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Please CALL your NYS Senator and Assembly Person ON JANUARY 6, 2021 and ask them to

The RHA Endangers Women's Lives and Permits the On-Demand Killing of Viable Children in Utero. 


The NYS Legislature kicks off its 2021 Legislative Session on January 6, 2021.
Please go to these links for the phone numbers of your NYS Representatives. 
Feminists Choosing Life of New York
FCLNY 2020
FCLNY Organizes, Agitates & Educates
FCLNY’s Published Opinion Pieces
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USA Today (Domestic & International Editions), Viable Unborn Children Can Live Without Their Mothers — Our Constitution Protects Them

The Democrat & Chronicle, New York Fails to Protect the Most Vulnerable Among Us: Un-born Children

Lockport Union-Sun & Journal, NY Abortion Law Does not Protect Women

The Buffalo News, New York Should not Use Medical Resources on Abortions During Pandemic

Syracuse Post Standard, Why is New York Giving Abortion a Pass During Coronavirus Crisis?

The Democrat & Chronicle, Violence, Including Capital Punishment Leaves Us Broken
Media Campaign Reached Approximately 3 Million People

Stop Calling Violence Feminism Billboard Campaign,
Bill Board Campaign Reached Approximately 600,000 People
FCLNY developed Pro-Life Anti-Racism Campaign consisting of lawn and window signs, infographics and a comprehensive research report on systemic racism, titled, All Black Lives Matter. No Matter What. In Every Circumstance.

Distributed hundreds of signs across NY and disseminated report to key community leaders and NYS legislators. Partnered with black-owned, local NY printing company for sign creation. Donated portion of proceeds to Peace Prints, a local NY nonprofit primarily dedicated to helping former prison inmates reclaim their lives.

Some feedback, “I happened across one of your yard signs… and just immediately went to work to find you on social and soak everything you’re sharing up!”

“This is great, giving the right message, the most neglected are the ones in the womb.”

“Stay strong and true. All black lives matter. From the womb onward.”

“I … read some of the paper … All Black Lives Matter, a new way to include more social justice concerns relating to Life, and an excellent way to find common ground with more people.”

Affordable Healthcare Centers Available for Women During
Covid Crisis - NYS.
In conjunction with the Consistent Life Network’s Grassroots Defund Planned Parenthood Campaign, FCLNY created comprehensive guide outlining Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) located near NY Planned Parenthoods that either closed or reduced services due to the COVID pandemic. FQHCs provide comprehensive women’s healthcare, but do not provide abortion.

AHAWC Campaign Reached Approximately 2,000 People

FCLNY Book & Film Clubs, State-Wide. Movies and books included, Just Mercy, A Story of Justice and Redemption by Bryan Stevenson, Roma by Alfonso Cuarón, and A Hidden Life by Terrence Malick, Unplanned by Cary Solomon and Chuck Konzelman, The Hands on Home by Erica Strauss, Executing Grace by Shane Claiborne, Consistently Opposing Killing: From Abortion, Assisted Suicide, the Death Penalty and War, by Rachel M. MacNair & Stephen Zunes, Anti-Mary Exposed by Carrie Gress.
An Unsafe Space: A Symposium on Contemporary Feminism, Columbia University, NYC. FCLNY successfully rescheduled its conference on feminism to March 27, 2021. Pro-Life and Pro-Choice Scholars to include, Fellow Erika Bachoichi JD, MA, Abigail Adams Inst., Professor Robin West, JSM, Georgetown Law, Professor Eva Kittay, PhD, Stony Brook Univ., Assoc. Director Kim Daniels, JD, Initiative on Catholic Thought, Georgetown Univ., Co-Director Elizabeth Schiltz, JD, St. Thomas School of Law, Professor Claire Horner, JD, MA, Baylor College of Medicine, Professor Melissa Moschella, PhD, Catholic Univ. of America, Author Rachel MacNair, Phd, Consistent Life Network, Professor Rebecca Cook, CM, JD, JSD, FRSC, University of Toronto, and Professor Laurie Shrage, PhD, Florida International University. Exclusive premier news coverage of the event anticipated. 

The Crimes of Kermit Gosnell, Rochester, NY. FCLNY organized and hosted a showing of the film, The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer, with an in-person presentation by Attorney Christine Wechsler, lead investigative prosecutor of convicted later term abortionist Kermit Gosnell. Wechsler spoke to a full house about how she uncovered and helped prosecute the crimes Gosnell committed. FCLNY presented on the connections between Gosnell’s crimes and NY’s Reproductive Health Act.
FCLNY Board President and Vintage Tweets author, Carol Crossed, gave approximately twenty interactive lectures on the history of the Women’s Suffrage Movement, early feminism, abolition and restellism, in a multitude of venues across NYS. Host organizations include, Plough Magazine, Geneva Historical Society, Pittsford and Rundel libraries, WNY Postcard Society, Women’s Interfaith Coalition, and the Chatterbox Club.

University of Rochester, Newman Club, Rochester, NY. FCLNY led discussions on women’s rights and nonviolence.

Charles Finney School, Penfield, NY. FCLNY spoke to students and staff on pro-life activism and women’s rights. 

Inspiring Women: Celebrating Their Legacy,
Geneva, NY. FCLNY hosted its 3rd annual fundraiser, which this year celebrated the centennial of Women’s Suffrage! Feminists For Life of America’s President, Serrin M. Foster and Americans United for Life’s President, Catherine Glenn Foster, spoke to a packed, but socially distanced, masked audience about pro-life feminism and the early suffragists. 
Smile.Amazon.com. FCLNY registered as non-profit for donation purposes.

ROC THE DAY, Powered by United Way of Greater Rochester. FCLNY registered as non-profit for donation purposes.

GIVING TUESDAY. International Day of Giving, Global Generosity Movement. Conducted email and social media outreach and direct mail drive.
Women’s Guide to Healthcare NY,
Buffalo, Rochester. FCLNY and Feminists for Nonviolent Choices (FFNVC) created and launched WGH Android and Apple PHONE APPLICATIONS!
Free phone apps available in stores. The Women’s Guide to Healthcare NY (WGH) (printed guide and phone apps.) denote contact information and services provided by Federally Qualified Healthcare Centers (FQHCs) in Western NY. Project is an extension of the Consistent Life Network’s Grassroots Defund Planned Parenthood Campaign. Along with FFNVC, distributed
approximately 500 print guides. 
Pregnancy Resource Center Guide NY, State-Wide.
FCLNY extensively updated its on-line NY Pregnancy Resource Centers Guide and created a comprehensive print brochure (containing all on-line resources) for distribution across the NY, beginning, 2021. Guide includes PRCs, maternity homes as well as other vital services for women facing unplanned pregnancies. 
Soaring Survivors, Rochester, NY. FCLNY coordinated with Angels of Mercy of NY, to develop this women’s healing and empowerment initiative for victims of abortion, intimate partner and sexual violence. Hosted trauma-informed care training for facilitators of bi-monthly in-person support group, set to kick off in 2021. Created print brochure for distribution throughout Rochester Region. 
Saturday Salons, Rochester, NY. Luncheon presentations and conversations with diverse individuals including pastors with the Fredrick Douglass Institute, on the mission and work of FCLNY.  

Sunday Salons, State-Wide. Organized and moderated discussion groups with participants holding opposing views on topics including, feminism, abortion, poverty, racism, capital punishment, assisted suicide, war, military spending and sex trafficking.

Gestational Surrogacy Agreements, A.1071-C/S. 2017-B, Albany, NY. Statement of Opposition & Memorandum sent to all members of the NYS legislature.

Emergency Contraception, A. 4831/S.5089, Albany, NY. Statement of Opposition & Memorandum sent to all members of the NYS legislature. Bill requires all NYS public universities and colleges to provide information, including posters and brochures, which promotes the use of emergency contraception drugs.

Abortion Pill, A. 8743, Albany, NY. Statement in Opposition & Memorandum sent to all members of the NYS legislature. Bill requires colleges/universities within the State University of New York (SUNY) system to make abortion pills available at on-campus healthcare centers. On going change.Org Petition, https://www.change.org/p/deborah-glick-stop-nys-legislation-a-08743-requiring-suny-schools-to-dispense-abortion-by-medication

Repeal the RHA, Monroe County Resolution Signed! Rochester, NY. In January, 2020 the Monroe County Legislature acted upon the earlier efforts of several groups, including FCLNY for this resolution. Efforts included oral presentations before the Monroe County Legislature on the impact of the RHA as well as the distribution of memorandum.

Instagram and Facebook, Approximate Reach 1.5 Million

Some feedback, “I’m SO enormously excited to have found your page— Your posts and comments are amazingly articulated and thought-out. So very helpful.”

“Just wanted to say how much I love your page. Your posts are very thought provoking and your responses to pro-choice arguments are truly intelligent.”

Twitter Launch, @nonviolentfem, Showcase Pro-Life Profiles (10) Roll Out 2021

Feminists Choosing Life of New York Brochure, Approximate Distribution 500 World Wide including Argentina, Portugal, Canada, Isle of Man, Ireland, and across the US, including Indiana, Michigan, Texas, California, West Virginia, Arizona, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Illinois, South Carolina, Connecticut, Wisconsin, South Dakota, Oregon and of course NEW YORK.

Next Gen Fem Video Series - Roll Out!  Facebook and Website

Consistent Life Ethic Video Series - Prep for Roll Out, 2021

The Link Between Sex Trafficking and Abortion, International Human Rights Day - The UN and Abortion, and Silenced Voices, Web Published
Human Rights In Crisis: The U.S. Federal Execution Spree, A Conference on the Death Penalty, Convened by Death Penalty Action and other entities, Virtual Event, Co-Sponsored by FCLNY.

M.K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence, Rochester, NY, “Lets talk about hate workshop.”

First Annual Dr. Mildred Fay Jefferson Symposium, Harvard Right to Life, Virtual Conference, Debate between Peter Singer & Stephanie Gray on whether “Abortion is Immoral.”

Law of Life Summit, Thomas More Society, Washington, DC. Event included presentations by numerous attorneys regarding life issues and the law.

Otto A. Shults Lecture Series: Zeal as a Profession of Hope, St. Bernard’s Institute, Virtual Event. Presented by Dr. Jessica Murdoch.

Planned Parenthood Showcase Meeting, Pro-Truth, Rochester, NY. Pro-Truth is a coalition of reproductive rights advocates, policy makers, and service providers, united to fight fake abortion clinics. 

Activist Power Hour, Mastering the Conversation, National Organization of Women (NOW), Virtual Event. Featured Eve Pearlman, CEO of Spaceship Media, leaders on dialogue.

Racial Justice Protest Marches (4), Buffalo, Rochester, NY. Marched alongside diverse organizations and people in peaceful protest of police brutality and systemic racism.

Women’s March, Seneca Falls, NY. Engaged with Pro-Life Feminist Signs and Banners!

March for Life, Washington, DC. Marched with Pro-Life Feminist Signs! Hosted more than hundred YOUTH participants. Attended keynote conference and expo, Rose Dinner, and the Democrats for Life Luncheon, with Katrina Jackson.

Restoration Rochester - Baby Shower, Rochester, NY. Distributed tangible goods to families in need.

Weaponized Drones Protest, Syracuse, NY. Carried signs, “Weaponized Drones are Weapons of Terror,” “174th Attack Wing Kills Children.”

A Man’s Place in the Pro-Life Discussion, RLM Hispanic Leadership Committee, Virtual Event.

Black Women Matter. LWL West Mids. Virtual Event. Women only panel discussion consisting of leading women activists.

Children Awaiting Parents (CAP), Annual Banquet, Rochester, NY. CAP is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to finding adoptive families for foster care children, typically teenagers, and sibling groups who wish to stay together and/or those children with special needs.

Innocence Project, Stop the Execution of Walter Barton, Engaged and Promoted on SM. Promotion Reached 1,600 people.

ROC Love Will End Abortion Seminar, Rochester, NY. Participated in abortion clinic side-walk counseling training.

Mercy High School, Rochester, NY. Worked with students on community outreach projects for Focus Pregnancy Center, Angels of Mercy NY and the Margaret (Maternity) Home.

Coordinated with the Thomas More Society (TMS) to create the Women’s Alliance Against Violence (WAAV). WAAV is an initiative of TMS. Provided WAAV the exploratory materials developed by pro-life feminist attorneys assembled and managed by FCLNY to examine the legality and impact of NY’s Reproductive Health Act. Stay tuned!

Served as consultant on Human Trafficking Project with Global Centurion: Fighting Modern Day Slavery By Focusing on Demand, Washington, DC.

“I am a huge fan of your work and mission.”

“Thanks for being the voice of the most vulnerable.”
“Thank you for doing this important work for women and children.”

“Thank you for everything you do to educate people…”