosting 2 upcoming virtual “roundtable” discussions. Join us Monday, August 17 to brainstorm PTSA at middle or high school. On Tuesday, August 18, FCCPTA will host a second brainstorming session, where leaders from elementary on up are welcome. 

Alone we are strong. Together, we are stronger. I look forward to seeing you on Facebook and our upcoming roundtable discussions. “See” you soon.

Take care, be well, & stay healthy.
Kara Jenkins
PTA Pandemic Pods
PTA Pandemic Pods?

Is your PTA thinking about helping with the creation of a "Pandemic Pod?" While PTA does not yet currently have a position, we do ask that you think about a few things.

Are pandemic pods equitable? Are you including ALL families - working parents, non-working parents, special education students, English Language Learners, low-income, high income, families with tech at home and those without, those on social media and those who aren't, etc? Remember, PTA is for EVERY child.

There are quite a few hurdles as well. When PTA gets involved with the finances or creations of these pods, they become official PTA programs. This means that the following steps would need to occur. First, PTA would need to ensure that we have the proper insurance coverage for off-site activities and would need to increase liability coverage.

Return with Resilience Workshop
In this interactive hour together, Susan will share her proven method to develop your child’s resilience in order to ramp up for the new normal this fall…even without knowing exactly what that will look like! 

Susan's “Heart and Mind Method” for parents and caregivers offers a solid approach to anchor your actions, build family connection and be ready for these difficult days together.

Click HERE to RSVP

Susan Townsend Holt is a Board-Certified Family Life Coach and
Director of Everyday Parenting Solutions.
Reflections Training
Join us for Reflections Training on Thursday, August 13 at 7:00 pm.

In view of COVID, the program will look a bit different this year so join us and learn more about the best practices for local units to conduct virtual/digital Reflections programs that will still excite and ignite students' passion for the arts.

Click HERE to RSVP

Questions? Contact VP Program Larry Mills at vp.programs@fccpta.org or Reflections Chair, Jason Morgan at reflections@fccpta.org
PTA Roundtable
PTA in a Brand-New Way?

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers! Join FCCPTA on one of two nights for our PTA Roundtables. This school year looks a bit different, but the good news is - you are not alone. Connect with other leaders across the county and hear their great ideas. Get procedural questions answered by FCCPTA leadership. Together, let’s write a new PTA playbook.

Middle and High School Focus: Monday, August 17 at 7:00 pm

Elementary School Focus: Tuesday, August 18 at 7:00 pm

Join one or both by entering your RSVP.

Zoom links will be sent out the morning of the event.
Protecting Children During COVID
As PTA leaders we have been rightfully concerned about the safety of children at home during COVID. Some communities are seeing spikes in cases reported, others are seeing cases under reported as caring adults like teachers don't have "eyes on" children.

Fairfax County has created a new campaign to increase community awareness and detailing how we can all respond. Please share this important information with your members and entire community- via PDF or by sharing this link: Fairfax County Family Services
Virginia PTA FAQs
Our state PTA organization, Virginia PTA (VAPTA), is committed to sharing the most up-to-date information on conducting PTA business and providing distance/virtual learning resources.

VAPTA has provided several resource guidelines. Please review these guidelines and information as your PTA/PTSA prepares for the 2020-21 school year.

Please stay tuned for more information via the VAPTA FAQ newsletters.

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Update Your PTA Officer List
Update your PTA's officer list with VAPTA even if there were no changes this year. The update is required each year to ensure you continue to receive PTA communications. More information can be found HERE.
PTACon2020 Highlights
National PTA's first ever virtual PTA Convention is in the history books, and what a convention it was. There were great workshops presented, a new PTA membership campaign toolkit introduced and National PTA Bard of Directors elections were held..

Speaking of elections, congratulations are in order for Fairfax County's own Tony Shivers. Tony was elected to the National PTA Board of Directors. He is a former NOVA District Assistant Director, FCCPTA VP of Advocacy and currently serves as VAPTA Nominating Chair. Congratulations Tony!

Need anything? We’re here to help!

Kara Jenkins, president@fccpta.org
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La Guardia Myers, vp.advocacy@fccpta.org
Larry Mills, vp.programs@fccpta.org
Hamid Munir, vp.training@fccpta.org
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Jaime Yarussi, treasurer@fccpta.org

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