Feminists Choosing Life of New York
FCLNY 2019 Highlights
Let Us Never Grow Weary Working for Justice for All People.


Feminism and Equal Rights. 8th Annual St. Gianna Molla Pregnancy Outreach Banquet (Historic Turnout), Buffalo

Sex Trafficking, Female Poverty & Feminism: The Quest for Equality .
New York State PeriAnesthesia Nurses Association- State Conference; Global Centurion - FCLNY College/University Symposium, Pittsford, NY.

The Work of FCLNY & Pro-Life Feminism. 1st Annual FCLNY Legislative Forum, Albany, NY.

Pro-life Feminism, the Consistent Life Ethic and the Impact of the RHA.
Students for Life of America Gala, NYC.

Pro-Life Feminism, Consistent Life Ethic and the Impact of the RHA.
Summit for Life, NYC.
The Essential Voice of Pro-Life Feminism: Revaluing Life, Connection and Compassion. 4th Annual Pro-Life Women’s Conference, When Women Lead
(Record-Breaking Crowd), New Orleans, LA.

Perspectives on Recent Pro-Choice Legislation in New York.
Nat’l Conf. of Democrats for Life of America, Lansing, MI.

The Link Between Sex Trafficking and Abortion.
Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH.

Challenging the Validity of the RHA.
Thomas More Society’s Annual Dinner, Chicago, IL. 


  • Subverted: How the Sexual Revolution Highjacked the Women’s Movement. Panel discussion, including Sue Ellen Browder, Helen Alvare, Washington, DC.
  • Resisting the Throwaway Culture. Panel, including Feminists for Life of America, Rehumanize International, Georgetown University, Washington, DC.
  • Law of Life Summit- Beyond Roe. Panel discussion, including American United for Life, Thomas More Society, Washington, DC.
  • Human Trafficking Conference. Panel discussion, including US Institute Against Human Trafficking, Daniel Darling (Author of the Dignity Revolution), The Invisible Girl Project, Washington, DC.
  • Speak Life, NYS Right to Life Seminar, Buffalo, NY.
  • Abortion Expansion in NYS. Panel Discussion, St. Bernard’s School of Theology, Rochester, NY. 
  • Students for Life of America, Millennial Messaging Forum, Washington,DC.  


An Unsafe Space: A Symposium on Contemporary Feminism (Date of Event 03/28/20) Columbia University, NYC. Assembled twelve (12) LEADING feminist scholars and six (6) student group sponsors from Harvard, Columbia, Dartmouth, Queens College and City College, NY, to participate in a day long discussion of feminism, abortion and abortion related women’s issues.

  FCLNY Book Clubs, Rochester, NY.


Global Centurion’s Video Series for the GC-FCLNY College Symposium on Sex Trafficking, Female Poverty and Feminism. Helped create and produce.

Next Gen Feminists (Video Series): The Voices of the Next Generation of Pro-Life Feminists. Created and produced. (Ready for roll out 2020)


Published Opinion Pieces

  • The Democrat & Chronicle, September 20, 2019, Planned Parenthood Crying Wolf on Title X Funding
  • The Albany Times Union, May 11, 2019, Letter: On Commercial Surrogacy, Just Follow the Money
  • The Albany Times Union, April 5, 2019, Viewpoint: Sides Agree on Denouncing Commercial Surrogacy
  • The New York Daily News, January 22, 2019, The Reproductive Health Act is Extreme Pro-Abortion Legislation
  • The Albany Times Union, January 15, 2019, Viewpoint: RHA dangerous, Dehumanizing, and Anti-Woman
  • The New York Times, January 5, 2019, Treating a Fetus as a Person (Letter to the Editor)
  • Syracuse Post Standard, January 3, 2019, Don’t expand abortion in New York (Commentary) Picked up in USA Breaking News 


Please visit our website to see our extensive press coverage.


  • FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM: Approximate Reach; FB & Instagram 1 million
  • TV CHANNELS 8, 4 NEWS, December 6, 2019; Proposed bill would require SUNY schools to provide abortion pills on campuses
  • POD CAST, October 28, 2019; WeDignify Podcast - 058 - Poor, Homeless, AND Pregnant
  • YOU TUBE, March 7, 2019; Feminism and Equal Rights
  • TV CHANNEL 8 NEWS, January 14, 2019; Opposition to the Reproductive Health Act 

Students for Life of America Conference (SFLA) .
Tabled and conducted outreach (FCLNY brochures/buttons, sign-up sheets.)*
Upper Marlboro, Maryland.
Rochester Catholic Women’s Conference .
Tabled and conducted outreach.* Rochester, NY. 

Roberts Wesleyan College Internship Fair.
Tabled and conducted outreach.* Rochester, NY.

Medaille College Job and Internship Fair .
Tabled and conducted outreach.* Buffalo, NY. 

Days in the Square , Public Forum Canvass.
Conducted outreach* in public markets. Rochester, Buffalo. NY.

FCLNY Region 5 & 6 Meetings. Met with group of potential new FCLNY supporters to discuss work of FCLNY, Fishkill, Manhattan, NY.

FCLNY Spring Gathering . Conducted volunteer recruitment.
Supporter sign up sheets developed and distributed, Rochester, NY.

Daemen College Career Fair. Tabled and conducted outreach.* Buffalo, NY.
Buffalo Billboard, Stop Calling Violence Feminism: Abortion Destroys Human Life, Buffalo, NY.

Exploration of the Legality and Impact of th e Reproductive Health Act (RHA). Assembled and managed team of lawyers to explore the validity of the RHA and its effects on women and children.

NYS Pregnancy Resource Center Guide . Developed and published a listing (with links) of pregnancy resource centers (PRCs) throughout NYS.

NYS Women’s Guide to Healthcare. Along with Feminists for Nonviolent Choices (FFNVC) and the Consistent Life Network, created a print brochure outlining the locations of and services provided by Federally Qualified Health Centers within the Buffalo and Rochester Regions. (Phone application forthcoming.)

Sunday Salons. Organized numerous conflict resolution circles across NYS addressing a variety of issues, including war-military policy, environmental justice, race and gender discrimination.

  • Reproductive Health Act (RHA) Conducted direct and grassroots lobbying.
  • Medical Aid in Dying (MAID). Conducted direct lobbying.
  • Resolution to Repeal the RHA Monroe County Legislature, Rochester, NY. Spoke on the impact of the RHA to the Monroe County Legislature. Presented draft resolution to repeal the RHA.
  • Parent-Child Safety Act (PCSA). Conducted direct and grassroots lobbying.

  • FCLNY Website (www.fclny.org) Ongoing updates.
  • FCLNY’s News, Events and Views- The Pro-Life Feminist Quarterly E-Newsletter.
  • FCLNY’s Organize, Educate and Agitate Booklet-Brochure. Created and distributed new FCLNY booklet-brochure. Distributed state, nation and world-wide.
  • FCLNY Palm Cards. Created and distributed first FCLNY social media palm card. Distributed state, nation and world-wide. 
  • FCLNY Merchandise- Donations Suggested. Created and distributed hundreds of buttons, bumper stickers, posters and cards (Utilizing Facebook/Instagram Posts.)


  • Direct Mail
  • Giving Tuesday
  • In-Person
  • Targeted Email Campaigns
  • Second Annual NYC Luncheon Fundraiser!

  • March for Life. Washington, DC.
  • Women’s March. Washington, DC.
  • Love Will End Abortion, Planned Parenthood Demonstration. Rochester.
  • Alive from NY! Times Square Anti-Abortion Rally. NYC.
  • Lady Justice Parts - Anti-Abortion Counter Protest. NYC.
  • Compass Care Walk for Life. Rochester, NY.
  • Bridge to Life Pregnancy Resource Center Banquet. Great Neck, NY.
  • Judicial Process Commission 47th Annual Luncheon. Rochester, NY.
  • The Ball for Life, Good Counsel Homes Pregnancy Resource Center Gala. NYC.
  • Canterbury Medal of Honor Gala, Becket Fund. NYC.  
  • The Margaret Home Open House and Fundraiser. Rochester, NY.
  • The Center for Disability Rights Gala, Rochester, NY.
  • The Human Life Foundation, Defenders of Life Dinner, NYC.
  • Champions for Justice Bash, Honorary Chair, President; Erie County Bar Association. Buffalo, NY.
  • Children Awaiting Parents Banquet, Rochester, NY.
  • NOW- NY Annual Conference, Glen Cove, NY.
  • World Beyond War- Declaration of Peace. FCLNY Signatory. 

  Please be on the lookout for invitations to
FCLNY’s Upcoming Events.